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On his walk in Munich, Aschenbach passes:

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Aschenbach gets an urge to travel after seeing:

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The first "vision" Aschenbach has is a daydream about:

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Who is the passenger who catches Aschenbach's attention on the boat to Venice?

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Aschenbach rides in a gondola; what is it likened to?

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What happens when Aschenbach disembarks from the gondola?

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Who is with Tadzio when Aschenbach first sees him?

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Why does Aschenbach decide to leave Venice?

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Why does Aschenbach not leave Venice after all?

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Aschenbach's first clues that a disease might be spreading in Venice are:

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Aschenbach mentally compares Tadzio to all of the following EXCEPT:

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At the concert given by street musicians at the hotel, Aschenbach's attention is particularly occupied by:

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At the concert, Aschenbach drinks:

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Who tells Aschenbach the truth about the cholera?

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What figures appear to Aschenbach in his second vision of the novella?

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How does Aschenbach change his appearance?

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Why does Aschenbach alter his appearance in this way?

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Who tries to suffocate Tadzio in the sand?

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What is the last image of Tadzio that Aschenbach sees?

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What does Aschenbach die of?