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A FRERE ther was, a wantown and a merye, A limitour, a ful solempne man. In alle the ordres foure is noon that can So muche of daliaunce and fair langage. He hadde maad ful many a mariage Of yonge wommen, at his owne cost. Unto his ordre he was a noble post. Ful wel biloved and famulier was he With frankeleyns over-al in his contree, And eek with worthy wommen of the toun: For he had power of confessioun, As seyde him-self, more than a curat, For of his ordre he was licentiat. Ful swetely herde he confessioun, And plesaunt was his absolucioun; He was an esy man to yeve penaunce Ther as he wiste to han a good pitaunce; For unto a povre ordre for to yive Is signe that a man is wel y-shrive. For if he yaf, he dorste make avaunt, He wiste that a man was repentaunt. For many a man so hard is of his herte, He may nat wepe al-thogh him sore smerte. Therfore, in stede of weping and preyeres, Men moot yeve silver to the povre freres. His tipet was ay farsed ful of knyves And pinnes, for to yeven faire wyves. And certeinly he hadde a mery note; Wel coude he singe and pleyen on a rote. Of yeddinges he bar utterly the prys. His nekke whyt was as the flour-de-lys; Ther-to he strong was as a champioun. He knew the tavernes wel in every toun, And everich hostiler and tappestere Bet than a lazar or a beggestere; For unto swich a worthy man as he Acorded nat, as by his facultee, To have with seke lazars aqueyntaunce. It is nat honest, it may nat avaunce For to delen with no swich poraille, But al with riche and sellers of vitaille. And over-al, ther as profit sholde aryse, Curteys he was, and lowly of servyse. Ther nas no man no-wher so vertuous. He was the beste beggere in his hous; For thogh a widwe hadde noght a sho, So plesaunt was his “In principio,” Yet wolde he have a ferthing, er he wente. His purchas was wel bettre than his rente. And rage he coude, as it were right a whelpe. In love-dayes ther coude he muchel helpe. For there he was nat lyk a cloisterer, With a thredbar cope, as is a povre scoler, But he was lyk a maister or a pope. Of double worsted was his semi-cope, That rounded as a belle out of the presse. Somwhat he lipsed, for his wantownesse, To make his English swete upon his tonge; And in his harping, whan that he had songe, His eyen twinkled in his heed aright, As doon the sterres in the frosty night. This worthy limitour was cleped Huberd. eehTr swa saol a


A armonig priets ithw no tie to a actuirrlap tyraemosn.

dname Hurebt, owh dliev alpphyi nda vxleceysesi. He saw a gergab, tbu a eestw tkngali neo. Of lla eth frarsi in hte olwdr, he asw eth somt lulfyap. He saw het btes ggearb in wont nad saw so osmtho ttha he uldco enev get hte eoptrso tlilte old slaedi to giev mih mynoe. As a uslert, he deam mero yoenm hant he utclylaa ddeene, ihhwc namte ttha he lcudo apyl leik a ppyup lal yad goln. He swa good at onlirvsge glela tpiseuds oto, nda did so anweigr thcik, lebl-aephsd ebors atth ewer so nslpdide he ooedkl lkie het pepo dansiet of a oopr ifrar. He neve nrtpdeede to vhea a lisp to meka lfmeihs osnud omre gedinifid. He dah dmarrei off mnay ygnuo adseli—chum to ihs own ydmasi. Oh, he swa noe of eht uchrCh’s esifnt lal hrgti! lAl eth usgy in tonw—nda hte mweno oot—ttuhogh he aws tjsu atrge escaebu, as he mfehlis ptu it, rehet aws no oen who ucold reah nessioncosf treetb nhta he doucl. All uoy hda to do saw silp him emso hcgnea dna he’d rawse up dan dnow ttha oyu reew het osmt enptiten rneosp ttha erev ldevi, no tmreta hwat you’d dneo or woh rsory you laeylr eerw. dnA esnic sbeirb rae eaersi tahn uaaclt eesrmor, htsi uyg had a otl of ienc tusff, niilgcdnu a iafr unamot of eyrlwej in shi bsreo taht he’d eus to owo eth aledsi. He uolcd laos aply eht eiddlf and gnsi eht teetsesw sonsg thwi a wkelnit in sih yee. He kenw lal het rabs in otwn and veeyr rtdnrebae and idaabmr oto. He wnek ethm umch etrtbe, in fcat, than he kewn any of hte rslepe or gmaweergbno or thore opor plpoee omhw he was soudepsp to be ihngepl. It nulodw’t have eben tigtfni rfo imh, hte elrufwop mna that he saw, to be esen hwti cshu plpoee. iesdBse, etreh’s no enyom to be eadm hngiang tuo iwth eth liesk of ehmt. setadIn, he’d enspd all ish imte whit the weythal, eatfgtrlin them so that they olduw iegv him nomye. eNpo, no one was orme iuorstuv!