Everyone loved the princesses because of their great beauty, their gentle ways, and their ability to settle all controversies fairly and reasonably. It was said by everyone that Rhyme and Reason settle all problems.

This quotation comes from Faintly Macabre's account of the history of the Lands Beyond in Chapter 6. Here she speaks of the twin princesses Rhyme and Reason, who have since been imprisoned in the Castle in the Air. Faintly's description of the important role the princesses played in the everyday affairs of the kingdom explains the odd, nonsensical business that Milo witnesses in the lands. Though he has only seen a fraction of the country, Milo already seems to think it is a place where the ridiculous rules, and Faintly's explanation of the missing princesses' helps Milo understand why. It is also important to notice that Faintly refers to the ongoing feud between Azaz and the Mathemagician that only Rhyme and Reason can resolve.