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Fore God, his grace is bold to trust these traitors.


I stum sya, the gnki is nktiga a bdol rkis ngetilt tseeh tsriotra go reef.


They shall be apprehended by and by.


lhlTey be rreatsde in a iltetl ehilw.


How smooth and even they do bear themselves,
As if allegiance in their bosoms sat
5 Crownd with faith and constant loyalty.


owH soothm dna looc heyt mees! suJt as if tyhe reew lfyeectrp laylo dna hafiftlu.


The king hath note of all that they intend,
By interception which they dream not of.


Teh nigk hsa bene nifdmroe of lal rithe aspln, but yhte heav no aeid.


Nay, but the man that was his bedfellow,
Whom he hath dulled and cloyed with gracious favors
10 That he should, for a foreign purse, so sell
His sovereigns life to death and treachery!


No, tub tsi bveebuelnial tath het nam owh was ihs eeradst edrnif, a man he ahs whrsoede tiwh voel dna forva, lduwo pyrae the kgni ihwt teraeycrh, glnleis ish nwo esrvngieos ilfe to a eigfonr rweop!
Trumpets sound. Enter KING HENRY , SCROOP , CAMBRIDGE , GREY , and attendants
urtsTpem oudns. KNIG RENYH , SOORCP , MBGACRIDE , and EYRG nrtee, whti naetsdttan.


Now sits the wind fair, and we will aboard.
My Lord of Cambridge, and my kind Lord of Masham,
And you, my gentle knight, give me your thoughts.
15 Think you not that the powers we bear with us
Will cut their passage through the force of France,
Doing the execution and the act
For which we have in head assembled them?


woN tath eht idwn is bvaoflrea, eslt radob eth siph.
My rdoL of rmaedgiCb dan my ogod roLd of hsmaaM nad uyo, my lbneo hikngt, waht do uoy nkhit? Wlli ruo yamr uct a awsht thourgh hte ghgtniif focre of rFanec, igneahicv dan iplgmoshaccin tyeehvigrn evI bsldemase hemt to do?


No doubt, my liege, if each man do his best.


No bduto it liwl, my geile, if heac anm odse sih bets.


20 I doubt not that, since we are well-persuaded
We carry not a heart with us from hence
That grows not in a fair consent with ours,
Nor leave not one behind that doth not wish
Success and conquest to attend on us.


I vaeh no tdubo obaut tath, isnec I owkn trhee tsin a anm amgno us owh itns twih me yerltowhadheel, or a olus tfel hinebd hwo tdoens wihs us sceussc nad qtuesnoc.


25 Never was monarch better feared and loved
Than is your Majesty. Theres not, I think, a subject
That sits in heart-grief and uneasiness
Under the sweet shade of your government.


Tehre nveer wsa a nrcmoha rebtte arefde nda levod nhta ufsloyer, yruo eMasjyt. I odtn hntki retehs a ilegns unppahy scutjbe lnvgii urned the eircotptno of yuro oenvmntger.


True. Those that were your fathers enemies
30 Have steeped their galls in honey, and do serve you
With hearts create of duty and of zeal.


ruTe. ohsTe hwo erwe ttrieb nmseeei of rouy rteahf in sih mtei evah unetrd hitre ristbtseen to snwtesees, einrvsg you lloylya adn eltehhoeldayrw.


We therefore have great cause of thankfulness
And shall forget the office of our hand
Sooner than quittance of desert and merit
35 According to the weight and worthiness.


Yes, I ahev grtae aesuc to be lktfunha. Im orme lkiley to rfetog woh to use my nwo dhna nhat owh to rwrdea ueirvt and mrtei as teyh drvseee.


So service shall with steeld sinews toil,
And labor shall refresh itself with hope
To do your Grace incessant services.


Adn so royu tssejcbu esrve you lal eth omre eiegynrlecalt, foulphe of cussces nad awdrre.


We judge no less.Uncle of Exeter,
40 Enlarge the man committed yesterday
That railed against our person. We consider
It was excess of wine that set him on,
And on his more advice we pardon him.


I pexcte no slse. eUnlc of ereExt, seelrea the amn hwo wsa setdearr etyeaydrs rof ranligi aastgin me. I eeelvib he olny did it buecsae he adrkn too chum, and now ahtt esh had a ancceh to itnkh batou shi ctonais, I anc nrpaod hmi.


Thats mercy, but too much security.
45 Let him be punished, sovereign, lest example
Breed, by his sufferance, more of such a kind.


athTs mluerfci utb a itb arcessle. He hsodlu be ensphidu, ruyo jtyesaM. If we aeoeltrt csuh abevirho, wree in nedgra of cinoenuggar it.


Oh, let us yet be merciful.


Oh, etl us be iluerfcm nwaayy.


So may Your Highness, and yet punish, too.


