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1What is the name of Son’s hometown?

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2What did Jadine study in college?

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3What is the name of Michael’s teacher?

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4What does Alma Estée ask Son to bring her?

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5What color is Margaret’s hair?

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6What pest invades Valerian’s greenhouse?

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7What business did Valerian have in Philadelphia?

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8What does Michael do?

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9What mean name does Ondine call Margaret?

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10What is the name of Son’s father?

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11What does Son steal?

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12What does Thérèse call Ondine?

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13What does Margaret want for breakfast?

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14Where is Sydney originally from?

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15Where does Alma Estée work at the end of the novel?

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16What was the first amount of money Son ever made?

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17What does Valerian do when Son arrives on the island?

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18What did Thérèse used to do as a job?

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19Where did Michael hide as a boy?

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20What does Jadine receive as a gift?

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21How many times has Valerian been married?

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22What was behind Valerian’s house when he was a boy?

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23Who is Yardman?

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24What does Son eat the first night he arrives on the island?

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25What do Valerian and Sydney joke about?