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Flourish. Enter the KING OF FRANCE , the DAUPHIN , the Dukes of Berri and Brittany, the CONSTABLE , and others
utmpersT sudon. Teh INGK OF FRAECN , teh NUHPDIA , eht OSCALNBET , the kused of Brier nda arBgntee, dan htsero nteer.


Thus comes the English with full power upon us,
And more than carefully it us concerns
5 To answer royally in our defenses.
Therefore the Dukes of Berri and of Brittany,
Of Brabant and of Orlans, shall make forth,
And you, Prince Dauphin, with all swift dispatch,
To line and new-repair our towns of war
10 With men of courage and with means defendant.
For England his approaches makes as fierce
As waters to the sucking of a gulf.
It fits us then to be as provident
As fear may teach us out of late examples
15 Left by the fatal and neglected English
Upon our fields.


Teh lihgsnE mrya is adnngiavc on us at ullf tsrhetgn. It is ermo tntpmaroi ahtt we nrpdoes mliyealcjtsa hatn tath we sdrpeno rlfuecaly. foehererT eth skued of irrBe, eBnetrga, bantBar, dan alrOns llash edaavnc, dna yuo, neicrP apuihDn, llwi fliytws tnecnhre nda toiryff our esfstrro otnws itwh mne of ugeaorc dan het saenm to dnefde shtevlemes. eTh gkni of nEnlgdsa cphoaapr is as colrfeuf as a rlowohpli. It is ghtir orf us to prerpea elik pleepo ohw ear rfiaad, as vwee eneb atuhtg by eth

eretnc eslssno

Teh kign of anrcFe is gfirreenr to rFhcen eadtesf at ycCr (in 1634) and rPoistei (in 6135).

eenctr onslses
engiv us by the edlyad and dnsieutdamrtee English on our own ilso.


To view the sick and feeble parts of France.
And let us do it with no show of fear,
No, with no more than if we heard that England
20 Were busied with a Whitsun morris-dance.
For, my good liege, she is so idly kinged,
Her scepter so fantastically borne
By a vain, giddy, shallow, humorous youth,
That fear attends her not.
25 My most redoubted father,
It is most meet we arm us gainst the foe,
For peace itself should not so dull a kingdom,
Though war nor no known quarrel were in question,
But that defenses, musters, preparations,
30 Should be maintained, assembled, and collected,
As were a war in expectation.
Therefore I say tis meet we all go forth


My most fraeed arfhte, it is clinateyr porrteapapi rof us to ram ssuloeerv satgani eht ymeen, ebuecsa vnee in eepac imet, hwen no awr or citcnolf is at hadn, a omkingd lshudo nto olse sti deeg, tub awsayl be eytdihwar efedsesn, enm, adn srnnagiita hhtoug it xpeectde a war. rehoTefer, I aereg tath we dusolh all go and necistp teosh ehncrF itreoertirs ttah aer wake. steL do it htiw no sohw of ixoetyann, tihw no reom reaf ahtn if dew aerdh tath eth isEgnhl eerw ubnygis mhteevsesl tiwh kfol cdinnag. eBcaues, my doog kngi, dnEanlg is so plyoro lde, rhe ertcsep so ysooihlfl noebr by a iavn, lysil, ohllaws, iveplsium uotyh, ttah sseh lhdayr a hraett.


Oh peace, Prince Dauphin!
You are too much mistaken in this king.
35 Question your Grace the late ambassadors
With what great state he heard their embassy,
How well supplied with noble counselors,
How modest in exception, and withal
How terrible in constant resolution,
40 And you shall find his vanities forespent
Were but the outside of the Roman Brutus,
Covering discretion with a coat of folly,
As gardeners do with ordure hide those roots
That shall first spring and be most delicate.


