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Antony and Cleopatra

William Shakespeare
No Fear Act 4 Scene 2
No Fear Act 4 Scene 2 Page 3

Original Text

Modern Text


                                                         Ho, ho, ho!
40Now the witch take me if I meant it thus!
Grace grow where those drops fall! My hearty friends,
You take me in too dolorous a sense,
For I spake to you for your comfort, did desire you
To burn this night with torches. Know, my hearts,
45I hope well of tomorrow, and will lead you
Where rather I’ll expect victorious life
Than death and honor. Let’s to supper, come,
And drown consideration.


Ha, ha, ha! May the evil one take me if I meant it like that! Those tears will bring blessings to you. You interpret my words in a melancholy sense, my hearty friends. I spoke to encourage you, asking that you help me make this night a brilliant one. You should know, my friends, that I have good hopes for tomorrow, and that I will lead you as if I expect victory rather than an honorable death. Let’s go to supper. Come, and let’s drown our worries.
They exit.