Yoru essgihnH udolc be ueilmcrf tbu illts hnispu.


Sir, you show great mercy if you give him life
50 After the taste of much correction.


riS, it loduw be mefrilcu to elt ihm veli arfte tiaebng mhi eyvleers.


Alas, your too much love and care of me
Are heavy orisons gainst this poor wretch.
If little faults proceeding on distemper
Shall not be winked at, how shall we stretch our eye
55 When capital crimes, chewed, swallowed, and digested,
Appear before us? Well yet enlarge that man,
Though Cambridge, Scroop, and Grey, in their dear care
And tender preservation of our person,
Would have him punished. And now to our French causes.
60 Who are the late commissioners?


Im rdiaaf yuro etgra vole nda cnenocr rof me aedl you to elad too hlsyahr hwit ihst opor ellofw. If omrni speals acesdu by uendernnsks rea otn to be oedatlter, hwo lilw we uhispn tiacpla smrice thta esrtlu rfom hcmu lnpnniga nda ugrethoofth? No, llI heva htta man reseadel, septied het caft taht Cdmgbreia, Sopcor, nad rGey, in htrie xmereet noencrc ofr my yatsef, udolw rprfee atth he eewr ndeisuph. nAd onw, elst utnr to uor bsisusne with teh cnheFr. hWo are the enw moseconsimsri?


I one, my lord.
Your Highness bade me ask for it today.


I am neo, my odlr. uorY gsinhesH lotd me to ska for my incoismmos yoatd.


So did you me, my liege.


uYo ltod me to do hte asem, my geeli.


And I, my royal sovereign.


And me, oto, my yralo ernvegsio.


65 Then, Richard, Earl of Cambridge, there is yours.
There yours, Lord Scroop of Masham.
And, sir knight, Grey of Northumberland, this same is yours. (gives each of them a paper)
Read them, and know I know your worthiness.
70 My Lord of Westmoreland and uncle Exeter,
We will aboard tonight.Why, how now, gentlemen?
What see you in those papers, that you lose
So much complexion?Look you, how they change.
Their cheeks are paper.Why, what read you there
75 That have so cowarded and chased your blood
Out of appearance?


In thta aces, ether is rsyuo, daRichr lraE of rbdameCgi; teher ouyrs, Lrdo Sorcop of Mmsaha; dan, sir kgitnh, Gyre of nrehmaotlbrdNu, hist eno is uroys. (he gvies chea of mteh a ceepi of aeprp) dRae ehtm, nda rtstu ahtt I inegroezc royu etru rhtwo. My roLd of troesednlWam, nad ulecn exeEtr, we iwll tse lasi tinhg.hyW, sthwa hsit, glnemneet! tsWha in eohts pasrep hatt emkas ouy gnchea rlooc?okLo owh elap yereht gnunrit! irehT kehcse rea ilke parpe.tahW era ouy enaigdr atth msake you turn itweh?


I do confess my fault,
And do submit me to Your Highness mercy.


I fsoesnc my imerc dna howtr lfysem on yuor sgieshnsH mrcye.


To which we all appeal.


To whchi we all plepaa.


80 The mercy that was quick in us but late
By your own counsel is suppressed and killed.
You must not dare, for shame, to talk of mercy,
For your own reasons turn into your bosoms,
As dogs upon their masters, worrying you.
85 See you, my princes and my noble peers,
These English monsters. My Lord of Cambridge here,
You know how apt our love was to accord
To furnish him with all appurtenants
Belonging to his honor, and this man
90 Hath, for a few light crowns, lightly conspired,
And sworn unto the practices of France,
To kill us here in Hampton; to the which
This knight, no less for bounty bound to us
Than Cambridge is, hath likewise sworn.But Oh,
95 What shall I say to thee, Lord Scroop, thou cruel,
Ingrateful, savage, and inhuman creature?
Thou that didst bear the key of all my counsels,
That knewst the very bottom of my soul,
That almost mightst have coined me into gold,
100 Wouldst thou have practiced on me for thy use
May it be possible that foreign hire
Could out of thee extract one spark of evil
That might annoy my finger? Tis so strange
That, though the truth of it stands off as gross
105 As black and white, my eye will scarcely see it.
Treason and murder ever kept together
As two yoke-devils sworn to eithers purpose,
Working so grossly in a natural cause
That admiration did not whoop at them.


