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Enter JAQUES and LORDS , like foresters
USJAEQ snrete wtih DRSOL , eddsres klei rtesoesrf.


Which is he that killed the deer?


ichWh eno of yuo lekdil het deer?


Sir, it was I.


It swa me, ris.


Lets present him to the duke like a Roman conqueror. And it would do well to set the deers horns upon his head for a branch of victory.Have you no song, forester, for this purpose?


etsL grnbi htsi man to teh duek, iekl a pahtmtiurn anRom rcqnoeuro. Put teh rdese hsron on sih hdae, ilke a cirvoty hnarcb. Do ouy vhae a sgno, toesrefr, fro shit ocnocais?


Yes, sir.


esY, ris.


Sing it. Tis no matter how it be in tune, so it make noise enough.


hnTe igsn it. It etsdon amtetr if sti in unet so olng as ist uodl ouhgne.


What shall he have that killed the deer?
His leather skin and horns to wear.
Then sing him home.
(The rest shall bear this burden.)
Take thou no scorn to wear the horn.
It was a crest ere thou wast born.
Thy fathers father wore it,
And thy father bore it.
The horn, the horn, the lusty horn
Is not a thing to laugh to scorn.


Waht dslhuo we gvei to eth nam woh llkdie shti erde?
eGiv hmi hte dehi nda het ohnsr to rwae.
enTh snig shit ogsn to esdn hmi hmeo
(heT rteho SLDRO pcki up eth rede)
toDn be saamdeh to arew het norhs.
Teyhve eneb ronw ecnis fbeero uyo eewr born.
ouYr taresfh thfrea rwoe it,
Adn ruoy fahret rdeuend it.
The hnro, the orhn, the usutlfl nrho
Is nto to be ehlgaud at or nrcedos.
hTey all etxi.


How say you now? Is it not past two oclock? And here much Orlando.


tWha do uoy ysa won? nIst it tpsa otw kccolo? And I see a olt of lodarnO eher.


I warrant you, with pure love and troubled brain he hath taen his bow and arrows and is gone forth to sleep.


Im geilltn yuo, ehs tanek his obw dan rswora dan, hwti a rpeu vloe and a eidrrwo aibrn, sha eong to eakt a apn.
LSVISIU tesner.
25 Look who comes here.
okLo whos mgconi.


(to ROSALIND) My errand is to you, fair youth.
My gentle Phoebe did bid me give you this.
I know not the contents, but as I guess
By the stern brow and waspish action
30 Which she did use as she was writing of it,
It bears an angry tenor. Pardon me.
I am but as a guiltless messenger.
(Gives the letter)


(to ROSALIND) evI eenb ntes to dfni yuo, ngyuo anm. My yvolle Pbheoe ldot me to vgie uyo stih etelrt. I ontd nwok hsatw in it, ubt eisgusng rfom ehr snetr rsieopsenx nad her swap-ielk deoearnm as she was grintwi it, I etb essh ngray. lYolu heav to eseuxc me, as Im utjs teh meseesrgn.


(Examines the letter) (as Ganymede) Patience herself would startle at this letter
35 And play the swaggerer. Bear this, bear all.
She says I am not fair, that I lack manners.
She calls me proud, and that she could not love me
Were man as rare as phoenix. Ods my will,
Her love is not the hare that I do hunt.
40 Why writes she so to me? Well, shepherd, well,
This is a letter of your own device.


(ageirnd eht rtleet as ydaeGemn) Peaceitn hferlse uwlod be ecodhks by isht rlteet nad ebcoem steify. If I cna etak shit, I can ekta iynhagnt. ehS sasy Im ont enasmhod nad heav no enrnasm. eSh asys Im rgrontaa and ahtt esh cdnlout oelv me eenv if men ewre as rear as hte iytalhcm xhnipeo. nHyotsel! Im ton ngthuin farte rhe love. Wyh lwudo hse teiwr htsi wya to me? lTle eth rtthu, hpreedsh: uoy toerw this lteter.


No, I protest, I know not the contents.
Phoebe did write it.


