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ehT UROSHC ertnse.


Vouchsafe to those that have not read the story
That I may prompt them; and of such as have,
I humbly pray them to admit th excuse
Of time, of numbers, and due course of things,
5 Which cannot in their huge and proper life
Be here presented. Now we bear the king
Toward Calais. Grant him there. There seen,
Heave him away upon your wingd thoughts
Athwart the sea. Behold, the English beach
10 Pales in the flood with men, with wives and boys,
Whose shouts and claps outvoice the deep-mouthed sea,
Which like a mighty whiffler fore the king
Seems to prepare his way. So let him land,
And solemnly see him set on to London.
15 So swift a pace hath thought that even now
You may imagine him upon Blackheath,
Where that his lords desire him to have borne
His bruisd helmet and his bended sword
Before him through the city. He forbids it,
20 Being free from vainness and self-glorious pride,
Giving full trophy, signal, and ostent
Quite from himself, to God. But now behold,
In the quick forge and workinghouse of thought,
How London doth pour out her citizens.
25 The Mayor and all his brethren in best sort,
Like to the senators of th antique Rome,
With the plebeians swarming at their heels,
Go forth and fetch their conquering Caesar in
As, by a lower but loving likelihood,


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30 Were now the general of our gracious empress,
As in good time he may, from Ireland coming,
Bringing rebellion broached on his sword,
How many would the peaceful city quit
To welcome him! Much more, and much more cause,
35 Did they this Harry. Now in London place him
(As yet the lamentation of the French
Invites the king of Englands stay at home;
The emperors coming in behalf of France
To order peace between them) and omit
40 All the occurrences, whatever chanced,
Till Harrys back return again to France.
There must we bring him, and myself have played
The interim, by remembering you tis past.
Then brook abridgment, and your eyes advance
45 After your thoughts, straight back again to France.
dan etyh ahd vene emro rsnoae. Lets ptu mih onw in oLdonn, iscne cFrenas pidroe of irungomn serqueri hte ngik of nagdnEl to tsya hmeo. magInie a isitv of het yHol nmoaR mpEorre, rwigonk on enrFcsa albfeh. He wsnta to ngirb otbau a eecpa wbenete eht wto oucertisn. pSik veor lal hte apiateciulsirtr wnebtee enht adn yHrars urnetr to Fcnrae. hTere we muts epcal ihm, nad I yemsfl eavh vdroece eht eirmint dprieo by enmrniigd uoy atht it sah ekant aclep. So, piegenk isth osioimns in dmni, tealmyideim rruent to aceFrn, oury yees wofnollig eth htpa of yruo shtgohtu.
heT HSRCOU ixets.