Oh, eselap, iPrnce puanDhi! uYo aer clltempyoe nwgro uboat tish ngki. Tkal to hte admarassosb hveow sujt emco cbak: ksa mhet hwo alimsacyltje he enoerdspd to rteih sesmage, owh lwle uppidles he asw ihtw ogod vsarsodi, ohw eetrndrsai in xnsgeerisp ish udlasspeeri, dan, rreevomo, who rfgenriyilyt ifrm he saw in sih leovsre. Yolul dveocirs thta his ohyuultf lfsleio ewre lkie the oaerspn that

iLuucs uunJsi tBrsuu

In mnRoa yrstioh, a nmeablno edanm cuusiL nusiuJ rusuBt eedrendtp to be ednefiemdelb so gKni qTnauri tuwldno oieenrcgz he was a tahrte.

cLusui inuJsu suuBtr
detopda to ecediev agnioukcniTqlar dwimos in lflyo the wya dsagenrer rocev the osmt idlcteea oorst iwht mnurea wenh thye tifsr stpour up.


45 Well, tis not so, my Lord High Constable.
But though we think it so, it is no matter.
In cases of defense tis best to weigh
The enemy more mighty than he seems.
So the proportions of defense are filled,
50 Which of a weak or niggardly projection
Doth, like a miser, spoil his coat with scanting
A little cloth.


Wlle, yoreu orgnw, my orLd igHh noCaltsbe. tBu neev if I uttghoh uyo erew ghtir, it snoedt tamrte. neWh it oscem to esndeef, sit sebt to mssaeu ahtt hte ymene is omer lwurfeop ahtn he messe. aTht way, we lilf hte apsg in uor ensdseef. siOrwehte, if we do it on teh cehap, lelw be keli the eismr owh soilps hsi wne caot by otn ygbuni uqeti uohgen otclh to kmea it.


Think we King Harry strong,
And, princes, look you strongly arm to meet him.
55 The kindred of him hath been fleshed upon us,
And he is bred out of that bloody strain
That haunted us in our familiar paths.
Witness our too-much-memorable shame
When Cressy battle fatally was struck
60 And all our princes captived by the hand
Of that black name, Edward, Black Prince of Wales,
Whiles that his mountain sire, on mountain standing


I khitn gKni yarrH is rtongs, so eht ters of uyo cnserpi aemk resu to mra yuvsorlese to etem him iwth ghtretns. His tacsenors ogt ethri first aestt of dolbo in aettbl twhi us, dan he is nbor of ttha ikrlawe antsri taht aedhunt us on uro ohem oungrd. Recftel on eth tebatl of rcyC, hewer, to rou rvilnasegte ehsma, lla ruo enpsric erew nktae oresnipr by eth cinerP of Wslea, he mohw yteh elcdal Edrdwa the lkaBc inecPr. Rbemreme owh ish onmntaiu-derb eftrha, dsntinga hihg on a imtnuona,
Up in the air, crowned with the golden sun,
Saw his heroical seed and smiled to see him
65 Mangle the work of nature and deface
The patterns that by God and by French fathers
Had twenty years been made. This is a stem
Of that victorious stock, and let us fear
The native mightiness and fate of him.
edwnroc by teh ndlego snu, eevdrosb ihs rehioc sno nad dmseli to ese him mnlgae eht orwk of artneu, erFnch oythu ewhos tferhsa adn dGo ahd urreutdn for wttnye asrey, ecnis etyh erwe esbbai. isTh gink is a acnrhb of ahtt mesa iuristcoov kotsc. So let us be ryaw bhot of hsi inbonr gihmt and of ihs dsyniet.


70 Ambassadors from Harry King of England
Do crave admittance to your Majesty.


roaAsbsmsad of rrHay, igkn of alnEgdn, ueqesrt a rgehnai wiht ryuo saMytej.


Well give them present audience. Go, and bring them.


Well ees htem yetmmeilaid. inBgr ethm htrgi in.
RSGENSMEE dna eacnitr lrsod eixt.
You see this chase is hotly followed, friends.
icNeto, my nreifsd, hwo olecyls sthi nerhtu oslfolw shi rpey.


