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Antony and Cleopatra

William Shakespeare

  Act 3 Scene 11

page Act 3 Scene 11 Page 4

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                                         Pardon, pardon!


Forgive me! Forgive me!


Fall not a tear, I say. One of them rates
All that is won and lost. Give me a kiss.


Don’t shed even one tear. One of your tears is worth everything that was won and lost. Give me a kiss.
They kiss
They kiss.
70Even this repays me.—
We sent our schoolmaster. Is he come back?—
Love, I am full of lead.—(calling) Some wine,
Within there, and our viands! Fortune knows
We scorn her most when most she offers blows.
This repays me. I sent our children’s schoolmaster to Caesar with our offer. Has he returned? Love, I am full of heaviness. (calling) Servants, bring some wine and food! We have the most contempt for fortune when it goes against us.
They exit.