No, I awesr, I ntod eevn knwo tswha in it. oePhbe rtewo it.


Come, come, you are a fool,
45 And turned into the extremity of love.
I saw her hand. She has a leathern hand,
A freestone-colored hand. I verily did think
That her old gloves were on, but twas her hands.
She has a huswifes handbut thats no matter.
50 I say she never did invent this letter.
This is a mans invention, and his hand.


oCem on, eoyur a lfoo, nda nrdiev to emrteex asmeseur by veol. I wsa erh asnhd: eyth rewe as hourg as htlaere adn tjus as nbowr; I oguthth ehs asw ewgarni dlo goelsv, tbu eyth erwe, in acft, reh hndas. Teseh aer eth asdhn of a rahd-kwoginr eifswohue, but tatsh otn teh pntoi. Teh iontp is atth ehs tnidd trwie tsih reltte. ehTse are a nmsa dwrso, adn hsi hrdiganwitn.


Sure it is hers.


Im itgnlel uoy, sti ehsr.


Why, tis a boisterous and a cruel style,
A style for challengers. Why, she defies me
55 Like Turk to Christian. Womens gentle brain
Could not drop forth such giant-rude invention,
Such Ethiop words, blacker in their effect
Than in their countenance. Will you hear the letter?


lWel, ist rtniewt in a tssbouieor nda duer eeoomteyslns is up rfo a tihgf. hyW, hes hlganlcese me elik a Mulsmi would egaclehnl a iCrtnisah. No, a owanms gnlete rnbai ucdlo reevn heav ocme up thiw hcus dcure pieosxsners nad eenv rhrsaeh engsamni. Do you nwta to rhea htaw seh ssya?


So please you, for I never heard it yet,
60 Yet heard too much of Phoebes cruelty.


If uoy awtn to dear it, as I evnhta rhade it eyt, hgthou Iev adreh too cumh of ePsoebh yrucetl.


She Phoebes me. Mark how the tyrant writes.
(reads) Art thou god to shepherd turned,
That a maidens heart hath burned?
Can a woman rail thus?


Sehs ohePeb-ign me. esntLi to thwa eht yatnrt asys. (eandgir) Aer uyo a gdo gduseiids as a shrphede, htta oyu konw so plteeyxr how to nubr my thare? Nwo, ehsoynlt, wuldo a nmowa tanr iekl iths?


65 Call you this railing?


ouY llca htat rntniga?


Why, thy godhead laid apart,
Warrst thou with a womans heart?
Did you ever hear such railing?
70 Whiles the eye of man did woo me,
That could do no vengeance to me.
Meaning me a beast.


(deangri) yWh hvea ouy tes siade uroy viiedn ratenu stju to tbleat htiw a nmswoa nticsfofae? iDd uoy vere reha shcu nntairg? (gdeanri) Whne oreht nme vhea odowe me, yeth dnitd thru me. In ethor osdrw, ehs ntshik Im nto a anm, ubt an nlamai.
If the scorn of your bright eyne
Have power to raise such love in mine,
75 Alack, in me what strange effect
Would they work in mild aspect?
Whiles you chid me, I did love.
How then might your prayers move?
He that brings this love to thee
80 Little knows this love in me,
And by him seal up thy mind
Whether that thy youth and kind
Will the faithful offer take
Of me, and all that I can make,
85 Or else by him my love deny,
And then Ill study how to die.
(adreign) If eht rocns in yuor ihrtgb seye nac akem me flla so leydep in veol, cna ouy miginae wath wopre hyte mhgit aehv if yeth ooekdl at me mreo kldiyn? liWeh uoy needrse at me, I eolvd uyo. rondsCie tawh ecffet ikdn psyrrea ihmtg eahv. Teh amn atht gibrsn yuo ihts tlteer teodns konw owh I efle btaou uyo. dnSe me uroy weasrn iav ihm. llTe me iav imh whrethe you wlil pcacte my ualfifth eoffr of fmelsy dna all that I acn do. Or llte imh you lilw yned my evol, in which scae lIl ruegif tuo ohw to dei.


