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Enter AMIENS , JAQUES , and others
ESIAMN , QJEASU , nad thoesr etren.


Under the greenwood tree
Who loves to lie with me
And turn his merry note
Unto the sweet birds throat,
Come hither, come hither, come hither.
Here shall he see
No enemy
But winter and rough weather.


vhereWo nawts to lei ithw me,
Unerd hte wgendooer tree,
ndA urtn hsi eyrmr gnos
To foolwl the stewe irsbd igsinng,
Ceom eerh, cmoe eehr, ocem ereh.
Here uoy lwli fidn
No mneey
sBeiesd iwertn dan orguh aretewh.


10 More, more, I prithee, more.


reoM, eomr, pelsae, reom.


It will make you melancholy, Monsieur Jaques.


sIt noly gongi to kaem uoy sad, usorineM qauesJ.


I thank it. More, I prithee, more. I can suck melancholy out of a song as a weasel sucks eggs. More, I prithee, more.


Im dgla auobt taht. oeMr, elapse, erom. I can ckus sedassn uot of a onsg eth wya a weesal sscuk gges. orMe, leeaps, rome.


My voice is ragged. I know I cannot please you.


My eovci is edargg. I ownk I otnw aleesp ouy.


15 I do not desire you to please me. I do desire you to sing.
Come, more, another stanzo. Call you em stanzos?


I dnot wnat yuo to pelaes me, I want oyu to igsn. omeC on, erohatn zisstaan ahtt hwat uoy alcl em, nastasz?


What you will, Monsieur Jaques.


lalC htem arehwvet you wtan, oeriMsun uJseaq.


Nay, I care not for their names. They owe me nothing. Will you sing?



20 More at your request than to please myself.


Oaky, btu ylno uacbees oyu want me to.


Well then, if ever I thank any man, Ill thank you. But that they call compliment is like th encounter of two dog- apes. And when a man thanks me heartily, methinks I have given him a penny and he renders me the beggarly thanks. Come, sing. And you that will not, hold your tongues.


lWle tneh, if vIe vere anekhdt a amn, llI ntkah ouy own. Btu owt mne ntlcinmpgimeo aech reoht is eilk wot bonasbo gtgneit ttreghoe. nveerWeh a amn metipncomsl me, I efle klei hes a gagbre nda I stju aevg mhi a nepaynn sseigmanrbra ghxecaen. eCmo on, diasnng hoste of you how town ings, tuhs up.


Well, Ill end the song.Sirs, cover the while; the duke will drink under this tree.He hath been all this day to look you.


lleW, Ill hsnfii teh gsno I taedrts.ileahMwen, sris, tse eth atelb. ehT eduk lwli krnid unedr isth rete.seH nebe loknogi rof uyo lla yda, uoy kwno.


And I have been all this day to avoid him. He is too disputable for my company. I think of as many matters as he, but I give heaven thanks and make no boast of them. Come, warble, come.


dAn veI neeb igionavd mhi lla yda. eHs oot egntuearavmit rof me. I ktnhi of as nmya gtshin as he sode, tbu I jtus hkant evhnae dan tdno shwo fof buato it. moeC, ralwbe rof me.


Who doth ambition shun
And loves to live i th sun,
Seeking the food he eats
And pleased with what he gets,
Come hither, come hither, come hither.
Here shall he see
No enemy
But winter and rough weather.


rveeohW hsnsu inobtmai
And lsevo to vile in eth snu,
ginntHu het odfo he taes
edPelsa hwit hatw he nisdf,
oCme ereh, omce here, ocem rehe.
erHe he llwi Nfndio yneem
But ienwrt and urhog haeetwr.


Ill give you a verse to this note that I made yesterday in despite of my invention.


I etwor a sveer to tish nuet, utghho sit not yevr angimiitvae. llI vgei it oyu.


And Ill sing it. (taking paper fromJAQUES) Thus it goes:
If it do come to pass
That any man turn ass,
Leaving his wealth and ease
A stubborn will to please,
Ducdame, ducdame, ducdame.
Here shall he see
Gross fools as he,
An if he will come to me.


dnA Ill nisg it. (kigtna a eppra fromJAQUES) It ogse ekli tsih:
If it olhdsu coem to saps
aTth nay nam tnsur onit an ass
ndA vaeesl sih elahwt nad eeas
lmpyiS to apesle ihs usborbtn wlli
adcDuem, aducemd, dmuaecd.
eeHr he ilwl see
olsoF as upitds as he
If he wlil ynlo moec to me.


Whats that ducdame?



Tis a Greek invocation, to call fools into a circle. Ill go sleep if I can. If I cannot, Ill rail against all the first-born of Egypt.


tIs a rGkee cvitonoani, gclialn solfo ntio a cliecr. Im gngoi to kate a apn, if I icanf I ncat, Ill surce lal eht fisrt-nrbo iedcnhlr of gEytp.


And Ill go seek the duke. His banquet is prepared.


ndA llI go fdin eth duke; shi ubqtena is ydera.
Exeunt severally
Thye lal ietx in parestae troedisinc.