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Who is the first person Milo meets in the Lands Beyond?

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How does Milo get out of the Doldrums?

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Who sent Milo the tollbooth?

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Why did Azaz and the Mathemagician banish Rhyme and Reason?

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Who keeps Dynne in a bottle?

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What sort of music does Chroma's orchestra play?

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Why does the Soundkeeper lock all the sounds up in her vault?

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What does the Mathemagician give Milo as a gift?

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Why does Milo mistake the Gelatinous Giant for a mountain?

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How many years is Milo's prison sentence from Officer Shrift?

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How do Milo, Tock, and the Humbug get off the island of Conclusions?

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Why does the Humbug accompany Milo and Tock on their quest to save Rhyme and Reason?

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How did Faintly Macabre end up in prison?

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Why does Alec Bings float?

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Where does Milo meet Tock?

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How does Milo get a sound out of the Soundkeeper's fortress?

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How do Milo, Tock, and the Humbug escape the Terrible Trivium?

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What is the one thing the Senses Taker can't get from Milo?

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How is it that Tock can fly?

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How much times passes in the real world while Milo is off in the Lands Beyond?

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Why didn't Azaz tell Milo his mission was impossible?

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When does Milo plan to make his second trip to the Lands Beyond?

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What is the biggest number the Mathemagician has?

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How does Milo overcome his fear of the Demon of Insincerity?

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What gift does the Soundkeeper give Milo?