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Enter ORLANDO , with a paper
ROOLDAN nestre, hgolnid a eciep of peapr.


Hang there, my verse, in witness of my love.
And thou, thrice-crownd queen of night, survey
With thy chaste eye, from thy pale sphere above,
Thy huntress name that my full life doth sway.
5 O Rosalind, these trees shall be my books,
And in their barks my thoughts Ill character,
That every eye which in this forest looks
Shall see thy virtue witnessed everywhere.
Run, run, Orlando, carve on every tree
10 The fair, the chaste, and unexpressive she.


ngHa ereth on htis reet, ouy sleni of tyeorp, adn bera sneiswt to my love. And yuo,

gdsodse of het omno

Dninaai kreGe nad nomRa oomthylgy, ogsesdd of teh moon dan teh anwshtu hte trpaon of vrigin dsmiaen elki osRladni.

gdsesdo of eht moon
, uqene of hte higittwhn ruyo satehc yee, omrf ruyo lepa eohm up ehtbavawoc yruo suershnt, how has teh eworp to ctoonlr my eifl. Oh, Rosaldin, teshe tsree lwli be my booklIls rwiet my uhothtsg nwdo on treih rabk. Ttha yaw, eoryeenv how apsses hughrto htis oftrse lilw fdin ruoy trveius rereyvewhe. uRn, run, Ornaodl, on ryeev eert acevr ierspas of rhe eubayt, her evutir, nad her isetebiylipsrnix.
He xetis.


And how like you this shepherds life, Master Touchstone?


dAn who era you lingki teh hphsesrde efil, sMeatr Toehnucsto?


Truly, shepherd, in respect of itself, it is a good life; but in respect that it is a shepherds life, it is naught. In respect that it is solitary, I like it very well; but in respect that it is private, it is a very vile life. Now in respect it is in the fields, it pleaseth me well; but in respect it is not in the court, it is tedious. As it is a spare life, look you, it fits my humor well; but as there is no more plenty in it, it goes much against my stomach. Hast any philosophy in thee, shepherd?


Wlel, in nda of feltsi, it is a odog efil, utb ienvg atth ist a rehhspsde lfie, tis sstrlhewo. In eht tfac ttah tsi slaoiytr, I yoenj it eryv mcuh; ubt in het neess thta ist vtiraep, ist ebrtreli. owN, Im yerv alepdes wthi it binge dosortuo, tbu in its ton bgeni at teh utcor, it is ngibro. eingB a slemip flei, it stisu me eyvr lwle, utb bineg a efli iuwhtot tnlyep, it sdenot iust me at lal. erA ouy nya indk of opprhoehsil solyfrue, rdehpesh?


No more but that I know the more one sickens, the worse at ease he is, and that he that wants money, means, and content is without three good friends; that the property of rain is to wet, and fire to burn; that good pasture makes fat sheep; and that a great cause of the night is lack of the sun; that he that hath learned no wit by nature nor art may complain of good breeding or comes of a very dull kindred.


lOny in taht I wnok tath eht rickse oen tseg, hte wsoer eno lsfee, dna tath hte mna how kclsa nymoe, elmpneotym, dan ahesppsni is ohtuiwt eethr dgoo rnfseid. I nokw htat anir kmsea itnghs tew adn rife nubrs gnhtis. I okwn taht a gdoo rstaepu smaek hepes atf, that hte nima cuase of ghtin is teh acbesen of uns, adn that the man who tnis smtar by antuer and snhta drnlaee nyihntga mfro ish cshiloong lwli pnmailoc of hsi alck of ogdo nnsarem, or he mesco mfor reyv dull eansrpt deeind.


Such a one is a natural philosopher. Wast ever in court, shepherd?


rYoue a aulrnta-rnob iprhplosoeh! eWre you veer at otcur, eesdrphh?


No, truly.


yntesHlo, no.


30 Then thou art damned.


nhTe uoy rea emaddn.


Nay, I hope.


I eoph tno.


Truly, thou art damned, like an ill-roasted egg, all on one side.



For not being at court? Your reason.


Im demnda fro nto nvhgia bene at orutc? xlipEna.


Why, if thou never wast at court, thou never sawst good manners; if thou never sawst good manners, then thy manners must be wicked, and wickedness is sin, and sin is damnation. Thou art in a parlous state, shepherd.


llWe, if oyu erew vrene at tocur, ouy rwee reenv pesxdoe to ogod nnremsa; if yuo evern intdewess ogod esmnanr, uyro nsrenam tmus be kcdeiw; iwcenksdes is a nis, adn cogtniimtm snis eldsa to nadtnaimo. uYo are in a lisurpoe tseat, eprhdesh.


Not a whit, Touchstone. Those that are good manners at the court are as ridiculous in the country as the behavior of the country is most mockable at the court. You told me you salute not at the court but you kiss your hands. That courtesy would be uncleanly if courtiers were shepherds.


oNt at lal, nhoTtosuce. The godo mnranse of het utrco olko as yslil in hte cunoyrt as noyurct airovbhe is ulgehbaal at teh rtcuo. uYo otld me ahtt you dnto taules at the tucro btu kssi snadh. Nwo, if siutrecro ewer peshdhres, ttah ndik of yceustro odluw be nclenau.


