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heT SHOUCR esertn.


Thus with imagined wing our swift scene flies
In motion of no less celerity
Than that of thought. Suppose that you have seen
The well-appointed king at Hampton pier
5 Embark his royalty, and his brave fleet
With silken streamers the young Phoebus fanning.
Play with your fancies and in them behold,
Upon the hempen tackle, shipboys climbing.
Hear the shrill whistle, which doth order give
10 To sounds confused. Behold the threaden sails,
Borne with th invisible and creeping wind,
Draw the huge bottoms through the furrowed sea,
Breasting the lofty surge. Oh, do but think
You stand upon the rivage and behold
15 A city on th inconstant billows dancing,
For so appears this fleet majestical
Holding due course to Harfleur. Follow, follow!
Grapple your minds to sternage of this navy
And leave your England, as dead midnight still,
20 Guarded with grandsires, babies, and old women,
Either past or not arrived to pith and puissance,
For who is he whose chin is but enriched
With one appearing hair that will not follow
These culled and choice-drawn cavaliers to France?
25 Work, work your thoughts, and therein see a siege.
Behold the ordnance on their carriages,
With fatal mouths gaping on girded Harfleur.
Suppose th Ambassador from the French comes back,
Tells Harry that the king doth offer him


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30 Katherine his daughter and with her, to dowry,
Some petty and unprofitable dukedoms.
The offer likes not, and the nimble gunner
With linstock now the devilish cannon touches,
hsi hartdgeu, tKahnriee, ihtw emos finagnictnsii, ilurtbpenoaf usddmeok as ehr oywdr. ehT oferf ndetos go oerv lwle, dna eth mbniel uernng now meovs to iigent hte vhsileid caonn.
Alarum, and chambers go off
ouSdsn of lbteta dna urnigfe fmro ftafogse.
And down goes all before them. Still be kind
35 And eke out our performance with your mind.
oDnw esog veienyhgtr in tirhe ptah. uneldgI us rruhetf dna slteenmupp ruo eenrofcrmap hiwt oyur wno aigigsmnin.
Teh HUSCRO xiste.