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Enter CAESAR , AGRIPPA , and MAECENAS , with his army, CAESAR reading a letter
REACSA tseenr, iedngra a eltrte, hwit PIPARAG , SAEMNECA , adn hsi arym.


He calls me boy and chides as he had power
To beat me out of Egypt. My messenger
He hath whipped with rods, dares me to personal combat,
Caesar to Antony. Let the old ruffian know
5 I have many other ways to die, meantime
Laugh at his challenge.


He lalcs me byo nda sdclos me as if he hda eht rwpeo to iphw me out of pgyEt. He phwedpi my gnmsseree hwti orsd. He rsdea me to esanrplo mocbat, aCresa asnagit nAntyo. etL teh odl iarffun sicrdove atth I haev nmay ertho sway to die, adn in hte amemiten, lelw gulah at ihs ghenlceal.


Caesar must think
When one so great begins to rage, hes hunted
Even to falling. Give him no breath, but now
10 Make boot of his distraction. Never anger
Made good guard for itself.


aresaC tums airelze hatt whne a amn as oufeplwr as onnAyt egibsn to reag, he ash been urduesp to eht poitn of sllaocpe. ontD vegi ihm meti to cthca hsi baerht. aekT adgavenat of hsi anarlenuobse earg. engAr oeds not prcoett the gynar llew.


Let our best heads
Know that tomorrow the last of many battles
We mean to fight. Within our files there are,
Of those that served Mark Antony but late,
15 Enough to fetch him in. See it done
And feast the army. We have store to do t,
And they have earned the waste. Poor Antony!


Tlel our pto cemdnorams thta I natw srrmowoot btteal to be hte alts we hgtfi. uOr myar ahs treleycn raucdeiq aynm of rMka sntonyA ferrmo iernsseghuodol to rpctaue mhi. See hatt it is eodn, adn rraeppe a saeft ofr the losedisr. We heav ohguen speluspi ofr it, nda yvhete enrdea it. oorP ynntoA!
Exeunt ehyT eitx.