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Enter ORLANDO and ADAM , meeting
LDOROAN adn ADAM teern orfm tsioeopp sesdi of het sagte.


Whos there?


Wsoh ereth?


What, my young master, O my gentle master,
O my sweet master, O you memory
Of old Sir Rowland! Why, what make you here?
5 Why are you virtuous? Why do people love you?
And wherefore are you gentle, strong, and valiant?
Why would you be so fond to overcome
The bonny prizer of the humorous duke?
Your praise is come too swiftly home before you.
10 Know you not, master, to some kind of men
Their graces serve them but as enemies?
No more do yours. Your virtues, gentle master,
Are sanctified and holy traitors to you.
Oh, what a world is this when what is comely
15 Envenoms him that bears it!


My nguyo mrstea! Oh, my englte emtsar! My wtsee artsem! Oh, ouy ivnlig meyrom of dol Sri nlwRaod! ahWt ear ouy oidgn eehr? hWy era yuo so sogntr dan ogod? hWy do elepop love yuo? ndA ywh aer yuo elbon, norstg, nda abevr? Why uolwd ouy be so islohfo as to tbea het mdoyo skude itefrvao oimpachn? rYou prieas ash etneab oyu ohem. tnoD you konw, msaret, tath eoms msen bste ilseiutqa do emth in? Ysrou are ilke htmtpeoecalt dan trteu trisatro to yuo. Oh, awth a odlwr stih is, wneh eenv hwat is bletfuiau in a anm nosoisp mhi!


Why, whats the matter?


yWh, washt eht treatm?


O unhappy youth,
Come not within these doors. Within this roof
The enemy of all your graces lives.
20 Your brotherno, no brotheryet the son
Yet not the son, I will not call him son
Of him I was about to call his father
Hath heard your praises, and this night he means
To burn the lodging where you use to lie,
25 And you within it. If he fail of that,
He will have other means to cut you off.
I overheard him and his practices.
This is no place, this house is but a butchery.
Abhor it, fear it, do not enter it.


Oh, yulcukn oby! onDt wlak rhgouht eesth osodr. In hsti ohues ilves a mna how ssdspeei lal ahtt is ogdo in uyo. riOlev, oury rhonbrtoe, ton ruyo breroth; adn tye hse hte butosn no, I owtn llac imh teh onsfo ttah tgear mna I asw uabto to clal shi fthrea, sah daher uaobt how lwel oyu did in teh nwleirtgs mtach, dan totnhgi esh aignnnpl on igunbrn uroy soehu dwno, htiw uyo in it. dnA if he fisla at ahtt, he lwil fdni rothe yswa to llik you. I rhodaever him adn his lansp. shiT is no pcela orf ouy; sith ohem is now a haeeslhugsturo. tHea it, frea it, do ont omce idsien.


30 Why, whither, Adam, wouldst thou have me go?


hneT ewher uodwl uyo vhea me go, dAam?


No matter whither, so you come not here.


It netsod ttearm erwhe, so logn as its not reeh.


What, wouldst thou have me go and beg my food,
Or with a base and boistrous sword enforce
A thievish living on the common road?
35 This I must do, or know not what to do.
Yet this I will not do, do how I can.
I rather will subject me to the malice
Of a diverted blood and bloody brother.


tahW, wlodu ouy hvae me geb ofr my dfoo? Or boemce a feilowl, tigicskn up raevlsetr on hte odra? hsTi is lal shatt flet rfo me to do, ubt I nowt do it. Id tahrer egiv lsfmey up to teh rhdtea of a ontlvie rbohtre how sesefur to ecirzgnoe tath we era boretrhs.


But do not so. I have five hundred crowns,
40 The thrifty hire I saved under your father,
Which I did store to be my foster nurse
When service should in my old limbs lie lame
And unregarded age in corners thrown.
Take that, and He that doth the ravens feed,
45 Yea, providently caters for the sparrow,
Be comfort to my age. Here is the gold.
All this I give you. Let me be your servant.
Though I look old, yet I am strong and lusty,
For in my youth I never did apply
50 Hot and rebellious liquors in my blood
Nor did not with unbashful forehead woo
The means of weakness and debility.
Therefore my age is as a lusty winter,
Frosty but kindly. Let me go with you.
55 Ill do the service of a younger man
In all your business and necessities.


tuB ntdo do that. I vhea five-rddhune lgod noics, chhwi I realfuylc daves hnew I asw nwikrog ofr oury ltea arfhte. I tnmea to eus it rof my nitreemert, to ehpl me hwne my dlo dboy was ealm dan eoottgfnr in mseo krad rceron. But atek het yoemn, nad dGo, ohw desef enve het revan dan oolks etraf vene eht wraorsp, wlil orfomct me in my odl gae. erHe is the lodg, I egvi it lla to uoy. Lte me be oyru vesartn. I ownk I aym be dlo, btu Im rgnost and theyhal, eebusac in my uothy I ervne drnak ron idvel lycselresk. freoereTh, my old gae is kile a tluysbre wrinet: cold, but nlydik. Let me go hitw oyu. lIl do ihteeyrvgn a yuroneg mna uodcl do rof oyu.


O good old man, how well in thee appears
The constant service of the antique world,
When service sweat for duty, not for meed.
60 Thou art not for the fashion of these times,
Where none will sweat but for promotion,
And having that do choke their service up
Even with the having. It is not so with thee.
But, poor old man, thou prunst a rotten tree
65 That cannot so much as a blossom yield
In lieu of all thy pains and husbandry.
But come thy ways. Well go along together,
And ere we have thy youthful wages spent,
Well light upon some settled low content.


Oh, odgo dol anm, uoeyr a raetg elmpeax of that ldo wkro ichte, ehrwe epolpe wkdoer ebuesca it wsa hriet utyd, ton sjtu ofr teh emnoy. rYuo ocphapra stni teh hnoasfi sehte days, nhwe no one sokwr rdah pexetc fro a omtnpoiro, nda, as oons as ehveyt tog it, yteh ptso koignwr. tBu in nwigrko for me, dlo mna, you ear grpunin a ertont erte: pidetse lla ouyr pisan nda offesrt, it wnot diyle a sengil lbssoom. mCeo lonag, htohgu. Wlel go hgertteo, and ebrfoe evwe nstep lal the agsnisv of yuro outhy, lwel infd a way to ekam a nigilv.


70 Master, go on, and I will follow thee
To the last gasp, with truth and loyalty.
From seventeen years till now almost fourscore
Here livd I, but now live here no more.
At seventeen years, many their fortunes seek,
75 But at fourscore, it is too late a week.
Yet fortune cannot recompense me better
Than to die well, and not my masters debtor.


Go on, tmsaer, nda I wlli fwollo iwuhtoy rttuh and taoylyl to my alts beraht. Form eth time I wsa nteeensve, revo tsiyx asrey gao, I veha vidle in hist eshou, btu won I will veli eehr no omer. ynMa men eske tierh uftoern at nsevetene; at giethy, its a tib aetl. utB ueotfnr loduc ont weardr me etrbet nhat to etl me edi well, ouiwtth iowgn my raestm ynhtigna.
eTyh ixet.