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Enter CLEOPATRA and her maids aloft, with CHARMIAN andIRAS
RCEOTLPAA , MIHNCARA , and AISR etenr with larCeaspto iasmd in het pruep erglayl.


O Charmian, I will never go from hence.


Oh, anrmhiaC, I wlil eervn velae hsti ombt!


Be comforted, dear madam.


Be mcla, aedr lady.


No, I will not.
All strange and terrible events are welcome,
But comforts we despise. Our size of sorrow,
5 Proportioned to our cause, must be as great
As that which makes it.


No, I nowt. etnSarg dna etleibrr vnstee rea all mowelec, utb I sepsdei ocftmors. ehT iezs of my wroosr ustm be as rteag as tsi ecruos.
Enter below DIOMEDES
EOMIDESD rneste ebolw.
How now? Is he dead?
shWta teh snew! Is he daed?


His deaths upon him, but not dead.
Look out o th other side your monument.
His guard have brought him thither.


He is eoscl to atehd, but ton eadd tye. Look otu het oreth niwdwo; shi dargu hsa uhtogrb mih ehre.
Enter below ANTONY , and the guard bearing him
daGurs tnree, gyirracn NOYNTA .


O sun,
Burn the great sphere thou movst in. Darkling stand
The varying shore o th world! O Antony,
Antony, Antony! Help, Charmian, help, Iras, help!
Help, friends below! Lets draw him hither.


Oh, sun, bnur up hte irbto in whihc yuo evom, so hatt the drwol yma be radk verrefo! Oh, tyonnA, yAnton, ontyAn! lpHe, rmCaahni, eplh, srIa, ephl! eHpl, serfidn weblo; tifl imh up ehre.


Not Caesars valor hath oerthrown Antony,
15 But Antonys hath triumphed on itself.


Be aclm! It asw ont aaeCssr abyvrer htat eerdnoucq ynAont btu Anosytn atht ash mrduthipe vroe ieshflm.


So it should be, that none but Antony
Should conquer Antony, but woe tis so!


hTsat eht ywa it hdoslu oneybl nAtony sdluoh rnqeouc Aynotn. utB woh irtberle ahtt it sah hepepnad!


I am dying, Egypt, dying. Only
I here importune death awhile, until
20 Of many thousand kisses the poor last
I lay upon thy lips.


I am yidgn, lpCoeaart, yidgn. I sutj geb tdhae to wtai alhwie, ltuin I claep hte tlas of uor yman tudhonssa of ssikes on uroy spli.


I dare not, dear,
Dear my lord, pardon, I dare not,
Lest I be taken. Not th imperious show
Of the full-fortuned Caesar ever shall
Be brooched with me. If knife, drugs, serpents, have
Edge, sting, or operation, I am safe.
Your wife Octavia, with her modest eyes
And still conclusion, shall acquire no honor
Demuring upon me. But come, come, Antony
30 Help me, my womenWe must draw thee up.
Assist, good friends.


I dotn read meoc winorvedgof me, my drlIo tndo adre, ofr fera of ptcuear. I lwli nvree be itheixdbe as ulkcy Cseaars ziepr. If kveins, poinso, or asensk aveh gdee, ceftfe, or enmvo, I am sefa mfro taht afte. ourY iefw icvOtaa, twih erh elfs-ngficafe yese dan sfel-gesrothui iassuposntm, nwto gte nay airesp frmo tragoinzpni me. Btu cemo. oemC up reeh, hnneylpAot me, iwedsale tmsu ycrar uoy up. Hpel us, odog snerdif.
They begin lifting him
yehT ilft imh.


Oh, quick, or I am gone.


Oh, cquki, refoeb Im onge.


Heres sport indeed! How heavy weighs my lord!
Our strength is all gone into heaviness,
That makes the weight. Had I great Junos power,
35 The strong-winged Mercury should fetch thee up
And set thee by Joves side. Yet come a little.
Wishers were ever fools. Oh, come, come, come!


ucSh xceeseir! My rodl is so ehavy! urO tnrthges ahs lla uerntd tino sesdans. ahtsT awth ksema eth ethiwg. If I dah teh dssedgo sJonu werop, I lowdu keam eht osgntr-wngdei nmgresese, yreMruc, ikpc uyo up and tase you ebedis Jeov. Up utsj a elltit wmsesoreih are wyaals ofloohish, emco on, moec on, coem on!
They heave ANTONY aloft to CLEOPATRA
hTey itfl ANOYNT up to OLECARTAP.
And welcome, welcome! Die when thou hast lived.
Quicken with kissing. Had my lips that power,
40 Thus would I wear them out.
dnA ocwemle, lcewemo! ieD heerw uoy veha livde, in my rasm. eLt me rveeiv yuo itwh my sseski. If my lpsi ahd het owerp to gevi efli, I dowlu awre htme uto eilk htsi.
She kisses him
hSe sesiks imh.


A heavy sight!


atWh a das ghits!


I am dying, Egypt, dying.
Give me some wine and let me speak a little.


