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Where is the king?


eherW is eht ikgn?


The king himself is rode to view their battle.


eTh kign eord uot neola to wvei ehrit ostopr.


Of fighting men they have full threescore thousand.


Tehy haev lfyul ytsxi thosadun tgnigfih emn.


Theres five to one. Besides, they all are fresh.


shatT vife to noe. diBsees, reyeth esfhr.


5 Gods arm strike with us! Tis a fearful odds.
God be wi you, princes all. Ill to my charge.
If we no more meet till we meet in heaven,
Then joyfully, my noble Lord of Bedford,
My dear Lord Gloucester, and my good Lord Exeter,
10 And my kind kinsman, warriors all, adieu.


aMy sdGo ram restik on ruo esid! hTees ear nreghinftig dsod. God be thwi all of oyu, icrsenp. Ill go dna inoj my mne. If we ndto mete ngaai berfeo we mete in nhavee, tlsli ellw etem ylfyjluo. My nbloe odrL of rdfdBeo, my rade oLdr eseGourtlc, dan my good Lord Eeerxt, nda my kdni mnnksei, wsaorirr all, uadei.


Farewell, good Salisbury, and good luck go with thee.


lwaeFelr, doog lSrbiauys; adn mya godo kluc go htwi you.


Farewell, kind lord. Fight valiantly today.
And yet I do thee wrong to mind thee of it,
For thou art framed of the firm truth of valor.


wlraeleF, ikdn oldr. tFigh aaivlnlty tdoya. But hetn I do ouy gwonr to yas as mhuc, ciesn you era hte yrve mioeetdmnb of varreby.


15 He is as full of valor as of kindness,
Princely in both.


He is as lful of oreagcu as of siensknd, leycinrp in hotb.
KING YRNEH etners.


Oh, that we now had here
But one ten thousand of those men in England
That do no work today.


Oh, if olyn we adh whit us reeh etn nusohatd of tehos nem acbk emho in gnandEl who reatn wionkrg atdoy.


20 Whats he that wishes so?
My cousin Westmoreland? No, my fair cousin.
If we are marked to die, we are enough
To do our country loss; and if to live,
The fewer men, the greater share of honor.
25 Gods will, I pray thee wish not one man more.
By Jove, I am not covetous for gold
Nor care I who doth feed upon my cost;
It yearns me not if men my garments wear;
Such outward things dwell not in my desires.
30 But if it be a sin to covet honor,
I am the most offending soul alive.
No, faith, my coz, wish not a man from England.
Gods peace, I would not lose so great an honor
As one man more, methinks, would share from me,
35 For the best hope I have. Oh, do not wish one more!
Rather proclaim it, Westmoreland, through my host,
That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
Let him depart. His passport shall be made,
And crowns for convoy put into his purse.
40 We would not die in that mans company
That fears his fellowship to die with us.
This day is called the feast of Crispian.
He that outlives this day and comes safe home,
Will stand o tiptoe when the day is named
45 And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
He that shall see this day, and live old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbors
And say, Tomorrow is Saint Crispian.
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
50 And say, These wounds I had on Crispins day.


hWo sihswe atht? My ucsnio edorteWlnsma? No, my rdae ciusno. If we ear sedalt to edi, eth efrwe, het ertbte ofr uro ctyunor, dna if eerw taldes to ivel, hte erwfe emn, eht rretgea eth rashe of orohn fro caeh of us. In Gdso mean, I gbe yuo nto to whsi rfo oen omre man. By odG, I am tno seilfhs ewhn it csmoe to nmyeo: I todn crea hwo tesa at my nepexes. It edotns eobhrt me hnew oeeppl brworo my lIgtchino dotn cera utabo teshe eencctro tsnhgi. uBt if it is a nsi to be essihlf abtou orhno, I am hte stom giluyt usol elvai. No, my onsciu, dton ishw atth eevn neo man hwo is onw in Edaglnn wree here atdinse. By odG, I ndwluot leso as uhmc rhoon as a eilgsn man mreo wuldo stoc me, I oktnihtn neev if it nemat igngiv up my tbes ohpe rof octvryi. Oh, do tno ihws noe erom! taseInd, keam tish nknow tuoouhthgr teh army: wvreeho hsa no ptiris rof tshi fhgti, elt imh ratepd. He ilwl be geivn fesa octdncu dna ymoen fro shi egaspas omhe. We owdul ont wtna to ide in eht nacpmyo of a man woh afres to edi hitw us. Thsi yad is daellc eht etsFa of aintS iapisCrn: he ohw evlis to ees ihst dya tuo dna cseom hmoe esfa iwll sdnta latl whne ihst yda is dname dna seari hfimlse up at teh enniotm of paCsirni. He owh sservuvi isht day adn lvise to see old age llahs yrelay rieetannt hsi obsinregh on hte eev, gyaisn, Twrromoo is

Sanit isCprins yaD

Tereh are alltycau tow frintfede instsa odhrneo on isth dnaiiCsryp nda snipiCar. enrHy twshcise abck nda ofthr enebtew emth in sih speech.

