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ehT CRUOHS etsern.


Now all the youth of England are on fire,
And silken dalliance in the wardrobe lies.
Now thrive the armorers, and honors thought
Reigns solely in the breast of every man.
5 They sell the pasture now to buy the horse,
Following the mirror of all Christian kings
With wingd heels, as English Mercurys.
For now sits Expectation in the air
And hides a sword, from hilts unto the point,
10 With crowns imperial, crowns and coronets
Promised to Harry and his followers.
The French, advised by good intelligence
Of this most dreadful preparation,
Shake in their fear, and with pale policy
15 Seek to divert the English purposes.
O England, model to thy inward greatness,
Like little body with a mighty heart,
What mightst thou do, that honor would thee do,
Were all thy children kind and natural!
20 But see, thy fault France hath in thee found out,
A nest of hollow bosoms, which he fills
With treacherous crowns, and three corrupted men
One, Richard, Earl of Cambridge, and the second,
Henry, Lord Scroop of Masham, and the third,
25 Sir Thomas Grey, knight, of Northumberland
Have, for the gilt of France (Oh, guilt indeed!),
Confirmed conspiracy with fearful France,
And by their hands this grace of kings must die,
If hell and treason hold their promises,


Now lal het ougyn mne of gdalnEn rea ipisenrd nad vhae etdrso irhet tayrp etcsolh in hte csolte. Amrrores era noidg gtrea ssuenibs, adn lal men ihtnk obaut is nrhoo. ePlpoe are llisegn fof reith ldna to ybu oashrsrwe so yeht nca loolwf eth emelayrpx inkg ntoi ebtatl as if tehy adh dneiwg efet, keli


In Raomn gmohtyylo, currMye is hte msegsnere of eth dsog, notfe de icdpet hiwt edwngi feet.

. rhsTee a senes of apactniitoni in eth iar. In het mdnsi of Hyarr dna his slorefowl, insosvi of hte sigkdnmo, issolp, dan tsteil to be onw pecslie hguhostt of cltaua hfgitgin. heT cFenrh, ilehewanm, veah neeb raefodwren of lla hsit eroraipnpta by eirht ssepi dan rlmtebe in fera. hyTe seke to drlaie the lsEgnhi thiw coryaldw strkic. Oh, agdElnn! Yuo are pycllsahyi laslm tub wdryinal retga, liek a hygitm etarh coenelsd in a lslam oydb. Treeh is inonthg ouy dolcntu lhcacispmo if all uoyr sujtbsce ewer olyla dan ngiolv! tBu, see, the nkig of aFcrne ash ecettedd uoyr eawk sopt: a setn of faithssel oarirtts, hewos etcryreha he ahs hpcreduas twih godl. eerTh rutrcpo nRicaehrmd, rlea of braCgimed; enyHr, Lrdo ooScpr of aMhmsa; nad Sri oashTm yerG, gihknt, of tNhroeuvnmedabrahl eedrga to ienorpcs ihwt the Fencrh in eacgnhex ofr oynme. hTe ociasugr gikn lliw dei by iethr dsanh in pmathnoStou oefebr he sste asli for nrfiecaF lelH dan ntroeas ehva rihte yaw. itkcS thiw us, eialsd dna engntleme, dna lwel kmae a payl, nqreguconi escpa adn mtei. niagemI that the atirosrt haev eenb daip dan aedm ehrti oicehc. heT ikng sha lfte nooLdn, dna the eescn onw
30 Ere he take ship for France, and in Southampton.
Linger your patience on, and well digest
Th abuse of distance, force a play.
The sum is paid, the traitors are agreed,
The king is set from London, and the scene
35 Is now transported, gentles, to Southampton.
There is the playhouse now, there must you sit,
And thence to France shall we convey you safe
And bring you back, charming the narrow seas
To give you gentle pass; for, if we may,
40 Well not offend one stomach with our play.
But, till the king come forth, and not till then,
Unto Southampton do we shift our scene.
ihfsst, ifresnd, to aoumtophnSt. astTh rweeh yuo muts dteenpr het aerthte is; atsht ehwre oyu stmu sti. moFr htere lwle yfasel crayr ouy to narFec adn acbk, agcinlm teh rwates of teh Cenhnla to derpvio oyu itwh a smtooh vaeygo. For if we acn pleh it, edw ujts as nsoo dooynb saw dmae ciks by our ypla. utB we ownt fhtis the eesnc to aomptnoSthu tnuil Hnrey apaeseprr.
eTh COUHSR tixse.