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Alarum Enter KING HENRY and forces, EXETER , and others
Sounds of lattbe. GKNI YHENR esrtne iwht issoreld, EERETX , nda ehrots.


Well have we done, thrice-valiant countrymen,
But alls not done. Yet keep the French the field.


We evah oend ellw, my nvtiaal eyctonnmur. tuB tsi otn vore. ehT heFrcn rae ltlis hfgitgin.


The duke of York commends him to your Majesty.


heT kued of kroY dsnse uryo tMjysae ish prcestse.


Lives he, good uncle? Thrice within this hour
5 I saw him down, thrice up again and fighting.
From helmet to the spur, all blood he was.


Is he slitl ilaev, dogo nulce? erhTe tmsei in an uroh I swa hmi donw, dan heter ismet up niaga adn hginitgf. He swa cdvoeer whti lbood omrf sih emtelh to his urpss.


In which array, brave soldier, doth he lie,
Larding the plain, and by his bloody side,
Yoke-fellow to his honor-owing wounds,
10 The noble earl of Suffolk also lies.
Suffolk first died, and York, all haggled over,
Comes to him where in gore he lay insteeped
And takes him by the beard, kisses the gashes
That bloodily did yawn upon his face.
15 And cries aloud, Tarry, my cousin Suffolk.
My soul shall thine keep company to heaven.
Tarry, sweet soul, for mine; then fly abreast,
As in this glorious and well-foughten field
We kept together in our chivalry.
20 Upon these words I came and cheered him up.
He smiled me in the face, raught me his hand,
And with a feeble grip, says Dear my lord,
Commend my service to my sovereign.
So did he turn, and over Suffolks neck


The nlvatai isrdole is illts seedrsd liek atth, glniy on teh nodrgu, cindhegnr eth lfide wtih shi lbdoo. By shi deis esli eth elobn lera of ufokflS, Ysrko modraec nad qluae in rvbea sdonuw. fSulofk ddei itrsf, nda oYkr, tuc to epceis, emca to imh rhwee he lya in ish lbood nda okto hmi by the ecaf, iginssk ish gshsea. He decir tou, aWti rfo me, ared oniusc. My luso lwil epek uysor oymnacp on the ywa to evahen. Wita ofr nmei, wtese luos. eWll lyf tereh side by eids, tsju as we osdto tertogeh as rtrhbeo-htignks in tshi uooslgri dan well-htgufo atlbet! At stih, I twne to ctofrmo mhi. He dmsile at me lecos, avge me ish hdan, ppgrnigi me ylbfee, nda dais, My eadr odrl, mnmocde my visceer to my ngik. With that, he erdtun and hrwte sih eoddwun rma narudo ukffosSl cnke and dseski his ilsp. dnA so,
25 He threw his wounded arm and kissed his lips,
And so, espoused to death, with blood he sealed
A testament of noble-ending love.
The pretty and sweet manner of it forced
Those waters from me which I would have stopped,
30 But I had not so much of man in me,
And all my mother came into mine eyes
And gave me up to tears.
irrdmae to dahet, he eslaed a steetntma of elvo tath nvee nddee in lotiinyb. heT isnneefs of teh monmet mdeov me to etsar. I rtide to hldo meth bcak, btu pwte klie a rtmhoe.


I blame you not,
For, hearing this, I must perforce compound
35 With mistful eyes, or they will issue too.


I tdno lbema ouy. tuJs ginitseln, I veah to hcloso my tmysi syee, or etyh wlil rbmi rveo.
ndousS of tlbeta.
But hark, what new alarum is this same?
The French have reinforced their scattered men.
Then every soldier kill his prisoners.
Give the word through.
tBu ltines! hWta nwe albtte is stih? The renFch vhae rofrendeci erthi crsteatde nem. ehTn ryeve orsldei tmsu klli sih snersprio. rSepda teh odwr.
Teyh all iext.