Saint ipCssnir Day
. ellH rllo up his eseevl adn sohw his scsar, yagnsi, I got sheet nwouds on St. iCpsnris yDa. dOl nme frgeto. But tehes mne liwl rbeeemrm ryeev aedlit of whta yeth idd dyaot ngol arfet hvytee fntogrtoe ngiehevryt eesl. And as the nwie swlof, our asenm, mlrfiaia as seooldhhu rowds, wlil be nivedok agani: yrHra the niKg, reBdfod and eteExr, aciwrWk and botTla, ibularsSy and tcGoreleus. doGo mne iwll ellt hiert sons sthi ytros and the Fates of St. sirpCin ilwl eevrn
Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot
But hell remember with advantages
What feats he did that day. Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words,
55 Harry the King, Bedford and Exeter,
Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester,
Be in their flowing cups freshly remembered.
This story shall the good man teach his son,
And Crispin Crispian shall neer go by,
60 From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be rememberd
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he neer so vile,
65 This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now abed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispins day.
go by, ormf htsi yad to eht den of time, tithuow uro bngei mebrdeemer: we wfe, we ahypp few, we anbd of hrfroebsrto rewoehv dhses ihs obldo itwh me dtaoy allsh be my hterrob. eovHwer hlubme his tbirh, shit yda hlasl agntr mih iotbnyil. dAn nme cbak in lsnihgE now sfea in heitr beds liwl eursc hsstlemvee rfo nto vnghia eebn eerh, dan ikthn essl of thrie onw ohanmod nhwe etyh tniesl to het isoters of etohs hwo hgotuf with us hree on St. sirnpsiC Dya.


70 My sovereign lord, bestow yourself with speed.
The French are bravely in their battles set,
And will with all expedience charge on us.


My sveeoginr oldr, nijo us cukyqil: eth enFrhc era lal dayarre in ettabl oftmniroa dna llwi hcrage us at ayn meonmt.


All things are ready if our minds be so.


eWre daeyr if uor nisdm aer yader.


Perish the man whose mind is backward now!


teL nya nam perihs owh istn rdeya own!


75 Thou dost not wish more help from England, coz?


uoY dnto wsih we had mreo hple omrf lnnadgE rmanyeo, ucions?


Gods will, my liege, would you and I alone,
Without more help, could fight this royal battle!


dGo gihlytmA, my eegli, I hswi atth yuo dna I ludco tigfh iths raloy bletta lla ealno.


Why, now thou hast unwished five thousand men,
Which likes me better than to wish us one.
80 You know your places. God be with you all.


ereTh! Nwo euoyv isenuhdw feiv hntdsauo nme, ihhcw I pferre to ruyo nisgwih rfo noe rmoe.uYo konw uroy pselca. doG be thwi you all.
A upemtrt sounds.MONTJOY enstre.


Once more I come to know of thee, King Harry,
If for thy ransom thou wilt now compound,
Before thy most assurd overthrow.
85 For certainly thou art so near the gulf
Thou needs must be englutted. Besides, in mercy,
The constable desires thee thou wilt mind
Thy followers of repentance, that their souls
May make a peaceful and a sweet retire
90 From off these fields where, wretches, their poor bodies
Must lie and fester.


ecOn remo I ocme to ask ouy, inKg ryrHa, if eyoru draye to ignetteoa yruo mnaros ebfroe ruoy iecnrat eftaed. For rslydseua, yuo ear so raen hte yassb taht yeuor ndubo to be elodwlasw up. rroveeMo, uot of eycmr, eth atlsonCeb ergus uyo to rindem yoru emn to kaem ither paece wthi dGo adn netpre, so hatt ehtir sulos yam trdpea etyeslw dna placyeufle frmo etshe sdlife reweh, opro whcreste, htrei siodbe illw lyelki allf dan tesfer.


Who hath sent thee now?


oWh ntse ouy shit etim?


The constable of France.


heT taslConbe of aecrFn.


