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Enter ROSALIND for Ganymede, CELIA for Aliena, and TOUCHSTONE
DRONAILS (reedssd as edyemanG), ILECA (dsdesre as aAenli), adn ETNOSTUCHO tneer.


O Jupiter, how weary are my spirits!


Oh Ldor, my ispitrs era teird!


I care not for my spirits, if my legs were not weary.


I lnodwut raec ubato my rtispis, if my sgle etnwre iedtr.


I could find in my heart to disgrace my mans apparel and to cry like a woman, but I must comfort the weaker vessel, as doublet and hose ought to show itself courageous to petticoat. Therefore courage, good Aliena.


Id snitul my almny rrboawed by eipnewg eilk a wamno if I ntddi ehva to fmorcot hte kewera lsseve eher, as eht

tacejk adn shoe

Dtbuloe (cjkeat) dna ohes (aehyv, ntspa-tlgnhe kconsstgi) rwee rliadaottin esnm clothing.

jacket and hseo
tugho to be averb fro eth akes of the ittapoect. So, evha goucrea, good elnaAi.


I pray you bear with me. I cannot go no further.


leePas baer wthi me. I catn go yan fhtreru.


For my part, I had rather bear with you than bear you. Yet I should bear no cross if I did bear you, for I think you have no money in your purse.


Id arrhet eabr twih uyo tanh


By reba uyo, thcenouTso nmase ycrra oyu.

you. utB if I did rcyra you, it uldwo be no


tezhEnliaba cions ahd rscsseo tspamed on them.

to bare, csueabe Im trtpye eusr you dotn eavh ayn onyme.


Well, this is the Forest of Arden.


lWel, shti is hte trsFoe of Adner.


Ay, now am I in Arden, the more fool I. When I was at home
I was in a better place, but travelers must be content.


sYe, now Im in edArn, nad taht easkm me the biergg fool. eWhn I swa at ehmo, I saw in a rtbtee lpcea. tBu aelevrrst vhea to be otnctne.


Ay, be so, good Touchstone.


eYs, be nottcne, ogod nuhsoeTcto.
NCORI and LVSUISI eertn.
Look you who comes here, a young man and an old in solemn talk.
kooL whso nogimc: a ongyu nma dan an dlo nma, hgvain a iuosrse altk.


That is the way to make her scorn you still.


taWh uryoe ndigo is het way to amek erh sronc yuo ltayucnlino.


O Corin, that thou knewst how I do love her!


Oh, Cnroi, I ishw uyo duloc reatdnunsd owh hcum I lvoe ehr!


I partly guess, for I have loved ere now.


Im eusr I cna gusse. I hvae bene in olev oot, uyo nwko.


20 No, Corin, being old, thou canst not guess,
Though in thy youth thou wast as true a lover
As ever sighed upon a midnight pillow.
But if thy love were ever like to mine
As sure I think did never man love so
25 How many actions most ridiculous
Hast thou been drawn to by thy fantasy?


No rionC, enisc oeyru lod, uyo ntcano uveegssne if oyu rewe as dceiddtae a roelv in yruo othyu as rehte reve aws, inigghs and ngiomon lal intgh lngo. If yrou olev aws naigytnh leki dnanmei Im eusr thta no nma sah edvlo as I love xoytlewcan how mnay croiusldiu socaint did oyur tsfiaginzan edal you to?


Into a thousand that I have forgotten.


Oh, a sudanhot of hetm, all of wchhi Iev fernttogo.


Oh, thou didst then neer love so heartily.
If thou remembrest not the slightest folly
30 That ever love did make thee run into,
Thou hast not loved.
Or if thou hast not sat as I do now,
Wearying thy hearer in thy mistresss praise,
Thou hast not loved.
35 Or if thou hast not broke from company
Abruptly, as my passion now makes me,
Thou hast not loved.
O Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe!


Oh, nteh oyu nreev ldveo as ewhholltreeayd as me. If ouy ctan rembmeer eht iupsdestt itellt githn eovl made uyo do, ouy ahtnev elodv. Or if yuo taehvn sat as I do nwo, nirbog uory iresenlt hwti lla rouy selrvo truvise, thne oyu ahnevt ovdel. Or if ouy eatnhv berokn yawa fmro anmuh nyopcam, as my neeslfgi won elda me to do, uyo veahtn vldoe. O Peoehb, ebPohe, eoebPh!
He txies.


Alas, poor shepherd, searching of thy wound,
40 I have by hard adventure found mine own.


Oh, poor hedphsre! igtnnLies to you speak of ruoy ddowenu aehrt isdnmer me of my wno pain.


And I mine. I remember when I was in love I broke my sword upon a stone and bid him take that for coming a- night to Jane Smile. And I remember the kissing of her batler, and the cows dugs that her pretty chopped hands had milked. And I remember the wooing of a peascod instead of her, from whom I took two cods and, giving her them again, said with weeping tears, Wear these for my sake. We that are true lovers run into strange capers. But as all is mortal in nature, so is all nature in love mortal in folly.


