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Which is Meursault’s favorite place to eat lunch?

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Who loses his mangy dog?

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Who pulls out a silver crucifix when he is talking to Meursault?

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What kind of movie do Marie and Meursault see on their first date?

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What did the residents of the old persons’ home call Thomas Perez when he started spending time with Madame Meursault?

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What is Meursault and Marie’s favorite leisure activity?

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What bothers Meursault most on the day of the funeral?

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What does Meursault’s lawyer think of him?

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Which of the following occurs first?

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What does Meursault do during the vigil for his mother?

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Which emotion best describes Meursault’s reaction to Marie’s marriage proposal?

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Which person does Salamano’s dog resemble?

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Which of the following people attends Meursault’s trial?

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Who is the uninvited guest that comes into Meursault’s cell?

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Who owns the beach house that Marie, Meursault, and Raymond visit?

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What is the most damaging evidence during Meursault’s trial?

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At first, what bothers Meursault about prison?

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Whose gun does Meursault use to kill the Arab?

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Who slaps Raymond?

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What method of execution will be used to kill Meursault?

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Which of these people lives in Meursault’s building?

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How soon after his mother’s funeral does Meursault have a date with Marie?

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What is the examining magistrate’s nickname for Meursault?

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How does Meursault feel during his lawyer’s closing arguments?

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Which of these is the novel’s famous first line?