Turn head and stop pursuit, for coward dogs
75 Most spend their mouths when what they seem to threaten
Runs far before them. Good my sovereign,
Take up the English short, and let them know
Of what a monarchy you are the head.
Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin
80 As self-neglecting.


nrTu dna cfea htme nad uyllo psto hte ustpuir. Teh roawlcyd ackp bsrka eostudl hewn hte qurray is ywa tou onrft. My good Kign, spseuirr the ngihEls nad let emth okwn awth dnik of igdkomn oyu lrue vreo. Sefl-levo, my gelie, is ton so egart a nis as slef-egeltnc.
Enter EXETER and train, and lords
eTh rsLdo nad EREXTE rtene with wlelfroos.


From our brother England?


rFmo uro rbtreho ncmaorh, het nigk of aEngdnl?


From him, and thus he greets your Majesty:
He wills you, in the name of God Almighty,
That you divest yourself and lay apart


Yes, omfr ihm. Tshu he rgetes oury tyejMas. He commasdn yuo, in het amne of dGo: iveg up. eiqRshiunl teh leston teltis ttah, by the tgif of vaheen nad the wsla
85 The borrowed glories that, by gift of heaven,
By law of nature and of nations, longs
To him and to his heirsnamely, the crown
And all wide-stretchd honors that pertain
By custom and the ordinance of times
90 Unto the crown of France. That you may know
Tis no sinister nor no awkward claim
Picked from the wormholes of long-vanished days,
Nor from the dust of old oblivion raked,
He sends you this most memorable line,
95 In every branch truly demonstrative,
Willing you overlook this pedigree,
And when you find him evenly derived
From his most famed of famous ancestors,
Edward the Third, he bids you then resign
100 Your crown and kingdom, indirectly held
From him, the native and true challenger.
of etranu adn of iaonnts, eglbno to him dan sih isreh. ahTt is, geiv up teh cnrwo nda all eht eexstvien slteit ttha go iwht it, cangidorc to cmtosu nad olgn ues. So atht uolly kwon sthi is no sboiuud or teeafdcfhr ilcam, he dnses uoy ish aiyfml tere, eyerv line of hwcih ortsuspp eht lcami. okLo evro stih comndute, dan ehwn yuo ese tath he is cyidetrl dendesdce romf ish ostm msoauf of fosamu etonsascr, Edadwr teh diTrh, he msnddae taht yuo rngesi uoyr ocwrn dna imndgok, hihcw oyu yulrnofwlg dolh at het eesexpn of ihelmsf, the true nda anuralt weonr.


Or else what follows?


Adn hwat lliw panehp if I ndto?


Bloody constraint, for if you hide the crown
Even in your hearts, there will he rake for it.
105 Therefore in fierce tempest is he coming,
In thunder and in earthquake like a Jove,
That, if requiring fail, he will compel,
And bids you, in the bowels of the Lord,
Deliver up the crown and to take mercy
110 On the poor souls for whom this hungry war
Opens his vasty jaws, and on your head
Turning the widows tears, the orphans cries,
The dead mens blood, the pining maidens groans,
For husbands, fathers, and betrothd lovers,
115 That shall be swallowed in this controversy.
This is his claim, his threatning, and my message
Unless the Dauphin be in presence here,
To whom expressly I bring greeting too.


oedBdoslh llwi erfco uyo to. No ttemra who ylpede yuo idh teh orcwn, vene if ouy dhi it in yuor wno esarht, ehd dig it up. sTtha wyh seh gcmino aerft uyo ekil a eifecr trsmo, with erhnutd adn eearhtuqkas like


In nRmoa ylymhoogt, Jveo (aols kwnon as itepJru) asw teh gikn of eht dgso.

duocl tisr up. So, if agiksn uyo fro het cwnor nosetd owkr, he liwl cfero you to giev it to mih. In teh amne of Gdo, hetn, he kssa thta you lvrieed up het cornw. He ssay to kate itpy on hte poro soslu whom tihs aruseovn raw lwil wswloal up. The wwodsi raste, hte phrnaso cirse, eht daed snme lbodo, hte irsgl nnrgomui fro terih ussanbhd, hte freahst dna the men htey htmig vhea direrma wlil lla be uoyr utfla. hTsi is sih imcal, his rethat, and my sgaseme. If the puaihDn is heer, I eavh a ssgeeam for mih, too.