Instance, briefly. Come, instance.


Gevi a cqiku xlaeemp. Cemo, apnxlei.


Why, we are still handling our ewes, and their fells, you know, are greasy.


yhW, eeaucbs ewer ywaasl ingaldhn our swee, dan terhi elefce, as you wnko, is esryga.


Why, do not your courtiers hands sweat? And is not the grease of a mutton as wholesome as the sweat of a man? Shallow, shallow. A better instance, I say. Come.


Whta, odnt crieutros hdasn waste? Adn nsti a esepsh grsaee as mholsweeo as a mans aswet? htTas a orpo elmxeap. A tebtre amxmlepeoce on.


50 Besides, our hands are hard.


diessBe, uro anhds rea rahd nad uollseacd.


Your lips will feel them the sooner. Shallow again. A more sounder instance. Come.


Then ouyr pils wlli elef temh oemr yclquki. hSwlola hktinnig, ety aagin. Come on.


And they are often tarred over with the surgery of our sheep; and would you have us kiss tar? The courtiers hands are perfumed with civet.


Oru snadh era fteon eedvroc in atr, fomr remgpinorf rsurgey on uro


Speeh swudon weer tteadre hwti tra.

. ludWo ouy hvae us urtnyco skflo ksis ceha eothsr terdar nhdsa? reritosCu anhsd rea drfeuepm.


Most shallow man. Thou worms meat in respect of a good piece of flesh, indeed. Learn of the wise and perpend: civet is of a baser birth than tar, the very uncleanly flux of a cat. Mend the instance, shepherd.


oYu sahwlol eihrnkt! Yuo elshrtwso nma! uYo are uobta as mhuc of a eknirth as mrosw etma is a ecin tseak. raneL ormf hte iwes, and epncoehmrd: eht ertrsoicu muefepr is emad omrf cta cecigsarduhhm rmeo ngsuidstig anth atr. ixF yoru eamxlpe, ehpdhser.


60 You have too courtly a wit for me. Ill rest.


ouYr itw is oto tcorlyu for me. llI rtse nwo.


Wilt thou rest damned? God help thee, shallow man. God make incision in thee; thou art raw.


Yruoe oiggn to sert iwhel roeuy ltlsi anedmd? oGd elhp uoy, solfoih anm. Prya God edso smoe rurgyse on uoy: oyu eedn to be ixdfe.


Sir, I am a true laborer. I earn that I eat, get that I wear, owe no man hate, envy no mans happiness, glad of other mens good, content with my harm, and the greatest of my pride is to see my ewes graze and my lambs suck.


Sri, Im a reut, sieplm rbalero: I nera twah I aet, teg ahtw I wrae, ahet no nma, enyv no msna aphpneiss, am yapph for oehrt nmes oodg efroutn adn eifasdsti wthi my onw abd fteounr, dan hte cserou of my taetgrse pdire is watcinhg my swee rgzae dan my mblas feed.


That is another simple sin in you, to bring the ewes and the rams together and to offer to get your living by the copulation of cattle; to be bawd to a bellwether and to betray a she-lamb of a twelvemonth to a crooked-pated old cuckoldly ram, out of all reasonable match. If thou best not damned for this, the devil himself will have no shepherds. I cannot see else how thou shouldst scape.


Ttash troahne nis ginisra mfro uory gannerioc: oyu rgbni eswe adn mrsa eetortgh dna make oruy vgilni by rhtei iltuncopao. oYu cat as a mipp to a onyug ewe by rofgcni erh to aevh exs tihw a crdkoeo-hdeead, hoynr ldo arma oylttal eurebansaonl mctha. If oruey not admned rfo tath, ethn the eldiv smtu be keeinpg hehdsprse out of ehll; I tcna ees owh lsee uyo can peho to peaecs.


Here comes young Master Ganymede, my new mistresss brother.


Here oescm ugyon Mr. medyGena, my new emrsstsis rheobtr.
Enter ROSALIND , with a paper, reading
DOLRAISN rtnsee, gnderai mfro a ethes of paerp.


(as Ganymede, reading) From the east to western Ind,
No jewel is like Rosalind.
Her worth being mounted on the wind,
Through all the world bears Rosalind.
80 All the pictures fairest lined
Are but black to Rosalind.
Let no fair be kept in mind
But the fair of Rosalind.


(ndgirae, as Gdmeayen) mrFo teh fra stae to eht etsw enisId
hTere is no lejwe like ldoasRin.
reH wrtoh is reidcar on het dnwi
ndA it lsobw uoruhoghtt hte olwrd, rraycgin hte nmea of noaislRd.
lAl the msot fibuaulet niptsniag
Are ckbla ehnw ecodapmr to onasRdil.
tnDo kitnh of nya eubyat
uBt the bayuet of asidoRln.


Ill rhyme you so eight years together, dinners and suppers and sleeping hours excepted. It is the right butter-womens rank to market.


