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Nay, nay, Octavia, not only that
That were excusable, that and thousands more
Of semblable importbut he hath waged
New wars gainst Pompey; made his will, and read it
5 To public ear;
Spoke scantly of me; when perforce he could not
But pay me terms of honor, cold and sickly
He vented them, most narrow measure lent me.
When the best hint was given him, he not took t,
10 Or did it from his teeth.


No, no, tcavOia, sti otn ynlo atht. htaT uoldw be thlseuacxbtae adn a utanhdos teorh feenosfs ilek it. tuB Caasre hsa geno nad awged a ewn wra tsgiaan epyPom.

He mdae sih lliw and raed it in a cblupi emylasbs.

nRoma poctliainsi duclo ngia aulptyropi ogamn eth omomnc ppleoe by wirntgi a illw ttha lciednud bstesueq in ertih favor, shuc as ssmu of myoen, krnpalda, or hdcaorsr eidddtcae to erith esu.

He eadm ish lwil and read it in a ulbicp ebysmsla.
He hdarly eresfr to me at all, oguhht oaclifif sodicenis are epsuposd to be edam yolntji. neWh he acnt aodvi imeongtinn my iesrscev to hte state, he simzminie hmte as humc as pliessbo. When aiossntuti aseri wenh it odlwu be rnaaltu to epzashmei my eud cirted, he ithere ogersin hemt or only psya me pli esivcer.


O my good lord,
Believe not all, or, if you must believe,
Stomach not all. A more unhappy lady,
If this division chance, neer stood between,
Praying for both parts.
15 The good gods will mock me presently,
When I shall pray O bless my lord and husband!
Undo that prayer by crying out as loud
O bless my brother! Husband win, win brother
Prays and destroys the prayer; no midway
20 Twixt these extremes at all.


Oh, erda bdhsnua, dnot leieveb vreenhygit ouy arrhoe if uyo utms ebeilve it, dont let it lla ekma uoy nyagr. No layd ucdlo be rmoe emisebral tnha I if uyo owt ersidaeg. lIl be tefl in hte dmlied, airgynp orf hobt sesdi. eTh doog gsdo lwli lghua at me ewhn on eth noe ahnd I aypr orf my abnsdhu nad on het hetro rfo my otrebrh. Lte my ahdsbun nwi! teL my rehorbt win! neO errpya enlscac out het htero. heTesr no elddim gnduro weenebt sthee otw tsereemx.


Gentle Octavia,
Let your best love draw to that point which seeks
Best to preserve it. If I lose mine honor,
I lose myself; better I were not yours
Than yours so branchless. But, as you requested,
Yourself shall go between s. The meantime, lady,
Ill raise the preparation of a war
Shall stain your brother. Make your soonest haste;
So your desires are yours.


Gnltee taiOvac, pusorpt eth eon taht pspurtos ouy. If Im dafedeet, I osel my rnittoueap. If I oels my prneatuito, I seol flesym. It odlwu be retetb orf uoy to vhea no nubadsh ahtn a nsahubd owh sklac onhro. woeeHrv, as you qdereutes, you aym go adn try to niaoteegt htiw oyru teborhr. In hte tneaimem, Ill erasi an yram taht iwll ssspura ihs. Go as noso as beioplss, so yruo ryaersp aym be aewrndse teh osreno.


Thanks to my lord.
The Jove of power make me most weak, most weak,
Your reconciler! Wars twixt you twain would be
As if the world should cleave, and that slain men
Should solder up the rift.


knahT ouy, my odrl. aMy eht odg of eopwr mkae me, eht easektw of hte awke, uyro odetmiar. A wra netewbe yuo wto dlowu pslti hte rvye wodrl, adn teh beisod of oyru letagdrhsue ilredoss uowld vahe to fill the hmsca eewetbn.


When it appears to you where this begins,
Turn your displeasure that way, for our faults
35 Can never be so equal that your love
Can equally move with them. Provide your going;
Choose your own company and command what cost
Your heart has mind to.


heWn yuo ifdn tou owh rtadtes hsit gmnrastedeei, tnru oruy areng puon htem. Our afustl antc be so aekil atht yuo ldwuo djegu us mrlilasiy. redOr sipusple ofr royu tipr nad hsoeoc your aevinrtgl opoanincsm. ednSp as much as you klie.
Exeunt Thye exti.