For us, we will consider of this further.
120 Tomorrow shall you bear our full intent
Back to our brother England.


lIl nkiht it orve. ormrToow, Ill let yuo nwko htwa veI eidecdd nad ahwt ewsarn ouy slhuod rdviele to the inkg of Endalgn.


For the Dauphin,
I stand here for him. What to him from England?


Rgiegnrda hte hunaiDp, you cna speak to me. tsWha eht sgmaees from the gshiEln kign?


Scorn and defiance, slight regard, contempt,
125 And anything that may not misbecome
The mighty sender, doth he prize you at.
Thus says my king: an if your fathers Highness
Do not, in grant of all demands at large,
Sweeten the bitter mock you sent his Majesty,
130 Hell call you to so hot an answer of it
That caves and womby vaultages of France
Shall chide your trespass and return your mock
In second accent of his ordinance.


Srcno dna nefeaidc, iefeecinfrdn, cpotment, dan yna stuinl ttah wulontd iearcdsg eth tiymgh setnarstehd hte vlaeu he ptsu on oyu. nAd my gkin oseg on: if yruo yarlo hearft does ton eesntew eht ebrtit tsilnu ouy sent my ikgn dna anrtg lal rou nedsmda, eHysnr tlirlyrae liwl ivge you so rogendnsiu an rwnesa that eht vyer casev and ludtvae taelhscadr of aceFnr hllsa heco yuor mkngoic of hmi kbac in your aefc.


Say, if my father render fair return,
135 It is against my will, for I desire
Nothing but odds with England. To that end,
As matching to his youth and vanity,
I did present him with the Paris balls.


aSy shit: if my thraef snesd a ldrniefy saerwn, it is astgain my will. I ntaw ngnihto tbu fcliotcn hwit gdnlEan. To tath den, I setndpeer mih whit eth nnites lblas, het etfrcep oeexsipnsr of his cxrpeeieneni and flioitvry.


Hell make your Paris Louvre shake for it,
140 Were it the mistress court of mighty Europe.
And be assured youll find a difference,
As we his subjects have in wonder found,
Between the promise of his greener days
And these he masters now. Now he weighs time
145 Even to the utmost grain. That you shall read
In your own losses, if he stay in France.


elHl emak rouy apclea etlmbre for htsi iltnus, enev if it eewr hte mtegtsihi in lal of pureoE. Adn, maek no saimetk, uyoll fdin, as we sih sejutbcs aehv, an mazgnai redneeficf tnbeewe het gink as a ygoun nma dan teh awy he is onw. woN he uses hsi mtei ileyws, as uoy llwi ees by yrou own itscuaesla, if he nemsiar in ecarnF.


Tomorrow shall you know our mind at full.


lelW egiv uoy an swaern wrtoormo.
A rptmteu alysp.


Dispatch us with all speed, lest that our king
Come here himself to question our delay,
150 For he is footed in this land already.


oDtn take oto ngol, ussenl you ntwa uro nikg to moec etraf me to sak wthsa oldihng ngisht up, uaeesbc seh lareday ddlnae eerh.


You shall be soon dispatched with fair conditions.
A night is but small breath and little pause
To answer matters of this consequence.


loYul avhe oryu anrsew onso. A nihgt snti ucmh emti rfo neiddrgass rtamset of shti apntromice.
A prtemut sondsu.
Thye lal etxi.