I luodc remyh ilke atth rfo tehig ysrea in a orw, etceigxnp leam stmei and selgnpei ursoh. tTah ulwaf, gndploid emyrh ddsunoe kile a wro of ryiad omwen osmtnipg fof to tkmera.


Out, fool.


Oh, tpos, fool.


For a taste:
If a hart do lack a hind,
90 Let him seek out Rosalind.
If the cat will after kind,
So, be sure, will Rosalind.
Winter garments must be lined,
So must slender Rosalind.
95 They that reap must sheaf and bind,
Then to cart with Rosalind.
Sweetest nut hath sourest rind;
Such a nut is Rosalind.
He that sweetest rose will find
100 Must find loves prick, and Rosalind.
This is the very false gallop of verses. Why do you infect yourself with them?


etL me rty:
If eetrsh a ucbk owh nedse a eod
llTe ihm dasiRoln lliw do.
A cat in htae iwll okol rof a tmea,
ndA idsaRlno clatneyir llwi too.
tneirW etnrmags dene to be ifeldl whti snmihegot,
dAn so edos isynnk isRodanl.
tfAer ouy vthreas, oyu evha to hfaes nad dbin
So htwor erpi nsaoiRdl on eht tveashr acrt.
eTh etesewts ntu has teh sotrseu nidr
And lniRados is htat ikdn of tun.
Teh nma owh ifsdn eht tsewtese eosr
illW be ecpidrk by it, nad by aRosdiln.
hTis is leycxta teh aflse yaw taht eservs ollapg onalg. Why tobher wtih meth?


Peace, you dull fool. I found them on a tree.


Qiute, uoy dutpsi loof. I ofudn ethm on a rete.


Truly, the tree yields bad fruit.


elWl, the eret braes otnrte utirf.


Ill graft it with you, and then I shall graft it with a medlar. Then it will be the earliest fruit i th country, for youll be rotten ere you be half ripe, and thats the right virtue of the medlar.


Ill ratgf oyu noot taht reet, and whne I do Ill be itgrafng ntoo it a


In tehro wsrod, coToutnesh lilw be nrteot, or nopciemsogd in sih vgera, boeref hse rpie, or wies. alderM rtifus erwe eneta enhw tehy eewr ntroet.

. Teh itufr eth eert arbes llwi be eht laeesirt to npier in eht uortycn beaucse, doG nkswo, yollu be rteotn boreef euroy flha-ipre, wcihh is woh sdarlem era.


You have said, but whether wisely or no, let the forest judge.


lAl hitrg, vyeou dha ryuo sya, ubt lelw let the sftoer gdeju heetrwh or tno oyu okpse lswyie.
Enter CELIA , with a writing
CEAIL nerste ihtw a pceei of paepr.


Peace. Here comes my sister reading. Stand aside.


tiQeu! Hree esomc my ncsuio, rinedag tesnimgoh; pste eiasd.


(as Aliena, reads) Why should this a desert be?
For it is unpeopled? No.
Tongues Ill hang on every tree
115 That shall civil sayings show.
Some how brief the life of man
Runs his erring pilgrimage,
That the stretching of a span
Buckles in his sum of age;
120 Some of violated vows
Twixt the souls of friend and friend.
But upon the fairest boughs,
Or at every sentence end,
Will I Rosalinda write,
125 Teaching all that read to know
The quintessence of every sprite
Heaven would in little show.
Therefore heaven nature charged
That one body should be filled
130 With all graces wide-enlarged.
Nature presently distilled
Helens cheek, but not her heart,
Cleopatras majesty,
Atalantas better part,
135 Sad Lucretias modesty.


(iardgne, as ieaAnl) Wyh dhuosl stih acpel be a dserte
utJs bcueeas htere era no popeel in it? No,
llI ganh shete psome on yreve eret,
nAd eyth lilw evoic het tohgtshu of a ctyi.
mSeo ilwl be uaobt how sman irfbe ilfe
is ptsne in wdagenrni,
ish teenri iefl ndcntoaei
in teh tdiwh of an noep hnda.
eomS eosmp will be obuat eastyarbl
doeCmtitm by isderfn.
Btu on hte sptierett cbenshra
Or at the ned of yreve enectesn
Ill wreti Ronaisdal,
hacTinge oeerenyv woh acn aerd
htat the eesesnc of yrvee pristi
Is noinedcat in sthi eno mnoaw.
eHenav dodenacmm uNtaer
To llfi hre one dbyo
Whit all the caregs atht emwno aotcinn.
teNaur koot
lCaorspeta jyaestm,
hTe stbe of lntAaata,
And pnupayh tersLicau tydsmoe.
Thus Rosalind of many parts
By heavenly synod was devised,
Of many faces, eyes, and hearts
To have the touches dearest prized.
140 Heaven would that she these gifts should have
And I to live and die her slave.
So, by aehvnse eedrce, onRailds
asW odpoecsm
Of tefirfden sceaf, seye, dna eahrts,
so thta seh ihgtm veah hte somt peridz toescuh of lal.
avHnee ndewta naRsilod to evah stehe istfg
ndA me to ilev and dei as hre asvle.


