Young adult, Fiction, Fantasy



Point of view 

The point of view is from a third person omniscient narrator who skips from character to character, revealing a number of characters' thoughts and actions.


The tone in the book is playful and fantastic. Though there are moments of serious danger, such as Milo's encounters with the demons of ignorance, the book reads mostly like a whimsical fairy tale.


Past tense

Setting (time) 

Unclear, but relatively modern

Setting (place) 

The Lands Beyond, a strange fantasyland.



Major conflict 

To release the princesses Rhyme and Reason from imprisonment in the Castle in the Air.

Rising action 

After Faintly Macabre tells him the story of the princesses' disappearance, King Azaz charges him with the mission of finding and releasing them.


After much travel and difficulty, Milo find the princesses and manages to get them out of the Castle in the Air. Once on the ground, the group is surrounded by hordes of demons.

Falling action 

The armies of Wisdom, led by Azaz and his brother the Mathemagician route the demons and welcome Rhyme and Reason back to the land.


When he gives Milo his mission, Azaz tells him that there is a serious problem with the quest. However, he will only tell Milo about it once he has completed his journey. The secret, it turns out, is that Milo's mission is impossible.