Antony and Cleopatra

by: William Shakespeare

  Act 5 Scene 2

page Act 5 Scene 2 Page 19

Original Text

Modern Text


This is an aspic’s trail, and these fig leaves
350Have slime upon them, such as th’ aspic leaves
Upon the caves of Nile.


This is an asp’s trail, and these fig leaves have slime on them, just like the kind that asps deposit on the caves by the Nile.


                                               Most probable
That so she died, for her physician tells me
She hath pursued conclusions infinite
Of easy ways to die. Take up her bed
355And bear her women from the monument.
She shall be buried by her Antony.
No grave upon the earth shall clip in it
A pair so famous. High events as these
Strike those that make them, and their story is
360No less in pity than his glory which
Brought them to be lamented. Our army shall
In solemn show attend this funeral,
And then to Rome. Come, Dolabella, see
High order in this great solemnity.


That’s probably how she died. Her doctor told me she had searched for an infinite number of easy ways to die. Pick up her bed and carry her ladies out of the tomb. She shall be buried next to her Antony. No other grave on earth shall hold a pair this famous. Momentous events like these strike those that cause them. Antony and Cleopatra’s story is as pitiable as my military exploits are glorious. Our army shall somberly attend this funeral and then depart for Rome. Come, Dolabella. See that there is a dignified splendor to this great solemnity.
Exeunt, bearing the dead bodies
They exit, with the GUARDS carrying CLEOPATRA’s bed and the two ladies.