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Antony and Cleopatra

William Shakespeare
No Fear Act 2 Scene 3
No Fear Act 2 Scene 3 Page 2

Original Text

Modern Text


                                                                  Speak this no more.


Don’t speak of this again.


To none but thee, no more but when to thee.
25If thou dost play with him at any game,
Thou art sure to lose, and of that natural luck
He beats thee ’gainst the odds. Thy luster thickens
When he shines by. I say again, thy spirit
Is all afraid to govern thee near him,
30But, he away, ’tis noble.


To none but you, only to you. You will surely lose any game you play with Caesar. With his natural luck, he will beat you even against the odds. Your light dulls when he is near. I repeat: your angel is afraid to inspire you when you’re around him, but when he goes away it becomes brilliant again.


                                               Get thee gone.
Say to Ventidius I would speak with him.


Leave now. Tell Ventidius I want to speak with him.
(to himself) He shall to Parthia. Be it art or hap,
He hath spoken true. The very dice obey him,
And in our sports my better cunning faints
35Under his chance. If we draw lots, he speeds.
His cocks do win the battle still of mine
When it is all to naught, and his quails ever
Beat mine, inhooped, at odds. I will to Egypt.
And though I make this marriage for my peace,
40I’ th’ East my pleasure lies.
(to himself) I’ll send him to Parthia. Whether he’s truly gifted or just lucky, what the Fortuneteller said is true. Even the dice obey Caesar. When we compete in sports, my skill is defeated by his luck. If we pick numbers in a lottery, he wins. His roosters always beat mine at the cockfights. His quails beat mine, even against the odds, when mine have the advantage. I’ll return to Egypt. Though I’ve made this marriage to keep peace with Caesar, my pleasure remains in the East, with Cleopatra.
                                                     O come, Ventidius.
You must to Parthia. Your commission’s ready.
Follow me and receive ’t.
Come here, Ventidius. You must go to Parthia. Your authorization is ready. Come with me and I’ll get it for you.