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Alarum. Enter ANTONY again in a march; SCARUS, with others
A battle call. ANTONY marches in, followed by SCARUS and others.


We have beat him to his camp. Run one before
And let the Queen know of our gests.


We’ve driven him all the way back to his camp. One of you run to the Queen with the news.
Exit a soldier
A soldier exits.
Before the sun shall see ’s, we’ll spill the blood
That has today escaped. I thank you all,
5For doughty-handed are you, and have fought
Not as you served the cause, but as ’t had been
Each man’s like mine. You have shown all Hectors.
Enter the city. Clip your wives, your friends.
Tell them your feats, whilst they with joyful tears
10Wash the congealment from your wounds and kiss
The honored gashes whole.
Before sunrise tomorrow, we’ll kill anyone who escaped today. I want to thank all of you. You’re formidable. You fought not as if you served the cause but as though it were as much your personal fight as mine. You are all


Hector was a powerful Trojan warrior

. Go on into the city. Embrace your wives and your friends. Describe your feats for them while they cry for joy. Their tears will wash the congealed blood from your wounds, and they will kiss those honorable cuts until they heal.
            (to SCARUS )                Give me thy hand.
To this great fairy I’ll commend thy acts,
Make her thanks bless thee. O thou day o’ the world,
(to CLEOPATRA ) Chain mine armed neck. Leap thou, attire and all,
15Through proof of harness to my heart, and there
Ride on the pants triumphing!
(to SCARUS ) Give me your hand. I’ll praise your actions to this powerful enchantress so that she will thank you with blessings. Oh, light of the world, (to CLEOPATRA ) wrap your arms around my armored neck. Leap, with all your finery through my armor and go straight to my heart. There you can ride upon my heartbeats, sharing in my triumph.


                                                            Lord of lords!
O infinite virtue, com’st thou smiling from
The world’s great snare uncaught?


Lord of lords! Your courage is infinite. Have you returned smiling from the great battle for the world?