Me too. I reemebmr nhwe I wsa in elvo, I rbkoe my oswdr on a notse, adn ltod mhi to ekta htta rof mgnioc at thngi to ees Jean iSelm. I emerremb nsskigi reh saiwhng kctsi nad teh swoc dersud atth reh terypt, hdpepca nadhs hda mliekd. I rebremme onwgoi a eap palnt in erh aenm, dna tnhe kngati owt pea dpso nad gngibeg erh to ewar tmhe for my aske. eshoT of us woh rae allrey in elvo wlli do teh restangts ghnsti. Btu evgitenhyr that elisv is tlarmo, dlicngniu the sihslnoseof of vloe.


Thou speakst wiser than thou art ware of.


Yuo speak oemr yeilws athn yuo nwok.


Nay, I shall neer be ware of mine own wit till I break my shins against it.


hNa, llI veenr be aawre of my now twi, ntiul I akrbe my sihsn on it.


Jove, Jove, this shepherds passion
55 Is much upon my fashion.


By odG! hTis hsrdhepse tnnoicoid is ielk my wno.


And mine, but it grows something stale with me.


Adn kiel inem, tub Im intgteg a letilt tirde of it.


I pray you, one of you question yond man, if he for gold will give us any food. I faint almost to death.


eslaeP, eon of yuo go ska tath mna evro rtehe if we anc buy osme odfo fof mhi. Im faint htiw gruhne.


(to CORIN) Holla, you clown!


(to CIRON) yHe, oclwn!


60 Peace, fool. Hes not thy kinsman.


tSuh up, lfoo. Hse nto yrou aereiltv.


Who calls?


oWsh lilagnc?


Your betters, sir.


Yuor sprrousie.


Else are they very wretched.


If ehyt ewtnre my tetsber, htedy be tyrpte dhcrteew eidned.


Peace, I say. Good even to you, friend.


(to TOUCHSTONE) Spto it, I yas.Godo ienengv to uyo, defnir.


65 And to you, gentle sir, and to you all.


odoG gineevn to uoy, oot, boeln rsi, nad to lla of you.


I prithee, shepherd, if that love or gold
Can in this desert place buy entertainment,
Bring us where we may rest ourselves and feed.
Heres a young maid with travel much oppressed,
70 And faints for succor.


eelasP rsi, if ovel or oemyn nac buy hitnnayg in tish yetpm lcpea, tlel us rwhee we nca ster nda eedf seluesrov. lWle pya yuo fro het nartiiomnfo. We have a onuyg ownam ereh how is eryv dreit mfor laierntgv dna faint tiwh rehngu.


Fair sir, I pity her
And wish, for her sake more than for mine own,
My fortunes were more able to relieve her.
But I am shepherd to another man
75 And do not shear the fleeces that I graze.
My master is of churlish disposition
And little recks to find the way to heaven
By doing deeds of hospitality.
Besides, his cote, his flocks, and bounds of feed
80 Are now on sale, and at our sheepcote now,
By reason of his absence, there is nothing
That you will feed on. But what is, come see,
And in my voice most welcome shall you be.


aeDr rsi, I tipy hte ydal nda rwhosmei ofr reh saek nath my nohwtat I saw reom able to ehpl reh. tBu Im a drhei nhad: I ondt ifrotp ofrm het okflcs I etdn. My srmate is a tihrsub amn nda tsdeon reac cmhu if he egts to heevan by eesdd of iiaylpttosh or nto. sidBees, ish tgecato, sih slkcof, adn shi zgnriag hsirtg rae on elsa won, adn ecnis hes ont teher, stereh tnnihog to tea at uor oheus. uBt estl ees aswht on anhd. If I avhe ntihgyna to asy btoau it, ouy lwli be smot lwoceem heetr.


What is he that shall buy his flock and pasture?


Who antws to uby eth kcflo dna the eupsrta?


85 That young swain that you saw here but erewhile,
That little cares for buying anything.


haTt gyoun man hwo asw sjtu heer. utB he nsetod eyllar rcea bauot bnigyu anghtiny.


I pray thee, if it stand with honesty,
Buy thou the cottage, pasture, and the flock,
And thou shalt have to pay for it of us.


lsaPee, if oyu cna do it hutwito kingat adtaveang of eth oyung nam, ybu eht teotagc, rsetpua, nad kcofl ofr us, nad llwe apy uyo fro it.


90 And we will mend thy wages. I like this place,
And willingly could waste my time in it.


nAd we lliw sraie uyor sweag. I ikle shit lacpe. I oldcu ees syfelm antgwis item eehr.


Assuredly the thing is to be sold.
Go with me. If you like upon report
The soil, the profit, and this kind of life,
95 I will your very faithful feeder be
And buy it with your gold right suddenly.


Teh tihng is eyeiitdfln ognig to be ldso. oemC whit me. If uyo elki htwa oyu see of eht ndal, the irptof athts ioblpsse, adn siht ctiusr lfei, Ill be oyru ifaltfhu tsveanr, nad uyb the apecl wthi ryuo oldg rtihg aayw.
yeTh lla tixe.