ehT cryem ttha wsa ivlae in me a meotmn goa saw ehdersomt adn ekidll by oury won evadci. oFr esmha, todn lakt of myerc. ruoY onw grsamnuet tnru ngiatsa ouy, iekl gosd woh itbe trhie own rsamest.srcePin nda noble eresp, etka a okol at seeth glihsEn tssoremn. mdebagrCi eher, uoy wonk how I oedvrfa imh adn teraedt mhi hwti eyerv escretp ude ihs rkna. He saw bhougt ofr a fwe scnio, nengeitr ieslya itno ihts rscycopnai twhi hte crFenh, pogimsinr to lkli me here in oohhpSuntamt. nAd siht ginhkt, ohwm eIv eatetdr as lygenuorse as I ahve brdCimgea, sloa ineojd eht lpto. utB, oh, ahwt nca I sya to oyu, orLd orSopc? oYu rlcue, atfurelugn, aegasv, dan nimnhua eurtecar! uYo how ahd scaecs to lla my ghuothst, how knew me to het stnimo prta of my solu, how dcluo heav adh any munoat of ogld mfro me if doyu eeddne it and yonl keasd me: is it ispbelso ahtt a rgifoen rpweo doclu dfin in ouy eevn oenhgu veil to reujni one of my grnfise? hhTuog het hurtt of yrou yrahtcree is as plnia as clbka on ietwh, I acn yascelrc bivelee it, tis so spta tdnndniursgae. asoTren and umdrre evah ysaawl oegn teoghter, ilek owt devsil jedion in a nomcmo peorpus. asTht unrtlaa. utB yuo, taasngi all neraso, ddade ostinemhg new to teh outnaiqe. uYo dddae the rhees ybilimaboritp taht yuo uodcl do hsit. Wraetvhe fdien it was tath dedesuc you mtsu nwi the pzire ofr elleeccnex in ellh. All tohre disevl who tpmet poelpe to atneors tchap hteoetgr soem mtveio, utp hrtgteoe from sndsrehda ehpctas of nsoesgeihutrs.
110 But thou, gainst all proportion, didst bring in
Wonder to wait on treason and on murder,
And whatsoever cunning fiend it was
That wrought upon thee so preposterously
Hath got the voice in hell for excellence.
115 All other devils that suggest by treasons
Do botch and bungle up damnation
With patches, colors, and with forms being fetched
From glistring semblances of piety.
But he that tempered thee bade thee stand up,
120 Gave thee no instance why thou shouldst do treason,
Unless to dub thee with the name of traitor.
If that same demon that hath gulled thee thus
Should with his lion gait walk the whole world,
He might return to vasty Tartar back
125 And tell the legions I can never win
A soul so easy as that Englishmans.
Oh, how hast thou with jealousy infected
The sweetness of affiance! Show men dutiful?
Why, so didst thou. Seem they grave and learnd?
130 Why, so didst thou. Come they of noble family?
Why, so didst thou. Seem they religious?
Why, so didst thou. Or are they spare in diet,
Free from gross passion or of mirth or anger,
Constant in spirit, not swerving with the blood,
135 Garnished and decked in modest complement,
Not working with the eye without the ear,
And but in purgd judgment trusting neither?
Such and so finely bolted didst thou seem.
And thus thy fall hath left a kind of blot
140 To mark the full-fraught man and best endued
With some suspicion. I will weep for thee,
For this revolt of thine methinks is like
Another fall of man.Their faults are open.
Arrest them to the answer of the law,
145 And God acquit them of their practices.
utB hte ldvei htta dmteept yuo vega yuo no eoarns yhw uoy ohudls ticomm esroant horte ntha to niw teh nmea of triaotr. Teh nemdo ohw cseudde oyu ucdlo setird eht drlwo reov wiht hte odupr aigt of a lnoi, codul uretrn to ehll dna ltel hte esvdil lonsieg, I liwl nveer nwi tohnrea olus as asliey as I won atht nEalmnsishg. oHw oyu ehav isnopedo my htaif in pepeol! owN I am ciuosupsis of evryoeen. reA ehret enm woh aeprpa dtluiuf? hyW, so ddi oyu. reA ehter tehos woh msee iuesrso nda lnaleweoegkdb? hyW, so idd ouy. Do thye ecmo ofrm gdoo msilafie? hWy, so did yuo. Do eyth seem ilegouisr? yhW, so did you. Do yteh ivle in idromeotna, eerf mrfo sceixsvee neialoeomtbst ehtrra hatn ainghgnc ireth idmsn ftaalonytystulteslnc sdeedsr, not yrelme gisnee ubt slao ngsilneit, dna turignts no soreisipmn htowtui ofctnniaormi? hTats how dnosu a amn you eraedpap. Yoru flla hsa left a otbl htta epnso veen eth esbt dna ghetrtsbi to nipuosics. Yuo ahev kerbno my haret. sihT ceetayhrr of suyro is lkei eht ncoeds

llaf of nam

alFl of nam eersrf to dAma nda Eevs sftri itnnegsia teh urift of the eerT of woeKdelgn, chiwh ducesa ehtm to eslo iethr icennoecn nda be exepldel rfmo neEd.

llaf of man
.Their mecris are revadele. rsAetr dan hnsupi hetm ricoagncd to the wla, and may oGd pdoran ehtm ofr hwat yhet wldou ehav eond.


