As You Like It

by: William Shakespeare

  Act 1 Scene 1

page Act 1 Scene 1 Page 7

Original Text

Modern Text


135I am heartily glad I came hither to you. If he come tomorrow, I’ll give him his payment. If ever he go alone again, I’ll never wrestle for prize more. And so God keep your Worship.


I’m very glad I came to see you. If he shows up tomorrow, I’ll give him what’s coming to him. If he can manage to walk after our fight, I’ll never wrestle for money again. Farewell, my lord.


Farewell, good Charles.


Take care, Charles.
CHARLES exits.
140Now will I stir this gamester. I hope I shall see an end of him, for my soul—yet I know not why—hates nothing more than he. Yet he’s gentle, never schooled and yet learned, full of noble device, of all sorts enchantingly beloved, and indeed so much in the heart of the world and especially of my own people, who best know him, that I am altogether misprized. But it shall not be so long; this wrestler shall clear all. Nothing remains but that I kindle the boy thither, which now I’ll go about.
Now it’s time to get this playboy brother of mine all worked up. I hope I’ll see the end of him soon—I don’t know why, but I hate nothing in the world as much as him, though he’s an upstanding guy. He’s never gone to school but he’s smart, with good values, and everyone is delighted by him and loves him, especially my subjects, who know him the best. They love him, and therefore they despise me. But not for long; Charles will take care of everything. All I have to do is get Orlando to fight, which I’ll do now.
He exits.