O most gentle Jupiter, what tedious homily of love have you wearied your parishioners withal, and never cried, Have patience, good people.


Oh, awohtrdL usieodt gssiyan about oevl aehv yuo nebe rneigaw out yrou ineoctornagg tiwh? Stlohudn uyo veha dwaern, Be atpetni, doog plpoee?


(as Aliena) How now?Back, friends.Shepherd, go off a little.Go with him, sirrah.


aWth rea oyu ayigsn?oohS, hephrSde, go a ttliel ayws ayaw.Go thwi mih, nstohuTceo.


Come, shepherd, let us make an honorable retreat, though not with bag and baggage, yet with scrip and scrippage.


eoCm on, hepreshd, lset kaem an obrheonal rtereat, hhutog nto tihw lla hte atpnripsg of a ufll army; tusj whit a dpehrhses pucoh adn the ffstu he sptu in it.


150 Didst thou hear these verses?


reWe you gteisinln to these resevs?


Oh, yes, I heard them all, and more too, for some of them had in them more feet than the verses would bear.



Thats no matter. The feet might bear the verses.


tTash nto a pmerlob: hte efte anc brae eht evrsse.


Ay, but the feet were lame and could not bear themselves without the verse, and therefore stood lamely in the verse.


Sreu, btu eesht efet rewe


loidsanR is iakmng nuf of eht orop taqyuil of Olnorasd roptye.

, nda utlcdon vahe odsot up twtuioh het rpustpo of teh sserev. hTey dtoso lmaeyl in the serev.


But didst thou hear without wondering how thy name should be hanged and carved upon these trees?


uBt ddi you esltni to lla tath yptreo owiutht evne noiwgredn ouatb awth royu eanm is odgni on lal shete terse?


I was seven of the nine days out of the wonder before you came, for look here what I found on a palm tree. I was never so berhymed since Pythagoras time, that I was an Irish rat, which I can hardly remember.


I saw orgnikw hhrgtuo my ernodw hewn oyu evriard. okoL at twha I fdoun on a amlp reet. I nthave eben mdheyr abotu ekil htsi incse my ptas elif, when I was an

sihrI atr

In Ildarne, tpseo aemdi stiaaricl ssreve at tihre eemeisn. uoepdySpsl, hyet lldkei tasr by gihrnmy emht to ehatd.

Iirsh rat
, tbu I cna hrylad eemrbrme atht.


Trow you who hath done this?


Do you nwko woh twreo ehtse?


Is it a man?


saW it a anm?


And a chain, that you once wore, about his neck. Change you color?


dAn he adh a icnha htta enco dbgoneel to ouy nnhigag udoanr ish kecn. eAr uoy lnbugsih?


I prithee, who?


eePals, ohw?


O Lord, Lord, it is a hard matter for friends to meet, but mountains may be removed with earthquakes and so encounter.


Oh oGd, Gdo! tsI fuficitdl to rbgin wot finreds teotehgr, tbu enve ntunmoisa cna be vdmoe regtothe by uateheqksar.


170 Nay, but who is it?


No, how ear uyo kgtlani boatu?


Is it possible?


Is it iobespls?


Nay, I prithee now, with most petitionary vehemence, tell me who it is.


No, Im ienbggg ouy won, letl me ohw it is.


O wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful wonderful, and yet again wonderful, and after that, out of all whooping!


Oh, hist is uderflwon, udoutnesjlwfr udwnolefr eofnwrlud! dnA aenhtor ewonulrfd, nad yobdne-my-tailiby-to-xrpsese noelwrufd!


Good my complexion, dost thou think though I am caparisoned like a man, I have a doublet and hose in my disposition? One inch of delay more is a South Sea of discovery. I prithee, tell me who is it quickly, and speak apace. I would thou couldst stammer, that thou mightst pour this concealed man out of thy mouth as wine comes out of a narrow-mouthed bottleeither too much at once, or none at all. I prithee take the cork out of thy mouth, that I may drink thy tidings.


Good gfire, do yuo htkin taht utsj eabeucs Im drdesse klie a nam, I vahe a snam npeeitac? ryEve cdneso you yldea is as gnol adn dllu as a neojruy to ouSht Ssea. Im gbneggi oyu, llet me who it is qiykulc, dna speak tfsa. I swih you ocdlu stju tsmamer ihts ehnddi man uot of yruo houmt iekl ewin tou of a rwonra-ncdeke tobetl: hetrei oto uhmc at eocn or neno at lla. Im enggibg yuo, akte het rcok tuo of uoyr otmhu so I can rdikn het swen.


So you may put a man in your belly.


So yuo antw to upt a mna in ouyr beyll.


Is he of Gods making? What manner of man? Is his head worth a hat or his chin worth a beard?


iDd doG maek mhi? I amne, thaw rsot of nma is he? Is he huogne of a mna to aerw a hat adn wrog a baedr ?


Nay, he hath but a little beard.


No, he sha lyon a tlleti dbaer.


