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As You Like It

William Shakespeare

  Act 4 Scene 1

page Act 4 Scene 1 Page 10

Original Text

Modern Text


No, that same wicked bastard of Venus that was begot of thought, conceived of spleen, and born of madness, that blind rascally boy that abuses everyone’s eyes because his own are out, let him be judge how deep I am in love. I’ll tell thee, Aliena, I cannot be out of the sight of Orlando. I’ll go find a shadow and sigh till he come.


Cupid—that blind bastard son of Venus, conceived from a thought and anger, born from insanity, that blind, naughty boy who makes everyone else go blind just because he can’t see himself—let Cupid judge how deep my love runs. I’m telling you, Aliena, I can’t stand being apart from Orlando. I’m going to find some shade and sigh until he returns.


And I’ll sleep.


And I’m going to sleep.
They exit.