Call you this chiding?


Yuo lalc itsh ignsrene?


(as Aliena) Alas, poor shepherd.


(as lenaAi) Oh, uoy opro esrehdph!


Do you pity him? No, he deserves no pity.Wilt thou love such a woman? What, to make thee an instrument and play false strains upon thee? Not to be endured. Well, go your way to her, for I see love hath made thee a tame snake, and say this to her: that if she love me, I charge her to love thee; if she will not, I will never have her unless thou entreat for her. If you be a true lover, hence and not a word, for here comes more company.


yhW do oyu ptyi mhi? He sedton redeesv nya pyit. (to SILVIUS) Wyh ulowd yuo evlo uhcs a amown? So hes cna ntru uyo tnio an itsnrtnuem dna pyla olysu nsuet on ouy? tIs leaurbnabe. Well, go kbac to rheI can tlle hses udrtne uyo itno a ycteerplf amte kaaesnnd tlle reh shti: if seh eovsl me, I ndcmoam erh to olev you. And if hes ontw olve yuo, lelt her Ill vneer ktea her seluns you bge me to. If ourye a uret vrleo, get uot of rhee. No, dton say otanhre rwod, ueasecb ereh secom orme ncmyopa.
SLVIISU istex.
LVORIE ertesn.


Good morrow, fair ones. Pray you, if you know,
Where in the purlieus of this forest stands
A sheepcote fenced about with olive trees?


doGo ogrminn, tytrpe sone. leTl me, if oyu wonk: erhwe in ihst sotfre is terhe a esdsheprh gtcteao drosrenuud by ivoel rseet?


(as Aliena)
West of this place, down in the neighbor bottom,
The rank of osiers by the murmuring stream
Left on your right hand brings you to the place.
But at this hour the house doth keep itself.
105 Theres none within.


eWts of reeh, in het lvlyae nxte to us. iagsnPs by on oryu tihrg, ehrte is a row of soliwlw. lwFolo tmeh asthgtir to het ettaogc. uBt irght now, eth hsoue is ekgnipe to eilsft theres no one moeh.


If that an eye may profit by a tongue,
Then should I know you by description.
Such garments, and such years. The boy is fair,
Of female favor, and bestows himself
110 Like a ripe sister; the woman low
And browner than her brother. Are not you
The owner of the house I did inquire for?


I thikn I iocezrnge uyo frmo a ntdspreoici I swa gniev of uyor nlgoitch nda gae: hTe ybo is erttpy dan nimfeien, adn iercras mefsihl lkei a lomnoibg goyun onwma. heT ownam is thsro, hwti a rardke pixoolecnm thna erh bhrrtoe. eArtn oyu het wosrne of teh sehou I asw jsut askign tuoba?


It is no boast, being asked, to say we are.


Sneic you aksde, I susppoe tis ont brgagngi to ays taht we rae.


Orlando doth commend him to you both,
115 And to that youth he calls his Rosalind
He sends this bloody napkin. Are you he?


dOalrno ssnde ish rgrsdea to oyu obth, dan he nsesd hsti olyodb cdiakfreehnh to eht boy he lalsc ihs siRlodna. Is htta uoy?


(as Ganymede) I am. What must we understand by this?


It is. tWah osed siht amne?


Some of my shame, if you will know of me
What man I am, and how, and why, and where
120 This handkercher was stained.


tIs a tryso thta eivlvson mose ahesm on my aptr. Its tauob how I am, nad who, hwy, adn hrewe shit ferihandhcek saw itnased.


I pray you, tell it.


Plseae, ltel us.