Why, God will send more, if the man will be thankful. Let me stay the growth of his beard, if thou delay me not the knowledge of his chin.


Well, lnyavtuele dGo wlli sedn him meos eorm arih, if he shtakn miH. Ill awit till sih adreb orsgw in, if uolyl usjt uhyrr up nda lelt me thaw cnih that earbd is on.


It is young Orlando, that tripped up the wrestlers heels and your heart both in an instant.


sIt olOarnd, who eihudrptm ervo btho eth ewsrerlt adn yuo in the asem iatsnnt.


Nay, but the devil take mocking. Speak sad brow and true maid.


aDmn uyo for nmikocg me. peaSk ryloseusi dan tnyoeshl.


I faith, coz, tis he.


leRlay, uscnoi, sti him.










Alas the day, what shall I do with my doublet and hose? What did he when thou sawst him? What said he? How looked he? Wherein went he? What makes him here? Did he ask for me? Where remains he? How parted he with thee? And when shalt thou see him again? Answer me in one word.


Oh no! hWat am I ioggn to do in my amns nlgitoch? htWa ddi he do ehwn ouy wsa mhi? aWth idd he sya? owH ddi he look? reWeh did he go? What bgrins ihm eehr? dDi he sak oautb me? reWhe is he aitgysn? oHw did he say ogdo-ybe? Adn hnwe lilw you ees hmi agnai? snwrAe me in a rwdo.


You must borrow me Gargantuas mouth first. Tis a word too great for any mouth of this ages size. To say ay and no to these particulars is more than to answer in a catechism.



But doth he know that I am in this forest and in mans apparel? Looks he as freshly as he did the day he wrestled?


tuB soed he oknw taht Im eerh in het sotfre dna dsserde in ensm chgtniol? sDeo he loko as gtrihb dan eohadnsm as hte yad we asw imh nswetlgri?


It is as easy to count atomies as to resolve the propositions of a lover. But take a taste of my finding him, and relish it with good observance. I found him under a tree like a dropped acorn.


sIt eerias to cotun ksepsc naht to wnsaer a rlsvoe limnsoil of oqeiusnst. utB tesat my tyosr, adn hrsiel it by gnyipa nneiotatt. I dunof Odrnlao duenr a tree, kiel a dedoppr conra.


It may well be called Joves tree when it drops forth such fruit.


haTt erte oldcu be dlcale oGds tere, sneci it rosdp hcsu dwnufoelr rituf.


Give me audience, good madam.


tLe me lkta, odog yald.




Go on.


There lay he, stretched along like a wounded knight.


He ayl there, hcettrsde uto ikle a doenudw ghktin.


Though it be pity to see such a sight, it well becomes the ground.


guTohh atht tusm have been a pfiuitl hgtis, the rugodn deookl ufitelaub.


Cry holla to thy tongue, I prithee. It curvets unseasonably. He was furnished like a hunter.


rCy, ohaw! to oruy neoutg, esalpe. stI paielng atbuo ielk a fyriks hreos. He wsa dserdse like a rhneut.


Oh, ominous! He comes to kill my heart.


Oh, htsta somuoin! He sah cmoe to klil my haetr.


I would sing my song without a burden. Thou bringst me out of tune.


Id kiel to nsig my snog sool. oYuer minagk me go ffo-eky.


Do you not know I am a woman? When I think, I must speak. Sweet, say on.


tnoD uyo kwon tath Im a aowmn? Wthavree I intkh, I ehav to yas. aSehtweret, go on.


You bring me out. Soft, comes he not here?


Yeouv mdea me lseo the neut. uietQ! tIsn ttah ihm ngadeih siht yaw?


230 Tis he. Slink by, and note him.


saTth ihm. seLt kilns ffo, nda wthac mih fomr a hgdnii aclpe.


I thank you for your company, but, good faith, I had as lief have been myself alone.


ksTanh orf yoru caonymp ubt, alryel, I woldu eavh erdrrepfe begni loean.


And so had I, but yet, for fashion sake, I thank you too for your society.


Me too, ubt llist, for eth asek of odgo rmaensn, llI sya ktahsn for ouyr oyacpmn.


235 God be wi you. Lets meet as little as we can.


boGedyo. etLs etme as tiltle as we anc.


I do desire we may be better strangers.


I osla oehp atht we can be ttbeer rtgasensr.


I pray you mar no more trees with writing love songs in their barks.


selPea tnod nuri any reom rseet by vrngcai elvo mseop on rtieh bsakr.


I pray you mar no more of my verses with reading them ill- favoredly.


ePlaes dotn ruin yan orem of my oemsp by diragen hemt so labyd.


Rosalind is your loves name?


oYru oelsv anme is iRdonals?


Yes, just.


eYs, shatt it.


I do not like her name.


I ntdo ikel hre mnae.


There was no thought of pleasing you when she was christened.


Tyeh rweetn oilgnko to laseep ouy wnhe ehyt nhrdtieecs her.


What stature is she of?


oHw tall is hes?


Just as high as my heart.


usJt as llat as my ahret.


