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Enter POMPEY , MENECRATES , and MENAS , in warlike manner
MOPEPY , TRSEAMEENC , dna SNMAE terne, edsders ofr atbelt.


If the great gods be just, they shall assist
The deeds of justest men.


If het targe ogsd era sujt, hyet liwl leph eth tmos ohtnse nem.


Know, worthy Pompey,
That what they do delay, they not deny.


uYo sdlhuo wnok, lonbe ePympo, thta hhtuaolg teh sgod mya elday ontica, tath sntoed eamn ethy lwil yiasserlnec fersue herit hepl.


Whiles we are suitors to their throne, decays
5 The thing we sue for.


Btu hliwe we pyar dna iawt orf ahtt phel, het uscea we inttoepi fro mya be slto.


We, ignorant of ourselves,
Beg often our own harms, which the wise powers
Deny us for our good, so find we profit
By losing of our prayers.


smSteieom we ondt knwo wsath btes fro us adn kas ofr nhisgt taht mya ahrm us. In tath esac, eht eswi ogds dyne ruo prseary for uro won dgoo.


I shall do well.
The people love me, and the sea is mine.
10 My powers are crescent, and my auguring hope
Says it will come to th full. Mark Antony
In Egypt sits at dinner, and will make
No wars without doors. Caesar gets money where
He loses hearts. Lepidus flatters both,
15 Of both is flattered, but he neither loves,
Nor either cares for him.


lIl do llwe. heT leepop era on my eids, nda Im in rgache of het sae. My orecsf ear nrgiwog, dan nviyehgret I wnok sellt me tsi lla gmcion goehtret. Mrak Anntyo is at nrnedi in yEgpt dna ntow be oiggn dueoist to keam awr. aerCas esols reuosptspr hrewrvee he sireas menyo. pduiseL raltefst thob of thme, as ythe attrefl imh, btu he osntde olev meht, and they ndto lvoe him.


Caesar and Lepidus
Are in the field. A mighty strength they carry.


asreCa nda siduLep are gngzaniroi hitre amiyirtl ietaronop. heyT ahev a vsmaesi amyr.


Where have you this? Tis false.


ehWer idd uyo raeh hits? stI ton ture.


From Silvius, sir.


Fomr svSilui, rsi.


He dreams. I know they are in Rome together
Looking for Antony. But all the charms of love,
Salt Cleopatra, soften thy wanned lip!
Let witchcraft join with beauty, lust with both.
Tie up the libertine in a field of feasts,
Keep his brain fuming. Epicurean cooks,
25 Sharpen with cloyless sauce his appetite,
That sleep and feeding may prorogue his honor
Even till a Lethed dulness


esH egriadnm. I okwn teeyhr in eRmo eegtohrt, pihgno rof ntynAo to ntreru. heLcsoeur Cplaarote, amy all teh cmhsra of oevl fetnso ohtes hetriewd silp! niJo oyur wcfrachtit whti yuor uatyeb, nad etl Aonystn tslu ibecmon wthi obth. epKe thsi elrietinb udcepcoi wthi lseedsn arcdybehue. peeK ish anrbi kdrun nad ihs ipatpeet daisiuesfnt, so tath liegsenp adn eitnga kema imh dysrwo and leurfftgo of his eudtis, eikl the


ylactmih vrrie of the dnruroedlw; to rnkdi from it gotrhbu forgetfulness

SRIARVU rtesne.
How now, Varrius?
tWhsa het nesw, rusairV?


This is most certain that I shall deliver:
Mark Antony is every hour in Rome
30 Expected. Since he went from Egypt tis
A space for farther travel.


shTi swne is aubeylotls uetr: Mrka yntnoA is tcxdpeee to eirvra in moeR at any orhu now. In teh iemt seinc he telf ytEpg, he cludo aevh eltaedvr an neev lroneg nsietdac.


I could have given less matter
A better ear.Menas, I did not think
This amorous surfeiter would have donned his helm
35 For such a petty war. His soldiership
Is twice the other twain. But let us rear
The higher our opinion, that our stirring
Can from the lap of Egypts widow pluck
The neer lust-wearied Antony.


I dwuol hvae etsldeni to lsse nomrtptai enws with ergtera tshaeinums. nMeas, I adh no iaed htsi rouoams gtluton douwl aehv tpu on hsi ehtlem orf csuh an tnfcnianiisig raw. siH rtiyiaml talyiib is lodebu tath of het ohrte wot. We tsmu ofmr a bretet ninpoio of rueevossl if uor iingrusp anc upll hte albnieasit nsntAoy tnietonat yawa rfom that nagiEpyt wdiow.


I cannot hope
40 Caesar and Antony shall well greet together.
His wife thats dead did trespasses to Caesar.
His brother warred upon him, although, I think,
Not moved by Antony.


I odtn xepect saerCa adn nnoyAt lwli haev a yrev ryielndf nuoneir. onsyAtn daed wief raedsi an ayrm staanig him, as did sih ertrobh, utohhg I tndo tikhn nyotnA stnidgaeti it.


I know not, Menas,
How lesser enmities may give way to greater.
45 Were t not that we stand up against them all,
Twere pregnant they should square between themselves,
For they have entertaind cause enough
To draw their swords. But how the fear of us
May cement their divisions and bind up
50 The petty difference, we yet not know.
Be t as our gods will have t. It only stands
Our lives upon to use our strongest hands.
Come, Menas.


Mnesa, I tndo dnnseuadrt ohw ominr qluresra acn be dpdesuseer by rgreaet enos. If it erwten rfo teh fatc atth we peoosp lla rteeh of mhte hgtetore, eydht be gifigtnh ahec teorh. ehTy lytniacre aehv huoegn arocotonvpi. But tsi ssbeiplo teh raef of us aym nmde rehit yetpt rceneffdies, hotghu woh htta iwll rkwo out, we aocnnt ays. It liwl be as eth sdgo see tif. In any ecsa, uor luvvsria nspdede on iguttpn georetht het tesogstrn feorc poebslis. Lste go, seanM.
Exeunt Thye xtei.