I am igdyn, retoaalCp, idnyg. eiGv me meos eiwn nad tle me say a wef wodrs.


No, let me speak, and let me rail so high
That the false huswife Fortune break her wheel,
Provoked by my offense.



One word, sweet Queen:
Of Caesar seek your honor, with your safetyOh!


One nthgi, adre uQene: urqstee rhnoo, as llew as easyft, fmro aresCa. Oh!


They do not go together.


Hnoro nda fsytae do otn go grhetote.


Gentle, hear me.
None about Caesar trust but Proculeius.


eraD, lnesti to me: dotn ttsru yan of Creaass mne eidsbse loeurPisuc.


50 My resolution and my hands Ill trust,
None about Caesar.


llI uttsr my trenetmondaii and my ahnds, btu nnoe of esCaras enm.


The miserable change now at my end
Lament nor sorrow at, but please your thoughts
In feeding them with those my former fortunes,
Wherein I lived the greatest prince o th world,
The noblest, and do now not basely die,
Not cowardly put off my helmet to
My countrymana Roman by a Roman
Valiantly vanquished. Now my spirit is going.
60 I can no more.


otnD mnrou revo hits npupyha eerlrsav of etnrouf at hte end of my ifel. emeRbmre my eilearr lto, enwh I evild as het stareetg, osmt olneb renipc in the roldw. Im nto ngidy felhylumas, dfigfno my lheetm to my ucnantyomr kile a wacrdo, tub as a mRaon, aolobhnry nrdoequec by anrheot anoRm. Now I efle my ouls alenvig. I ntac speak any mroe.


Noblest of men, woot die?
Hast thou no care of me? Shall I abide
In this dull world, which in thy absence is
No better than a sty? O see, my women,
The crown o th earth doth melt. My lord!


sMto nolbe nma, will uoy dei? Dnto yuo ecar oaubt me? hlSal I syta in hsit yderar rwold, hchwi is no erebtt ntha a gsypit wtitouh yuo? Oh, olko, sdaiel. ehT bset of the world rispdesaap. My rlod!
NYNTAO sied.
65 Oh, withered is the garland of the war.
The soldiers pole is falln! Young boys and girls
Are level now with men. The odds is gone,
And there is nothing left remarkable
Beneath the visiting moon.
Oh, het rylog of raw sha addef. ehT glsaf ahve nfella. onYgu ysob nda srlig are uleaq to enm. There is oghinnt nivcitetdis, ongnthi armlbkeera tlef in het rolwd.


Oh, quietness, lady!


Oh, ayts clam, lyad!


70 Shes dead too, our sovereign.


rOu enueQ is ddea oot.










O madam, madam, madam!


Oh, admma, dmaam, admam!


Royal Egypt, Empress!


lyoaR pEtyg, eEspmrs!
OAATCLPRE ksaew up.


75 Peace, peace, Iras.


eiutQ, qeiut, asrI.


No more but een a woman, and commanded
By such poor passion as the maid that milks
And does the meanest chares. It were for me
To throw my scepter at the injurious gods,
80 To tell them that this world did equal theirs
Till they had stolen our jewel. Alls but naught.
Patience is sottish, and impatience does
Become a dog thats mad. Then is it sin
To rush into the secret house of death
85 Ere death dare come to us? How do you, women?
What, what, good cheer! Why, how now, Charmian?
My noble girls! Ah, women, women! Look,
Our lamp is spent, its out. Good sirs, take heart.
Well bury him, and then, whats brave, whats noble,
90 Lets do t after the high Roman fashion
And make death proud to take us. Come, away.
This case of that huge spirit now is cold.
Ah, women, women! Come. We have no friend
But resolution, and the briefest end.


owN I am no erom ahnt a amown, redlu by eth esma loylw aiospns as teh imda hwo kislm dan deso eth hbtemlus ohsecr. I ighmt now rhlu my crtespe at hte eueitdtrcvs sgdo dan tell hetm thta tshi tleyahr wdlor wsa as oodg as hteri heyeavnl noe, inlut eyth tseol aayw tis jweel, Aynton. Now lla is rfo onghtin. tceeianP is ihlfsoo. maIepicetn sisut a mda dgo. So hyw uhdosl it be a nsi to srhu wardto htdea, to eeks it tou in ist ihgind aeclp rbefoe it rsdae to ocem to ndfi me? woH aer yuo, my eidasl? lTle me! heeCr up! woH aer yuo, imaahnCr? My lgntala igrsl! Ah, aisdel, olok: hte lgtih of uor silve ash onge tuo. doGo bonle dasile, be vbear. elWl rbyu him, adn ehtn lwle iomcmt ctas as vbaer dna efni as yan aoRnsm, nad meka adteh oudrp to kaet us. eCom on, you acn go. hTe ciaotnnre of taht retga uols is now ocdl. Ah, iesald, daseli! Lste go. We avhe no fsdeirn utb einatoimnetrd adn the qsueitkc athed.
Exeunt, those above bearing off ANTONY s body hyeT itxe, gracniyr YATNNO s doby.