Antony and Cleopatra

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

           (to another SERVITOR ) And thou art honest too.
I wish I could be made so many men,
And all of you clapped up together in
An Antony, that I might do you service
20So good as you have done.
(to another SERVANT ) And you’re honest too. I wish I could split into as many men as there are servants here before me, and that all of you could merge into a single Antony, so I could give you the same good service you’ve given me.
                                                    The gods forbid!
The gods forbid!
Well, my good fellows, wait on me tonight.
Scant not my cups, and make as much of me
As when mine empire was your fellow too,
And suffered my command.
Well, my good fellows, wait on me tonight. Keep my cups full and treat me as you did when my empire was one of your fellow servants, obeying my commands.
25 (aside to ENOBARBUS ) What does he mean?
(to ENOBARBUS ) Why is he doing this?
(aside to CLEOPATRA ) To make his followers weep.
(to CLEOPATRA ) He wants to make his followers weep.
(to the SERVITORS ) Tend me tonight.
May be it is the period of your duty.
Haply you shall not see me more, or if,
30A mangled shadow. Perchance tomorrow
You’ll serve another master. I look on you
As one that takes his leave. Mine honest friends,
I turn you not away, but, like a master
Married to your good service, stay till death.
35Tend me tonight two hours, I ask no more,
And the gods yield you for ’t!
(to the SERVANTS ) Wait on me tonight. It’s possible that this will be the end of your service. It’s possible you won’t see me again, or if you do, it will only be my mangled body. Perhaps tomorrow you’ll be serving another master. I look upon you as a person saying good-bye. My honest friends, I won’t turn you away, but like a master dependent on your good service, I will stay with you until death separates us. Serve me tonight for two hours—I don’t ask any more—and may the gods bless you for it.
                                                          What mean you, sir,
To give them this discomfort? Look, they weep,
And I, an ass, am onion-eyed. For shame,
Transform us not to women.
What are you doing, sir? You’re making them uncomfortable. Look—they’re crying. And I’m just foolish enough to tear up myself. It’s embarrassing. Don’t turn us into women.