Antony and Cleopatra

by: William Shakespeare

  Act 4 Scene 14

page Act 4 Scene 14 Page 8

Original Text

Modern Text


                                                       Most heavy day!


It’s a very sad day.


Nay, good my fellows, do not please sharp fate
To grace it with your sorrows. Bid that welcome
140Which comes to punish us, and we punish it,
Seeming to bear it lightly. Take me up.
I have led you oft; carry me now, good friends,
And have my thanks for all.


No, my friends, don’t please fate by giving it your sorrow as well. If we welcome our punishment, we punish it right back by seeming to take it lightly. Pick me up. I have often led you, now you must carry me, my good friends—and take my thanks for everything.
Exeunt, bearing ANTONY and the body of EROS
They exit, carrying ANTONY and EROS’ body.