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Antony and Cleopatra

William Shakespeare

Act 4 Scene 10

page Act 4 Scene 10 Page 1

Original Text

Modern Text

Enter ANTONY and SCARUS, with their army
ANTONY and SCARUS enter, with the army.


Their preparation is today by sea.
We please them not by land.


They’ve switched their operation to the sea today. We didn’t please them on land.


                                                         For both, my lord.


We’re ready for both, my lord.


I would they’d fight i’ th’ fire or i’ th’ air,
We’d fight there too. But this it is: our foot
5Upon the hills adjoining to the city
Shall stay with us. Order for sea is given;
They have put forth the haven,
Where their appointment we may best discover
And look on their endeavor.


I wish they’d fight in fire or in the air. We’d meet them there too. But here’s the plan: our army will stay with us on the hills by the city. Orders have been given to the navy and they’ve left port. We’ll be able to analyze and direct the battle better from the hills.
They exit.