As You Like It

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

100 (as Aliena)
West of this place, down in the neighbor bottom,
The rank of osiers by the murmuring stream
Left on your right hand brings you to the place.
But at this hour the house doth keep itself.
105There’s none within.
West of here, in the valley next to us. Passing by on your right, there is a row of willows. Follow them straight to the cottage. But right now, the house is keeping to itself— there’s no one home.
If that an eye may profit by a tongue,
Then should I know you by description.
Such garments, and such years. “The boy is fair,
Of female favor, and bestows himself
110Like a ripe sister; the woman low
And browner than her brother.” Are not you
The owner of the house I did inquire for?
I think I recognize you from a description I was given of your clothing and age: “The boy is pretty and feminine, and carries himself like a blooming young woman. The woman is short, with a darker complexion than her brother.” Aren’t you the owners of the house I was just asking about?
It is no boast, being asked, to say we are.
Since you asked, I suppose it’s not bragging to say that we are.
Orlando doth commend him to you both,
115And to that youth he calls his Rosalind
He sends this bloody napkin. Are you he?
Orlando sends his regards to you both, and he sends this bloody handkerchief to the boy he calls “his Rosalind.” Is that you?
(as Ganymede) I am. What must we understand by this?
It is. What does this mean?
Some of my shame, if you will know of me
What man I am, and how, and why, and where
120This handkercher was stained.
It’s a story that involves some shame on my part. It’s about who I am, and how, why, and where this handkerchief was stained.
I pray you, tell it.
Please, tell us.