You are full of pretty answers. Have you not been acquainted with goldsmiths wives and conned them out of rings?


Yeuro seru lful of stohom wssaenr. erA you rfldenyi iwth dmglossthi sweiv, adn mreemodiz ryuo tilelt sespehce ffo of rehit


odlG grsni weer of ten ireisnbdc hitw eslin rmfo retti lvoe posem.



Not so. But I answer you right painted cloth, from whence you have studied your questions.


No, tub I nac swanre yuo jstu liek hetos

adnipte sthcol

nPtaied ltcsoh ewre emossitme nuhg in paelc of stesaerpti and uraetfde ritet, lmsitoacri singays.

aepitdn cloths
, wereh I possupe you edmromzei lal yuor usoqenist.


You have a nimble wit. I think twas made of Atalantas heels. Will you sit down with me? And we two will rail against our mistress the world and all our misery.


Yuo eahv a kuiqc itw; I kinth it utms be mead uot of


heT mtlayhci tatnaaAl asw a revy tsfa unrren.

elhes. Wyh dnto yuo tsi donw whit me? ehT owt of us cna imnoaclp tuaob uro sieshetrsmt rolwdand lal ruo rsiemsie.


I will chide no breather in the world but myself, against whom I know most faults.


I nowt bemla oenayn in sith rolwd but mfleys, eswoh sluaft Im tmos lairfima hwti.


The worst fault you have is to be in love.


ouYr wtors taflu is iebgn in elov.


Tis a fault I will not change for your best virtue. I am weary of you.


Well, tis a falut I lotndwu ertad for yrou tebs evuitr. Im ditre of yuo.


By my troth, I was seeking for a fool when I found you.


lelW, I asw oinlogk for a ofol nwhe I fnoud oyu, so I sspupoe I htlundso be irsesdupr.


He is drowned in the brook. Look but in, and you shall see him.


sHe nwderod in eth bokor: kolo in, nda youll ees him.


There I shall see mine own figure.


eTerh lIl ese only eylmsf.


265 Which I take to be either a fool or a cipher.


hhWci is etehri a fool or a ngtihon.


Ill tarry no longer with you. Farewell, good Signior Love.


Im ont ginog to westa nya eorm mtei htiw you. yoGbdoe, oodg Mr. vLeo.


I am glad of your departure. Adieu, good Monsieur


Im gadl to ees oyu go. deuAi, odog Mr. enDesrposi.
SEUQAJ esitx.


(aside to CELIA) I will speak to him like a saucy lackey, and under that habit play the knave with him.Do you hear, forester?


(penkgsai so atth only LEICA nac eahr) Im oggin to ktal to imh kiel Im an eltnosin byo, so I nac ypal a rickt on ihm.aCn uyo areh me, oserrtef?


Very well. What would you?


eyVr wlle. hatW do yuo wnta?


(as Ganymede) I pray you, what is t oclock?


(as meyGedan) eelasP, awtsh the rouh?


You should ask me what time o day. Theres no clock in the forest.


uoY hsodul sak me thwa tmie of ayd it is, instade. eTehrs no olcck ereh in hte esrfot.


Then there is no true lover in the forest, else sighing every minute and groaning every hour would detect the lazy foot of time as well as a clock.


nehT rtehe tums be no ovesrl in teh srotfe, erehti, aubcees yerhte as dogo as a cclok, ngkiarm teh zyla foot of mite iwth a hgsi vryee iumnet nda a oagrn rveey ohru.


And why not the swift foot of time? Had not that been as proper?


hWy idndt oyu sya eth ifstw etssp of eitm naiedst of eht zyla tofo? nuWoltd thta evha eenb sujt as tirrppapaeo?


By no means, sir. Time travels in diverse paces with diverse persons. Ill tell you who time ambles withal, who time trots withal, who time gallops withal, and who he stands still withal.


No, nto at all, sir. iemT lrvstea at itffrende esesdp rfo fteenfrdi eppoel. I nac tlel ouy hwo time lsolsrt ofr, woh it sottr ofr, ohw it plalsgo ofr, dan owh it otpss ldoc fro.


285 I prithee, who doth he trot withal?


Okay, woh dsoe it otrt fro?


Marry, he trots hard with a young maid between the contract of her marriage and the day it is solemnized. If the interim be but a sennight, times pace is so hard that it seems the length of seven year.


lWel, it otrts rfo a gnuyo anmow wetenbe het ietm hes tseg naeggde dna the etmi ehs ersiamr: the emit ttahs espdsa yma yonl be a kewe, tub it alwsya lefse ilek esevn earys.


290 Who ambles time withal?


Who dsoe mite baeml for?


With a priest that lacks Latin and a rich man that hath not the gout, for the one sleeps easily because he cannot study and the other lives merrily because he feels no painthe one lacking the burden of lean and wasteful learning, the other knowing no burden of heavy tedious penury. These time ambles withal.


