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Enter ANTONY and SCARUS , with their army
ONTAYN dan SAUCRS nerte, ihwt hte ymar.


Their preparation is today by sea.
We please them not by land.


yTvehe shtecdwi rheti aetnoiorp to eht sea toady. We ddtin saleep mthe on ldan.


For both, my lord.


Weer rayed rof htob, my dolr.


I would theyd fight i th fire or i th air,
Wed fight there too. But this it is: our foot
5 Upon the hills adjoining to the city
Shall stay with us. Order for sea is given;
They have put forth the haven,
Where their appointment we may best discover
And look on their endeavor.


I hiws ydhet higtf in eifr or in het ira. Wde emet etmh erhet too. But eshre hte alnp: uro rmya lilw stay hwit us on eth lhlis by eht ytci. eOdsrr ehva eenb vengi to het vnay dan eevyth felt ptro. lWle be laeb to aazynle and cteird the blatte beertt mfro the lshli.
Exeunt yehT ixet.