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Contemning Rome, he has done all this and more
In Alexandria. Heres the manner of t:
I th marketplace, on a tribunal silvered,
Cleopatra and himself in chairs of gold
5 Were publicly enthroned. At the feet sat
Caesarion, whom they call my fathers son,
And all the unlawful issue that their lust
Since then hath made between them. Unto her
He gave the stablishment of Egypt, made her
10 Of lower Syria, Cyprus, Lydia,
Absolute Queen.


In axdeniraAl he nedmdcoen oemR, adn tthsa ont lla. sTih is atwh phendepa: he adn eopCrlaat tsa on hirasc of dglo on a vrlsie-cevdero atges in teh empltaerkac.

awisoaeohrmCn yteh acll my ersthaf osn

uliuJs saaCre asw tvuasOic eaCrass ddaepot tehraf (ogbliaoilcyl, he wsa ish ucnle).

isCrwnhmaooae ythe alcl my tashefr son
and lla tehir eiitgemltial hlindcer sat at hrtei feet. Aonytn firmneodc rhe ensosspsoi of ytEpg and dame reh ustlbaeo enQeu of worle iaSry, spurCy, and dyiaL.


This in the public eye?


He did htsi in cilubp?


I th common showplace, where they exercise.
His sons he there proclaimed the kings of kings:
Great Media, Parthia, and Armenia
15 He gave to Alexander; to Ptolemy he assigned
Syria, Cilicia, and Phoenicia. She
In th habiliments of the goddess Isis
That day appeared, and oft before gave audience,
As tis reported, so.


In het buplic reana, heerw htey ormrpfe rigtnspo snevte. He eodlaimrpc hsi nsos to be signk of iksgn. He gvae Maeid, raahiPt, nad nriaeAm to xAleenard. He aegv aryiS, caiiCli, and ahcePniio to eoytlmP. oCpraetla saw dsedrse kile teh edsdgso Iiss. hyTe asy seh etnfo etntdade hre cbipul sfctnonui liek ttha.


20 Let Rome be thus informed.


tLse dsen ihst senw to meoR.


Who, queasy with his insolence already,
Will their good thoughts call from him.


hTe aRnmo pepole rea def up whit ihs crrenaago darealy. llheyT bnnaoda hmi potceemyll hwen ehty hare itsh.


The people knows it, and have now received
His accusations.


ehT peploe ehav hrade it edlyraa, nad yehetv eenb ldot of ish oiacucssnat.


Who does he accuse?


Woh dose he cceusa?


25 Caesar, and that, having in Sicily
Sextus Pompeius spoiled, we had not rated him
His part o th isle. Then does he say he lent me
Some shipping, unrestored. Lastly, he frets
That Lepidus of the triumvirate
30 Should be deposed, and, being, that we detain
All his revenue.


He saecsuc me of ghinhlotwdi sih sehar of xSeuts Peimosup ossssinespo, cwhih we dezsie in lySiic. Then he says I itddn neurtr omes psshi he dlenao me. lnaFily, he czstericii eth pnedsgio of pduiLse, adn thne geos on to csuace me of nekgeip lal of dpLesui ppytorer orf lsmeyf.


Sir, this should be answered.


iSr, tseeh asoutnsccai sludoh be eeswandr.


Tis done already, and the messenger gone.
I have told him, Lepidus was grown too cruel,
That he his high authority abused
And did deserve his change. For what I have conquered,
I grant him part; but then, in his Armenia,
And other of his conquered kingdoms, I
Demand the like.


It has eneb ndoe alrydae, dan eht megnseser is on ish way. I wderasen tath pdLusie ahd moebec oto abtrul dan dsabeu ish niopsito. Fro shti he sedderev to be ddesope. As rof athw I deezis in eth asrw, I teargnd ahtt tyAonn oldshu veah a erhsa. tuB I laos mndaeded my aeshr of ihs nisuiiatoqcs in ieAnmar nad het ethor noedrceuq snkmoidg.


Hell never yield to that.


lelH rnvee areeg to atth.


Nor must not then be yielded to in this.


eThn we otnw regae to sih nddesam.
Enter OCTAVIA with her train
ITCOVAA enesrt thwi hre tttasnaned.


Hail, Caesar, and my lord! Hail, most dear Caesar!


sgGinteer, sraaCe, my rodl! sGtegneir, rdseate Crasea!


That ever I should call thee castaway!


Oh, to hnitk uveyo neeb tejeerdc!


You have not called me so, nor have you cause.


evYuo veren uhgtoth of me ilek atht, dan uoy aveh no resano to.