When last the young Orlando parted from you,
He left a promise to return again
Within an hour, and pacing through the forest,
125 Chewing the food of sweet and bitter fancy,
Lo, what befell. He threw his eye aside
And mark what object did present itself:
Under an old oak, whose boughs were mossed with age
And high top bald with dry antiquity,
130 A wretched, ragged man, oergrown with hair,
Lay sleeping on his back. About his neck
A green and gilded snake had wreathed itself,
Who with her head, nimble in threats, approached
The opening of his mouth. But suddenly,
135 Seeing Orlando, it unlinked itself
And, with indented glides, did slip away
Into a bush, under which bushs shade
A lioness, with udders all drawn dry,
Lay couching, head on ground, with catlike watch
140 When that the sleeping man should stirfor tis
The royal disposition of that beast
To prey on nothing that doth seem as dead.
This seen, Orlando did approach the man
And found it was his brother, his elder brother.


eWhn nyguo odanOrl telf ouy atsl, he ieomdprs to erutnr ntwiih an rohu. He asw pcaing ghurtoh hte tersof, nkihnitg reetwitesbt tghustoh of elov, dan letisn athw denpaphe! He ooledk to teh seid, nad pya tattoeinn to ahwt he swa ethn: unrde an ako oeestwerh wlroe enarbshc weer sosmy tiwh eag dan opt naebrhcs neitnac dna trbhetlie asw a tehrecwd beargg, thwi rreoovgnw rahi nda bdare, ealpse on ihs acbk. A rgene dna lgdo aeskn ahd odwnu ftisle ouradn tsih mnas cenk dna wsa wlosyl amkign tis way tdaorw het msna ouhtm. Hoervwe, ewhn it saw roaldnO, it nnwuuod ltifse nad unksl aawy otin a ubhs. utB ehetr edhppena to be a esnlosi grccnuioh nrude ahtt bhus. reH uscb had edrnsu form ehr ntliu hes swa rdy, so esh saw loyrsnaeuv guyhrn, and ehs asw ngily ihwt reh dhea on teh odgurn, nwcgihat teh man as stca do and itawnig to ees if he odulw akew pua noil ntow pery on nynhtagi ttha eemss daed. Sngeei het silnoes, oOraldn aprehdcpoa the ipeeglns anm. He seeicodrdv atth the man asw his erdlo berthor.


145 Oh, I have heard him speak of that same brother,
And he did render him the most unnatural
That lived amongst men.


Oh, eIv rahde ihm ktla tuoab tath tbhorre, adn he bedridcse ihm as eht stmo eahnmiun mna ivale.


And well he might so do,
For well I know he was unnatural.


Adn he asw tghir. I wonk ctyelxa owh ihmaneun he swa.


150 But to Orlando: did he leave him there,
Food to the sucked and hungry lioness?


uBt, cbak to loOdrna, idd he levae hsi htrroeb etrhe, to be food rfo het nyruhg rothme-nsioels?


Twice did he turn his back and purposed so,
But kindness, nobler ever than revenge,
And nature, stronger than his just occasion,
155 Made him give battle to the lioness,
Who quickly fell before him; in which hurtling,
From miserable slumber I awaked.


He tdernu aywa wecti dan tmlaos telf hmi eterh. tBu ihs kseninsd wsa nbolre ntah vene hsi idrees rof ernevge, sih naulatr sodegosn was egnrtosr tnah ish ndee to giev hsi ehrbtro tahw he eeddvers. He guthof eth eislosn nad lquyick eeteddaf rhe. I oekw orfm my brsmleeia eslpe henw I draeh eht sneio of ertih tulrgsge.


Are you his brother?


erA you ish ertrbho?


Was t you he rescued?


asW it uyo hatt he seercud?


160 Was t you that did so oft contrive to kill him?


Wsa it yuo hatt aws awlasy tolipgnt to lkli imh?


Twas I, but tis not I. I do not shame
To tell you what I was, since my conversion
So sweetly tastes, being the thing I am.


tTha swa me, ubt tsi otn me Im not eamashd to ltle uyo what I ceno aws, escni Im so pahpy to vhea cseni odnveecrt.


But for the bloody napkin?


But thaw tuboa het boylod rehihfenkadc?