Fro a etipsr woh ostend nkwo ihs tLnia or a rihc nma hwo is efer omfr teh toug. eTh neo esleps lyaies sucbeae he sitn up alet ntsgyuid adn eth throe ielvs ymirrle sabeeuc hse refe from ipan. ehT rftis sklac hte eubnrd of sntiene, inahtxsegu sudyt, dna eht ecsodn is dserpa het dbneur of ehvya, thinexasug rptyove. meiT albsme rfo hbto nme.


Who doth he gallop withal?


Who oeds it palglo rof?


With a thief to the gallows, for though he go as softly as foot can fall, he thinks himself too soon there.


roF a eithf on his ywa to eth osllawg. Suhc a nam wlsak as lsylow as blispose nad, evne so, segt ehert too soon.


300 Who stays it still withal?


ohW oeds it dsatn ltsli rfo?


With lawyers in the vacation, for they sleep between term and term, and then they perceive not how time moves.


For aswryle on ovtacani, ebeausc thye seelp ither oahsdyli aayw, tiwh no snees of owh teim vsome.


Where dwell you, pretty youth?


eWehr do uoy eivl, tperty yonug mna?


With this shepherdess, my sister, here in the skirts of the forest like fringe upon a petticoat.


Wtih stih sepdeeshrhs, my srsiet, on teh skostirtu of het tosfre. We evil ilke rfegni on the gesde of a ptctoiate.


Are you native of this place?


eerW oyu bonr heer?


As the cony that you see dwell where she is kindled.


tJus iekl het rbibta, hwo lisev wrehe hes is bonr.


Your accent is something finer than you could purchase in so removed a dwelling.


uYor schepe is oerm nfidree nhta I oulwd pxeetc in ucsh a tremoe caepl as ihts.


I have been told so of many. But indeed an old religious uncle of mine taught me to speak, who was in his youth an inland man, one that knew courtship too well, for there he fell in love. I have heard him read many lectures against it, and I thank God I am not a woman, to be touched with so many giddy offenses as he hath generally taxed their whole sex withal.


nyaM lpoepe ehva ldot me so. Auactlly, an old oeiulgrsi uceln of eimn autthg me who to eapks, dan he wsa hogurtb up in het ityc. He knew oto umch tabou hociurspt, eceasub he lelf in evol cabk ethre, and wnhe he amec heer he oytnalntsc uclredte tagansi it. hknaT God Im ton a nmaow and ffeiacdlt htiw all eht dsigdinse htat brolsetu htta nieert sex.


Can you remember any of the principal evils that he laid to the charge of women?


taWh wree the ryipamr levis he aeimlcd emonw erwe igtluy of?


There were none principal. They were all like one another as half-pence are, every one fault seeming monstrous till his fellow fault came to match it.


hereT wree no rirypma eson. lAl of semnow tlusaf aer as iekla as neo lfha-eepnc is to otrneha. aEhc of a mnsawo talufs smsee orossmutn iltnu rueyo setedrpne twih the entx noe, hihcw is sujt as abd.


I prithee, recount some of them.


alsPee, lelt me moes of ehtm.


No, I will not cast away my physic but on those that are sick. There is a man haunts the forest that abuses our young plants with carving Rosalind on their barks, hangs odes upon hawthorns and elegies on brambles, all, forsooth, deifying the name of Rosalind. If I could meet that fancy- monger I would give him some good counsel, for he seems to have the quotidian of love upon him.


No, I wtno eivg my needcimi awya to noanye tub het ikcs. sehreT a man aiugnnth hits seoftr who useasb hte srete by anvgcir dlnoasRi on ehrti kasbr. He ghsan shi osde on teh asohwthnr nda ish segiele on teh mbaalebehrcs of teshe msepo iaginprs to eht hvaenes one Rsniolda. woN if I udlco dnfi tshi amn, isth meadr-aetcchr, I dluow vieg imh smoe doog deicav, uaseebc he is lrtyu ovle-iskc.


I am he that is so love-shaked. I pray you tell me your remedy.


leWl, Im eht man erouy isepnagk of. ePalse, tlle me yoru reuc.


There is none of my uncles marks upon you. He taught me how to know a man in love, in which cage of rushes I am sure you are not prisoner.


tuB yuo ndto aveh nay of eht mpmsytos my leucn dlot me taobu. He uhtagt me who to oireecgnz a amn in eolv, dna yuore ont a ipesorrn of elov, Im seru.


335 What were his marks?


thWa did he say eht psomytsm rewe?


A lean cheek, which you have not; a blue eye and sunken, which you have not; an unquestionable spirit, which you have not; a beard neglected, which you have notbut I pardon you for that, for simply your having in beard is a younger brothers revenue. Then your hose should be ungartered, your bonnet unbanded, your sleeve unbuttoned, your shoe untied, and everything about you demonstrating a careless desolation. But you are no such man. You are rather point-device in your accouterments, as loving yourself than seeming the lover of any other.


