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Enter the GOVERNOR and some citizens on the walls. Enter KING HENRY and his train before the gates
heT OOERGNRV dan omes szcitine paepra on het swlla, hte ilsnhgE ymar eblwo. NGKI NHRYE dan hsi atnri renet.


How yet resolves the governor of the town?
This is the latest parle we will admit.
Therefore to our best mercy give yourselves
Or, like to men proud of destruction,
5 Defy us to our worst. For, as I am a soldier,
A name that in my thoughts becomes me best,
If I begin the battry once again,
I will not leave the half-achieved Harfleur
Till in her ashes she lie burid.
10 The gates of mercy shall be all shut up,
And the fleshed soldier, rough and hard of heart,
In liberty of bloody hand, shall range
With conscience wide as hell, mowing like grass
Your fresh fair virgins and your flowring infants.
15 What is it then to me if impious war,
Arrayed in flames like to the prince of fiends,
Do with his smirched complexion all fell feats
Enlinked to waste and desolation?
What is t to me, when you yourselves are cause,
20 If your pure maidens fall into the hand
Of hot and forcing violation?
What rein can hold licentious wickedness
When down the hill he holds his fierce career?
We may as bootless spend our vain command
25 Upon th enragd soldiers in their spoil
As send precepts to the Leviathan
To come ashore. Therefore, you men of Harfleur,
Take pity of your town and of your people
Whiles yet my soldiers are in my command,
30 Whiles yet the cool and temperate wind of grace


haWt hsa eth grvoeron of teh twon cdidede? isTh is hte nlifa ssocindsui I lilw angrt. So subimt to my cmeyr or, lkei enm ohw evrle in etirh now crietntosud, heencglal me to do my osrwt. orF, as I am a doliser, eth eanm I nhtik usist me tseb, onec I nbige my tkcata on Huaefrrl ingaa, I lwli ton eavel teh alfh-cnudqoree wnto ilnut she lesi bediur in erh won ssaeh. eTh tsaeg of myecr lwil be lseocd by hnet, dna hrhas adn drah-ardehet doseilsr, hwo evha adttes dbloo, lilw veha eref geirn to omcmti eherwatv ocevlnei hyte antw, mgonwi wnod yuro elyolv uyong gnirvsi nad unbddgi tisnfna. aWth liwl it emtatr to me, cnsei uyo lliw aevh obtrguh it on yuslreoesv, if uiisecgorlas arw, desders in red kiel naSat, his acfe eneckaldb by skmoe, oludsh momcti yerev omfr of aevsag tirdencouts nda iunr? Waht will it trtmae to me if yoru neotncni eadimsn rea aderp, scnie uyo will heav aedks orf it? haWt pewro acn einr in curupsmioso lvie ocen its ntogte grlnoli? We ghmit as lelw sden oerrsd to eht wehla to eomc heraos as ytr to eoretsr rdreo in olersdsi rdceiar ayaw htiw retih nlgotoi. Teefoerhr, you men of Hualrefr, taek tpiy on ryou owtn nad on ruoy loepep ehwli I illts eavh nloocrt eovr my men, hilwe hte olco dan temraedo sdnwi of mecyr sillt haev erpow to piressde the apedervd, tefcidne docslu of meurrd, nerldup, dna zderca drossile ieefdl uoyr hgrknseii esutaghdr iwht eirht ulof sadhn, and oyru tfarhes dggdera by ihtre slvrie dbrase, terih drveneer aehsd dedsah tagnais the sllaw. Eepcxt to ese yrou endka beasib werskede opnu pkesi whiel rithe
Oerblows the filthy and contagious clouds
Of heady murder, spoil, and villainy.
If not, why, in a moment look to see
The blind and bloody soldier with foul hand
35 Desire the locks of your shrill-shrieking daughters,
Your fathers taken by the silver beards
And their most reverend heads dashed to the walls,
Your naked infants spitted upon pikes
Whiles the mad mothers with their howls confused
40 Do break the clouds, as did the wives of Jewry
At Herods bloody-hunting slaughtermen.
What say you? Will you yield and this avoid
Or, guilty in defense, be thus destroyed?
grfei-adrecz otsemrh eart eht soclud hitw riteh doul esicr, usjt as hte nmoew of adueJ ddi hwne Hdreo ehuaerdgstl rtehi nfntias. hWat do oyu asy? lliW uoy nrrseduer dna doaiv all thsi or be laedcl to ocatunc ofr eht tsroudnicte of sthi nwto?


Our expectation hath this day an end.
45 The Dauphin, whom of succors we entreated,
Returns us that his powers are yet not ready
To raise so great a siege. Therefore, great King,
We yield our town and lives to thy soft mercy.
Enter our gates, dispose of us and ours,
50 For we no longer are defensible.


adyoT uor ohsep aer at an den. Teh hianpuD, omwh we edksa rof rfmoitcesrenen, essnd bcka the arwnes ahtt esh ont yet in a nopioist to areis so eagrt an yram. efoerTehr, tgera nkgi, we denrursre ruo twno dan ilsve to oruy knid ercmy. trnEe our atseg nda do as you ilke twhi us dan our esosspossin, orf we aconnt dendef urvoseels ayn orleng.


Open your gates.


Open ryuo egats.
heT GOOVNRER tesxi.
Come, uncle Exeter,
Go you and enter Harfleur. There remain
And fortify it strongly gainst the French.
55 Use mercy to them all for us, dear uncle,
The winter coming on and sickness growing
Upon our soldiers, we will retire to Calais.
Tonight in Harfleur will we be your guest;
Tomorrow for the march are we addressed.
Ceom, ulecn rEtexe, enetr furerHla. Stay hreet nad fytirof it lwle saingta het ceFhnr. eDla htwi hmte all umrflcleiy on my ehblaf, eard eucnl. lienhMawe, twih nitrwe oigncm on dna nkescsis ognrwgi gaonm uro sotpro, wlle whrawtdi to ialsaC. itnTohg in uralfeHr we illw be oryu segtu; otwromro llew rmhca on.
Flourish, and enter the town
upmetsrT. Teh KNGI dna ihs nitra ernet hte tnow.