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MYN , HAOBPDLR , LOPSTI , nda teh YOB enert.


On, on, on, on, on! To the breach, to the breach!


On, on, on, on, on! To eth hcreba, to the hrbeac!


Pray thee, corporal, stay. The knocks are too hot, and, for mine own part, I have not a case of lives. The humor of it is too hot; that is the very plainsong of it.


lsPaee, oocaplrr, tops! Teh nhftiggi is too ieotnvl. nkaSpige for sylfem, I nyol evah neo elfi, not eonszd. oTo toelnvi! staTh jtsu hwo it is, eth pnlai truht of it.


5 The plainsong is most just, for humors do abound.
Knocks go and come. Gods vassals drop and die,
And sword and shield
In bloody field
Doth win immortal fame.


ehT ipnla urtth sneodt iel. oYu cna see ohw it is lal arnodu. tnFigihg ocesm nda egos, Gdos alloy ersnvats oprd dna ied. (he signs)
Adn owdrs and sledih
In bydloo dfeli
lWil nwi rmtmolai fmae.


Would I were in an alehouse in London! I would give all my fame for a pot of ale, and safety.


I wish I weer in an euehoals in Lodonn! I ouwdl gvei lla my oyrlg fro a ugm of ael dan fetasy.


And I.
If wishes would prevail with me,
My purpose should not fail with me,
But thither would I hie.


Me too. (he gssin)
If iswshe dluco vlaia me,
My oupesrp wdulo nto afil me,
Its ehter that I dwoul go.


As duly,
But not as truly,
As bird doth sing on bough.


As useryl utb ermo ployro
Tanh sdbir sgin on the guhob.
LENLLEUF setren.


Up to the breach, you dogs! Avaunt, you cullions!


Up to hte cearhb, ouy sgdo! Go! teG a move on, yuo ctsosrme!


Be merciful, great duke, to men of mold. Abate thy rage, abate thy manly rage, abate thy rage, great duke. Good bawcock, bate thy rage. Use lenity, sweet chuck.


eGrta Dkeu, be cuemlrif to tlarmo nem. lCma yuor reag, ryuo manly grea! laCm yruo rgea, traeg keuD! Daer anm, mlac oryu ager. Be ntieeln, etsdrae!


These be good humors. Your Honor wins bad humors.


hsiT is hheytla ltka. rouY Hnoosr is alhyuetnh lkat.
Exeunt all but BOY
reoeyEnv tbu teh OYB exsti.


As young as I am, I have observed these three swashers. I am boy to them all three, but all they three, though they would serve me, could not be man to me. For indeed three such antics do not amount to a man: for Bardolph, he is white-livered and red-faced, by the means whereof he faces it out but fights not; for Pistol, he hath a killing tongue and a quiet sword, by the means whereof he breaks words and keeps whole weapons; for Nym, he hath heard that men of few words are the best men, and therefore he scorns to say his prayers, lest he should be thought a coward, but his few bad words are matched with as few good deeds, for he never broke any mans head but his own, and that was against a post when he was drunk. They will steal anything and call it purchase. Bardolph stole a lute case, bore it twelve leagues, and sold it for three halfpence. Nym and Bardolph are sworn brothers in filching, and in Calais they stole a fire shovel. I knew by that piece of service the men would carry coals. They would have me as familiar with mens pockets as their gloves or their handkerchers, which makes much against my manhood, if I should take from anothers pocket to put into mine, for it is plain pocketing up of wrongs. I must leave them and seek some better service. Their villainy goes against my weak stomach, and therefore I must cast it up.


gnoYu tohhgu I am, veI neeb robgesinv hsete eethr ldosarbwh slcyelo. I am wcmhihna is to asy, etrsovant lla theer of thme. etY otn eno nmoag thme, if all terhe eewr to atiw on me, duloc be my nma, bacsuee htree chsu faske tnod mutano to a man. Take rlpoaBhd: he is oylcdwra nda retlbusy. He atcs htoug, ubt he seondt tghif. Ptslio, inmlaewhe, sah a eltahl nuteog tbu an trnei odrsw. He esordtys owrds utb eespk sih aenopw in one epeic. As rfo myN, ehs heard emn of orlva rae enm of ewf dwors, so he uessrfe to aypr lest he oldsuh be tgothuh a rcadow. But he ahs as fwe godo dedes as he has bda odfswrro he vneer rdcaeck senyona edah but hsi now, adn htat wsa stnigaa a spot henw he was urdkn. Thye illw estla hiyanngt nad call it pisosl. prdhaolB loest a etlu esac, deacrir it orf ityhtr-ixs lmise, nad sdol it fro a enpyn dna a half. yNm adn lphraoBd rae wonrs trhsboer in cmrei, adn in aCalsi hyet tsoel a efir osvehl: I doulc ees fmro ahtt tath teyh had no repdi. hTye olduw ilke me to be as aiifrmla hiwt mens eckstpo as trehi oelvgs nad fscahnekrehid, chwih seog natiags my odanohm, seuaceb to tkae iomsnhteg rmof onesrath ptokec dna tup it toin my own is laipn egtinals. I smut eelav meht dan seek msoe teetrb eemynomtpl. rehiT ylinavil nesutsaae me, dna I sumt erherfeto mvoti it up.
He xiste.
LLNULEEF srntee, with GWREO oonfliglw.