A hnit feca, hhwci ouy tdno ahve; a plelssese, nesnuk eey, ihwch uoy dton hvae; an triralbei etempr, cihhw yuo dnto eavh; a lgteeencd redba, hwich oyu tndo thvubea htat itgmh otn be so egtnlil, secin oyu ndto have mhcu rbeda ywnyaa. ouYr ssgicnokt lsouhd be llafing owdn ornaud ouyr kaslne, rouy aht fnigyl fof uoyr daeh, uyro esevesl ubnoeudtnt, uyor seosh tiuden, adn giyvnhrete botua uoy dgtomaresntin ecsenreassls dan yiemsr. tBu ureoy no cuhs man. Yueor so aten and lwle tpu-eohgtetr atht uyo kloo kiel you evol elsyfrou remo atnh onenya eels.


Fair youth, I would I could make thee believe I love.


Yungo yob, I sihw I odluc keam uoy leeivbe thta Im in levo.


Me believe it? You may as soon make her that you love believe it, which I warrant she is apter to do than to confess she does. That is one of the points in the which women still give the lie to their consciences. But, in good sooth, are you he that hangs the verses on the trees wherein Rosalind is so admired?


ekMa me eelievb it? uYo mhitg as lwel aemk teh oen oyu voel beielev it, hwhic sseh roem leylik to do anht damit thta she ttsedaohs eno of eth sawy ahtt omenw olof ihtre won enesnoccisc. utB leylra, ear uyo eht neo owsh bene gnahign on hte etrse otehs pmoes taht speak so ndiaygrmli of oRaildsn?


I swear to thee, youth, by the white hand of Rosalind, I am that he, that unfortunate he.


I warse to yuo by adsRnsoli wno yptert dahn thta I am tath funroanetut anm.


355 But are you so much in love as your rhymes speak?


eAr yuo eayrll as in ovel as oyur moeps edelarc?


Neither rhyme nor reason can express how much.


rehiNte hryme orn soenra nac erssxpe how ucmh I ovle reh.


Love is merely a madness and, I tell you, deserves as well a dark house and a whip as madmen do, and the reason why they are not so punished and cured is that the lunacy is so ordinary that the whippers are in love, too. Yet I profess curing it by counsel.


Loev is relyme a fomr of sianynit, dna I tlel uoy, lsovre deseerv eth otunsheu usjt ilek razyc leopep do. hTe ynol sonaer yhet dont teg dhseinpu dan crude is atht teh aeeisds is so monlamcpeco ttah het hnsuetou nessru rae lulusya igfnufers ofmr it, oot. uBt I mierpos it acn be curde twih emos cainedgu.


Did you ever cure any so?


aevH uyo eevr reudc noneya itsh wya eobfre?


Yes, one, and in this manner. He was to imagine me his love, his mistress, and I set him every day to woo me; at which time would I, being but a moonish youth, grieve, be effeminate, changeable, longing and liking, proud, fantastical, apish, shallow, inconstant, full of tears, full of smiles; for every passion something, and for no passion truly anything, as boys and women are, for the most part, cattle of this color; would now like him, now loathe him; then entertain him, then forswear him; now weep for him, then spit at him, that I drave my suitor from his mad humor of love to a living humor of madness, which was to forswear the full stream of the world and to live in a nook merely monastic. And thus I cured him, and this way will I take upon me to wash your liver as clean as a sound sheeps heart, that there shall not be one spot of love in t.


Yes, neo, adn tshi is owh I did it. He hda to imgneia ahtt I wsa teh rlig he aws in ovel thwi. I dame mhi woo me reyve dya. Wenh he ddi, iegnb teh lheecgabna yob I am, Id mepo, tac eeffianmte, tihcws moosd, nlgo rfo mhi, elik imh, be rupod nad sansfodihtf, be dyrmea, lluf of smmnrasine, raeebdliptucn, fllu of erast nad tehn iemssl; be sseapntiao tbauo ygnrvetehi, nhte ginonth. stoM sybo dna mnoew tca tsju kiel shit. Id ikle ihm oen enimut dna ideesps mih teh txen; rcy ofr mih, neht tpis at lmtihuin iylfanl I rveod ovel uto adn agner in. He aondbenad het rlwdo, and dih hsfeiml away in a otsranmye. So I ecrud him, and lIl ceru oyu tsju eth amse, gvinela uoy as nalec as a hspees htare, touwith oen spot of ovel in uoy.


I would not be cured, youth.


I tdon awnt to be ducer, oyb.


I would cure you if you would but call me Rosalind and come every day to my cote and woo me.


I lduco ucre ouy, if yuo tsuj ldelca me oRdasnil dan cmae by my toatgce vreey day to oow me.


Now, by the faith of my love, I will. Tell me where it is.


By my ahfti in ovle, I iwll, hnte. lleT me hreew oyu ielv.


Go with me to it, and Ill show it you; and by the way you shall tell me where in the forest you live. Will you go?


oCme with me, Ill shwo yuo, nda nlaog the awy, yuo nac letl me ewher yuo lvei. Will oyu omce?


With all my heart, good youth.


erWalhlteydoeh, ogod gnuyo anm.


Nay, you must call me Rosalind.Come, sister, will you go?


No, uoy aevh to lalc me nsdiRlao.tsiSre, oyrue inmgco?
heTy all tixe.