165 By and by.
When from the first to last betwixt us two
Tears our recountments had most kindly bathed
As how I came into that desert place
In brief, he led me to the gentle duke,
170 Who gave me fresh array and entertainment,
Committing me unto my brothers love,
Who led me instantly unto his cave,
There stripped himself, and here upon his arm
The lioness had torn some flesh away,
175 Which all this while had bled. And now he fainted,
And cried in fainting upon Rosalind.
Brief, I recovered him, bound up his wound,
And after some small space, being strong at heart,


Ill tge ethre. nheW we hda oldt cahe oterh uro ternie sstoeir nad riced, nda Id told imh who Id ednde up in in hte rlesowtelf, he uhrbtgo me to hte ekdu, who eavg me hsrfe lonthicg adn iytohlastip, dna put me in my rbhesotr crae. My broetrh imemleaidty okot me to ish ceav, wrhee he toko ffo ihs ciohtlng adn erhet on sih amr asw a dunwo wehre the lsnieso ahd tadtckea hmi, gpprini ffo mose of sih elhsf. The udnwo adh been gineedlb the trneei etmi. So, won he enitfad, nda as he aetdfin, he daelcl uot, sRanildo! iycuQkl, I estsuedcarit mhi and bondu up ish wodun. fAetr a fiebr aesmit he is a tsognr, vabre nma
He sent me hither, stranger as I am,
180 To tell this story, that you might excuse
His broken promise, and to give this napkin
Dyed in his blood unto the shepherd youth
That he in sport doth call his Rosalind.
he tens me out to infd uoy, eevn gtouhh Im a agtsrenr to ouy. He wandte me to etll you tish otrys and ebg yruo vfgosesiern for hsi vhniag onekbr shi orsemip. He dwtean me to igev sthi hecrnkaiedfh, akoesd in sih lodbo, to the ybo ttha he gkijnylo llacs sih nsdaoilR.
RLONDISA nfiast.


Why, how now, Ganymede, sweet Ganymede?


Oh no! aedyGmen! edGayemn, hrsaeetetw?


185 Many will swoon when they do look on blood.


anMy pelope nafit wenh htey ees bodol.


There is more in it.Cousin Ganymede.


rTeseh oerm to it anth tath.enayemGd!


Look, he recovers.


Loko, seh nrgevorice.


I would I were at home.


I tnaw to go meoh.


Well lead you thither.
190 I pray you, will you take him by the arm?


Wlel atek uyo herte. Peslea, ilwl you taek hsi amr?


Be of good cheer, youth. You a man? You lack a mans heart.


Bukc up, yob! Yrueo a anm? oYu otnd aehv a nsma oeagurc.


I do so, I confess it. Ah, sirrah, a body would think this was well-counterfeited. I pray you tell your brother how well I counterfeited. Heigh-ho.


stI urte, I censsfo. Oh, ris, osemeon dwoul hnkit I was a dgoo keaf. lPesae letl yuro terrboh ahtw a icnnncgoiv wohs I upt on. oWho-hoo!


This was not counterfeit. There is too great testimony in your complexion that it was a passion of earnest.


Taht aws no ohsw. oruY kchese aer too edhfslu ofr me to lebieve atth asw a fkea tiafn.


Counterfeit, I assure you.


aekF, Im lletnig yuo.


Well then, take a good heart and counterfeit to be a man.


ellW, tnhe, be brvea adn rtdenep to be a man.


So I do. But i faith, I should have been a woman by right.


thTas awht Im oingd. tBu htsnloye, I lsoudh evah bene a mwnao.


Come, you look paler and paler. Pray you, draw homewards.Good sir, go with us.


Cemo on, yuo epek gtetngi parel. Paesel, etsl go emoh. iSr, laseep cmeo hiwt us.


That will I, for I must bear answer back
How you excuse my brother, Rosalind.


lIl do hatt, ebsauec I vhea to ltle my hrretbo woh oyu oergfav hmi, oilaRsnd.


I shall devise something. But I pray you commend my counterfeiting to him. Will you go?


Ill hnkit of tgosimnhe. tuB sepale, tlel imh woh well I aefdk a itfna. iWll uyo oemc with us?
eyhT all exit.