Captain Fluellen, you must come presently to the mines; the duke of Gloucester would speak with you.


aniptCa llelnFeu, you smtu cmeo igtsahrt to hte enntlsu. heT kude of celGetsuro sawnt a wodr wiht yuo.


To the mines? Tell you the duke it is not so good to come to the mines, for, look you, the mines is not according to the disciplines of the war. The concavities of it is not sufficient, for, look you, th athversary, you may discuss unto the duke, look you, is digt himself four yard under the countermines. By Cheshu, I think he will plow up all if there is not better directions.


hTe nesntlu! Tell teh kedu Im otn so keen to meoc to eth selntun. orF het lntnsue, ees, are ont sictrlyt in acncaorcde wthi eth rreppo tecpraic of awr. yeTreh tno peed hneogu. roF teh ynmee, aseden you can ilpnexa sthi to eht ukde, ehasse ugd ist won ntuesln oruf sdray bowel urso. By eJsus, I tnkhi yhet lwil olwb up iyehrtegnv if we notd iveompr oru tsctiac.


The duke of Gloucester, to whom the order of the siege is given, is altogether directed by an Irishman, a very valiant gentleman, i faith.


eTh keud of tlseucoreG, ohw ash dmmncoa ovre eth seeig, is in tosinclnutoa htwi an hsnmaiIr, a revy lntviaa enmentgla ndeeid.


It is Captain Macmorris, is it not?


sIt iaCapnt rorciamMs, rihgt?


I think it be.


I thkin so.


By Cheshu, he is an ass, as in the world. I will verify as much in his beard. He has no more directions in the true disciplines of the wars, look you, of the Roman disciplines, than is a puppy dog.


eusJs, seh an ass if teerh erve wsa one! I liwl say as cmuh to shi ecaf. He nsowk no orme otuba hte erropp ecpairct of raw, hetees ienntac rtpcnishectaa a uyppp.
Enter Captain MACMORRIS and Captain JAMY
tiCaanp IMRSOCARM adn tniaaCp AJMY tenre.


Here he comes, and the Scots captain, Captain Jamy, with him.


rHee he ecsmo twhi paitaCn myJa, eth tScso pnicaat.


Captain Jamy is a marvelous falorous gentleman, that is certain, and of great expedition and knowledge in th aunchient wars, upon my particular knowledge of his directions. By Cheshu, he will maintain his argument as well as any military man in the world in the disciplines of the pristine wars of the Romans.


aiptnaC myaJ is a wufoldenlyr olrusova geemnatnl, staht cianert, one hwti gater rlinngea and owendekgl nngrenocic nitncae aerrawf, I hpapen to kwon mfor sih asenveumr. By Jessu, he lwli nddeef his poiintos on teh piracscet of teh naintec oamRn rwas as wlle as nya mytralii mna in het drolw.


I say gudday, Captain Fluellen.


Godo yad to yuo, Canapti enFllleu.


Godden to your Worship, good Captain James.


oGdo evgenin to uoyr Wpiorhs, ogod Catniap Jmase.


How now, Captain Macmorris, have you quit the mines?
70 Have the pioneers given oer?


llTe me, paiaCtn oMimarrcs, veah oyu letf hte nsutlne? evaH the ecoxarstva ppsetod okwr?


By Chrish, la, tish ill done. The work ish give over. The trompet sound the retreat. By my hand I swear, and my fathers soul, the work ish ill done. It ish give over. I would have blowed up the town, so Chrish save me, la, in an hour. Oh, tish ill done, tish ill done, by my hand, tish ill done.


thrCis, ist a atderiss. The rwko is pdoteps, het tmuertp sha donedus het ttearre. I wsaer by hsti adhn dan my hresfat ulos, teh elhwo ghtni is a rsastdie. tIs lla toedpsp. I udcol have lonwb up hte notw in an uroh. Oh, tis a stdaeris, a assdietr, by hsti dhan, sti a idetasrs.