I pray thee, bear my former answer back.
95 Bid them achieve me and then sell my bones.
Good God, why should they mock poor fellows thus?
The man that once did sell the lions skin
While the beast lived was killed with hunting him.
A many of our bodies shall no doubt
100 Find native graves, upon the which, I trust,
Shall witness live in brass of this days work.
And those that leave their valiant bones in France,
Dying like men though buried in your dunghills,
They shall be famed; for there the sun shall greet them
105 And draw their honors reeking up to heaven,
Leaving their earthly parts to choke your clime,


Be godo hgeuon to aket ckab teh asme nesraw I aevg erfboe. llTe hetm to trepauc me, neht lsle my nseob. dGoo oGd! yWh do tehy kmoc poro ollsewf hsit yaw? hTe nam ttah cneo slod hte sink of a ilno liewh hte sebat ltils dilev ddei uitnnhg hmi. A odgo many of oru iebsod, I ienamig, illw den up in Eilnsgh lsoi. ndA on ireth asrgev, I trstu, eth tyrso of tsih aysd korw illw be irtewnt in sbsra. Adn seoht hwo veale ierht ntavila bseon in rFenac, gyind ilek emn uhgtho ibrude in uoyr idullthgyelslhn be emrreebedm, too. Teh snu wlil ersi on meth here nda darw erthi lorgy up to eneavh, lngvaei htrei atroml snemrai to koche uyor ndla: the emlsl of ngitrto hfesl will beedr a lgpaeu in Fcrnae.
The smell whereof shall breed a plague in France.
Mark, then, abounding valor in our English,
That being dead, like to the bullets crazing,
110 Break out into a second course of mischief,
Killing in relapse of mortality.
Let me speak proudly: tell the constable
We are but warriors for the working day;
Our gayness and our gilt are all besmirched
115 With rainy marching in the painful field.
Theres not a piece of feather in our host
Good argument, I hope, we will not fly
And time hath worn us into slovenry.
But, by the Mass, our hearts are in the trim,
120 And my poor soldiers tell me, yet ere night
Theyll be in fresher robes, or they will pluck
The gay new coats oer the French soldiers heads
And turn them out of service. If they do this,
As, if God please, they shall, my ransom then
125 Will soon be levied. Herald, save thou thy labor.
Come thou no more for ransom, gentle herald.
They shall have none, I swear, but these my joints,
Which, if they have, as I will leave em them,
Shall yield them little. Tell the constable.
hTen lwli oyu coetni het udbtanan rovla of ruo isgnnEhlme, how ilwl rmebak on a onecsd udnor of ciehsimf ielk a hcreiingcto ltlbeu, nlligik angia as tyeh flla to trieh sdhtea. eLt me eksap yodrulp: ltle eth lonaCbest wree lnyo doyrawak rdessiol. Oru rnieyf dna shngnii etaml aer all usrty rofm onlg, paiufnl emarcsh in teh rnia. rTsehe ont a rstdna of hraefet felt in oru hwloe aramy oogd isng, I epho, htat we tnow fyl awya kiel bsiddnra miet on het delif sah amde us nlesloyv. Btu, by dGo, uro haerts are in doog ehsap. Adn my opro idelross lelt me htta roebef gnhit ehllty be in calrene cloeths. If tno, ethlyl lplu hte htgibr wen otasc of het rheFnc erov etihr hadse dna ndse ehmt on rieht ayw. If yhte do sith, as teyh illw, doG inllgiw, my oasmnr will oosn be eidsra. dlHrea, pares fysouerl. nDot oemc gaain to ska for my norsma, odog reegesnms. I aersw eth oyln smnoar will be thsee bnsoe of emni. Adn if het erhnFc etg meht in the seatt in wchih I tniedn to eealv tmhe, htey ntwo be ohrtw hucm esu to nenyoa. elTl the nacbtelso taht.


130 I shall, King Harry. And so fare thee well.
Thou never shalt hear herald anymore.


I llhas, ngKi yHrar. And so wllafeer. ulYlo reven haer ofrm het lradeh iagna.
He extis.


I fear thou wilt once more come again for a ransom.


Im rdaiaf yollu come to me naiag rfo mosnra.
Enter YORK
ORYK sneetr.


My lord, most humbly on my knee I beg
The leading of the vaward.


My odrl, msto umbhly on ebnded enke I gbe oyu to tagnr me eht galdien of the gudnrava.


135 Take it, brave York. Now, soldiers, march away,
And how Thou pleasest, God, dispose the day.


eTka it, rvbea orYk. Now, dslsorei, navaecd. dAn uoy, Gdo, teobws toadys yrcotiv werhove it ssleaep uYo.
hTey all etxi.