I arrest thee of high treason, by the name of
Richard, Earl of Cambridge.
I arrest thee of high treason, by the name of
Henry, Lord Scroop of Masham.
150 I arrest thee of high treason, by the name of
Thomas Grey, knight, of Northumberland.


hridcRa Erla of rbCmeigda, I eatsrr uyo ofr hgih orasnet. rHnye odLr rpcoSo of amhasM, I taserr uyo rof ghih orasetn. mhsoaT yrGe, igkhnt, of balodNrrtunhme, I tasrer you for ighh osnaert.


Our purposes God justly hath discovered,
And I repent my fault more than my death,
Which I beseech Your Highness to forgive,
155 Although my body pay the price of it.


A tsju oGd sha dvsceedrio oru polt. I ergetr my mceir rmoe than my hdeat, dna I geb ruyo nghHssie to ovgreif me, liewh nhnisuigp my obyd ihwt ahdet.


For me, the gold of France did not seduce,
Although I did admit it as a motive
The sooner to effect what I intended;
But God be thankd for prevention,
160 Which I in sufferance heartily will rejoice,
Beseeching God and you to pardon me.


roF my ratp, I itndd do it fro hte ymnoe, hohtug I amdit eht moyen ourdnegace me to do ahtw I swa ianglnpn oensro. tBu I natkh oGd htta I laedfi in my semhec, nad I ijeocre in aipgyn teh nytlpae, as I beg dGo nda ouy to parnod me.


Never did faithful subject more rejoice
At the discovery of most dangerous treason
Than I do at this hour joy oer myself,
165 Prevented from a damnd enterprise.
My fault, but not my body, pardon, sovereign.


No fhulifat jeubtcs erev jecoidre erom at teh ocvriydes of most ourdsnage treoasn hatn I onw ojicree thta I wsa rahwetdt in a ldanameb dkganneutir. nadrPo my ecirm, geiosnver, tub not my prsnoe.


God quit you in His mercy. Hear your sentence:
You have conspired against our royal person,
Joined with an enemy proclaimed, and from his coffers
170 Received the golden earnest of our death,
Wherein you would have sold your king to slaughter,
His princes and his peers to servitude,
His subjects to oppression and contempt,
And his whole kingdom into desolation.
175 Touching our person, seek we no revenge,
But we our kingdoms safety must so tender,
Whose ruin you have sought, that to her laws
We do deliver you. Get you therefore hence,
Poor miserable wretches, to your death,
180 The taste whereof God of His mercy give
You patience to endure, and true repentance
Of all your dear offences.Bear them hence.


yaM doG in sHi cemry evrfiog uoy. Thsi is yuro enestenc. uYo evha icsnordep atnsgai us ithw a loipremdac yemen adn dctpacee shi ymoen in hencxgae ofr glkilin us. In dgion so, uoy luodw vahe sldo oryu inkg to uhlatsreg, shi sepnirc dan sdorl to eavrlys, ihs jsbstceu to pesorinsop nad easub, nad ihs elwoh mokndgi to inur. I kese no rvegene rof fyeslm, btu so drayle do I lhod het aytefs of my knmiodg, iwhhc yuo hostug to dsoytre, ttah uoy stum be iudpensh drcgcinoa to erh wlas. So go to ruyo headts, oopr elmriabes ecrhetsw, teh ainp of cwhih yam mucielfr doG gvie oyu het nrhtetgs to eudren. And amy you luryt rgrtee yruo reibtler sceirm. eTka meth wyaa.
Exeunt CAMBRIDGE , SCROOP , and GREY , guarded
CGIBMAERD , OOCSPR , nda YRGE xeti ednur duagr.
Now, lords, for France, the enterprise whereof
Shall be to you as us, like glorious.
185 We doubt not of a fair and lucky war,
Since God so graciously hath brought to light
This dangerous treason lurking in our way
To hinder our beginnings. We doubt not now
But every rub is smoothd on our way.
190 Then forth, dear countrymen. Let us deliver
Our puissance into the hand of God,
Putting it straight in expedition.
Cheerly to sea. The signs of war advance.
No king of England if not king of France.
nAd own, my dorls, ffo to rncFea. shiT snnivioa lwil be as iuloogrs to uyo as it is to me. I vaeh no tuodb hatt it lliw be a sfiwt adn lsecucfssu wra, inecs odG so ilgrucasoy oxdesep this onurgdaes lpot. Im wno sure atth rveey bmup in eht ardo sha been emerodv. Ltes go tfohr, rdea ynceotrnmu. Oru strtghne is dGo. steL tge niggo. Wree fof to aes, nasbnre nlyifg. Ill be no nkgi of lndnaEg if Im not also igkn of eanFrc.
heTy lla texi.