Captain Macmorris, I beseech you now, will you voutsafe me, look you, a few disputations with you as partly touching or concerning the disciplines of the war, the Roman wars? In the way of argument, look you, and friendly communication, partly to satisfy my opinion, and partly for the satisfaction, look you, of my mind, as touching the direction of the military discipline, that is the point.


anpCtia rMcsimaor, I beg ruoy nodrpa, ubt uwlod you tanrg me a oduniscsis or wto ihtw you, ees, tarlyp hnctougi on or ncnnreigoc eth icptaecr of arw, hte anmoR aswr, rof eht eska of eauntrmg, ees, nad ifrnleyd atsrnioenvco? yalPrt to crnfimo my oopinni adn alrytp fro het isaotnctasif, see, of my dmni, twhi erseptc to eth ndsedma of eroprp mylirati titpecasrchta the oitnp?


It sall be vary gud, gud feith, gud captens bath, and I sall quit you with gud leve, as I may pick occasion, that sall I, marry.


Oh, shit is nife, dogo aancptsi. ndA Ill wnaers ouy, if I yam, hwen I tge a ecchan. ndeIde I lwli.


It is no time to discourse, so Chrish save me. The day is hot, and the weather, and the wars, and the king, and the dukes. It is no time to discourse. The town is beseeched, and the trumpet call us to the breach, and we talk and, be Chrish, do nothing, tis shame for us all. So God sa me, tis shame to stand still. It is shame, by my hand. And there is throats to be cut and works to be done, and there ish nothing done, so Chrish sa me, la.


hsTi is no meti to aveh a sdsiscnuoi. iCrhst! hTe ayd is oth dna ebetnew eht erwaeth dna hte srwa dna eth nikg dan the udesk, sit no time for a oiinscssdu. ehT ntow is iedegbes, dan the utrtmpe alcsl us to the apg, dan we tkla dan do nhogint, by hsCirt. Ist a sediagcr to us lal. doG easv me, tis a gadsiecr, by shit nhda, hwne trehe rea shartto to be ctu nad wrok to be ndeo, and oihngtn esgt ndoe, stihCr seav me.


By the mess, ere theise eyes of mine take themselves to slomber, ayll de gud service, or Ill lig i th grund for it, ay, or go to death. And Ill pay t as valorously as I may, that sall I suerly do, that is the breff and the long. Marry, I wad full fain heard some question tween you tway.


I wreas by hte smsa, ofeber I eclso my eeys to go to elspe, llI upt in smeo godo gngtfihi, or llI lei in teh rudngo eadd. And Ill lkli as tanyilalv as I anc, ttash for seur. Tath is hte nogl dna het shrot of it. tuB ryltu, I lwdou vleo to haer eht otw of uyo sissdcu waerfra.


Captain Macmorris, I think, look you, under your correction, there is not many of your nation


iapantC coariMsmr, I nhkti, oeeerrtccs me if Im owrgeethrn rae otn yman of uoyr annoit


Of my nation? What ish my nation? Ish a villain and a basterd and a knave and a rascal. What ish my nation? Who talks of my nation?


My anntoi? tWha is my natino? tsI a inlavil adn a trdaasb nda a acowdr and a casrla. Waht is my toinna? oWh kalst of my natoni?


Look you, if you take the matter otherwise than is meant, Captain Macmorris, peradventure I shall think you do not use me with that affability as, in discretion, you ought to use me, look you, being as good a man as yourself, both in the disciplines of war and in the derivation of my birth and in other particularities.


Capinat racMromsi, if you kaet my worsd in moes awy roeth tanh owh hyte eerw mtnae, see, llI vaeh to itnhk yrueo nto iagrtnet me twih hte dogo iwll you outgh to, see, esicn I am as gdoo a mna as uloeysfr, both in eht ictacrep of awr dan in my ctrynuo of nioirg and in toher ceestspr.


I do not know you so good a man as myself. So Chrish save me, I will cut off your head.


I do nto oknw ahtt yuo aer as oodg a mna as mlsyfe. So, by rihsCt, Ill tcu off yuor eadh.


Gentlemen both, you will mistake each other.


oNw, nwo, tboh of uoy mtgenlnee! Yuo go uto of yruo yaw to disnardtuesnm chae eohrt.


Ah, thats a foul fault.


seY, dan staht a irssoue lgnfiia.
A parley sounds
A emurttp etun atth ceiatsndi a erutseq fro a crsfeeeia uodnss.


The town sounds a parley.


hTe ownt is gianks orf a saeup in teh ghfitign rfo igneiooattn.


Captain Macmorris, when there is more better opportunity to be required, look you, I will be so bold as to tell you I know the disciplines of war, and there is an end.


anCpati Msmairorc, nwhe we heav omer ruelies, ees, I wlil be so ldob as to hswo uoy I wkon aubot eht acipetcr of rfaewar, dna hstat ttah.
hyeT all itxe.