Antony and Cleopatra

William Shakespeare
No Fear Act 2 Scene 5
No Fear Act 2 Scene 5 Page 7

Original Text

Modern Text

ALEXAS exits.
Let him forever go!—Let him not, Charmian.
Though he be painted one way like a Gorgon,
120The other way’s a Mars. (to MARDIAN ) Bid you Alexas
Bring me word how tall she is. Pity me, Charmian,
But do not speak to me. Lead me to my chamber.
Let Antony be purged from my life forever—but no, don’t let him, Charmian. Even though half of him is like a


The Gorgons were mythical monsters whose gaze turned humans to stone

, the other half is like Mars. (to MARDIAN ) Ask Alexas to also ask him how tall she is. Feel sorry for me, Charmian, but don’t talk to me. Help me get to my bedroom.
They exit.