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Which of the Compson children is the eldest?

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Dilsey is the Compsons’:

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What plaything of Benjy’s does Jason destroy?

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Faulkner’s fictional locales of Yoknapatawpha County and Jefferson are supposedly in which state?

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How does Luster hope to earn back the money he has lost?

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What item does Quentin break before he leaves his dorm room?

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As children, what do Caddy and Benjy frequently deliver to the Pattersons’ house?

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Which piece of Caddy’s clothing gets muddy when she is playing in the stream?

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What does Luster plan to do with his money before he loses it?

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Where does Quentin encounter the little Italian girl?

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What does Quentin suggest Caddy and he do?

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What was Faulkner’s source for the title of The Sound and the Fury?

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How does Quentin commit suicide?

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Where does Jason work?

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What color is the tie that Miss Quentin’s suitor is wearing when Jason sees him?

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What does Jason do with his two tickets to the minstrel show?

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Why does Benjy get upset on the way to the cemetery?

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The novel’s climactic events in 1928 take place on what Christian holiday?

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Mrs. Compson has poor...

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Jason uses the money he steals from Caddy to invest in the market for what commodity?

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Miss Quentin steals Jason’s:

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Benjy undergoes which operation?

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How does the sheriff react to Jason’s story about Miss Quentin’s theft?

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At Caddy’s wedding, the beverage T.P. thinks is “sassprilluh” is really what?

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One of Faulkner’s major themes is the decline of Southern...