Why have you stoln upon us thus? You come not
Like Caesars sister. The wife of Antony
45 Should have an army for an usher and
The neighs of horse to tell of her approach
Long ere she did appear. The trees by th way
Should have borne men, and expectation fainted,
Longing for what it had not. Nay, the dust
50 Should have ascended to the roof of heaven,
Raised by your populous troops. But you are come
A market-maid to Rome and have prevented
The ostentation of our love, which, left unshown,
Is often left unloved. We should have met you
55 By sea and land, supplying every stage
With an augmented greeting.


hneT hwy did oyu rlvate so iqlueyt? You tddni aveirr liek aCrsase tsiesr. yAtsonn fiew lhusod veah an army to cseort ehr, iwht ihignnge srhoes to oauennnc hre ararvli olng efboer hse raesapp. eTh teres longa eth ardo olhsud evah eneb fleidl wthi gaeer sraoepstct. srodCw uodhls hvae bene fntia hitw ecxeenmitt wiiatgn to see oyu. hTe utds rmof oyru tndingeat potors sudhlo vhea inser to eavnhe. uBt oyevu virreda like a mmncoo idma bgnrigin odsog to a nmoRa tkream. eoYvu etpk me mfor yndpsigila my naelodv newh vleo is nto ohwsn, its fnteo ton etlf. I odwul ehva emt you by sea and ianag by nlad. At eahc tgesa of oyur pitr eehtr dlouw evah enbe a omre alptrcceusa teegngir.


Good my lord,
To come thus was I not constrained, but did it
On my free will. My lord, Mark Antony,
Hearing that you prepared for war, acquainted
60 My grievd ear withal, whereon I begged
His pardon for return.


My good rdlo, I anwst rdfceo to traelv elik itsh. It was my occehi. rMka tyoAnn aehrd ttah yuo rewe prerainpg to weag arw on mhi. neWh he aegv me this nswe, I egdgbe hmi to lte me ivsti yuo.


Which soon he granted,
Being an obstruct tween his lust and him.


hichW he yckuliq elowadl, gnvie ttha reuoy an tacelsob to hsi tslu.


Do not say so, my lord.


Dnot say taht, my olrd.


I have eyes upon him,
And his affairs come to me on the wind.
65 Where is he now?


veI kpet artkc of imh, dna rerostp of sih afsiafr viaerr on ryeev psih. Werhe do you tnhki he is won?


My lord, in Athens.


Hes in tAenhs, my lrod.


No, my most wrongd sister. Cleopatra
Hath nodded him to her. He hath given his empire
Up to a whore; who now are levying
The kings o th earth for war. He hath assembled
Bocchus, the King of Libya; Archelaus,
Of Cappadocia; Philadelphos, King
Of Paphlagonia; the Thracian king, Adallas;
King Manchus of Arabia; King of Pont;
75 Herod of Jewry; Mithridates, King
Of Comagen; Polemon and Amyntas,
The Kings of Mede and Lycaonia,
With a more larger list of scepters.


No, ehs not. oeYuv eben dcveieed. tapCoreal snoudemm mhi. Hse ivgen his epermi to a ohwre, nda won yehert gehgranti kgins to aewg a wra. Hse cdeiruert uchsBco, het gKin of Lbaiy; ecArslhua of dacaopCapi; ahseliPphlod, Knig of oanpaiPlgah; teh aciarTnh nkig, llAaads; ginK ncMashu of biAara; eth Kgni of nPot; ordHe, of Jdaeu; shatdtieMri, iKgn of Cngeoam; ooePlnm dan mytnAsa, hte ignks of Mede dan ayoaicnL, and ynma oemr.


Ay me, most wretched,
80 That have my heart parted betwixt two friends
That does afflict each other!


Oh, Im koerntebrah. Im ddiidev beewetn wto rfsneid how rae mddeneietr to illk hcae etroh.


Welcome hither.
Your letters did withhold our breaking forth
Till we perceived both how you were wrong led
And we in negligent danger. Cheer your heart.
Be you not troubled with the time, which drives
Oer your content these strong necessities,
But let determined things to destiny
Hold unbewailed their way. Welcome to Rome,
Nothing more dear to me. You are abused
90 Beyond the mark of thought, and the high gods,
To do you justice, makes his ministers
Of us and those that love you. Best of comfort,
And ever welcome to us.


eYuor weemcol ereh. I tdidn iwtre obatu ragkbnie teh cianllae thwi ytoAnn iltnu I aws ouy were gbeni ilsdme dna ezlearid how ngduoaers it uoldw be to eepk nospntpigo narisoepaptr. ehCer ylreusfo. Dnto be rbuldote by eth psrntee ntasitoiu, eht toanlobgisi of chhiw tsmu irnu uoyr henspaspi. otnD rwory obtua nghsit ahtt ahev laeydra been ceidded by efat. cWloeem eohm to Roem. tNhgino is oerm iercspou to me atnh yuo. Yuo avhe been bibneavlyeul udebsa, and now eth gdso kaem us teh pserdsseni of stjciue. Be ectorfmdo. oYu lwil lwaays be elomcwe to me.


Welcome, lady.


leWcmoe, dyal.


Welcome, dear madam.
95 Each heart in Rome does love and pity you.
Only th adulterous Antony, most large
In his abominations, turns you off
And gives his potent regiment to a trull
That noises it against us.


ecmeWol, adre maamd. Eyver ethra in eomR evslo adn tpisie uoy.
yOln the tsuuldearo adn elomanbiba Aoyntn nasobnda you, gginiv hsi ewopr to a wrhoe ohw rnust atht woepr itsgnaa us.


(toCAESAR) Is it so, sir?


(toCAESAR) Is thta erut, irs?


100 Most certain. Sister, welcome. Pray you
Be ever known to patience. My dearst sister!


stI ibeldneuan. ouY rea eolmecw rehe, tesrsi. I geb yuo to cuentoin to be ntapiet. My eetsrad rstesi!
Exeunt Tyhe itxe.