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Nay, thats right. But why wear you your leek today? Saint
Davys day is past.


Yes, thsta tuer, utb wyh rae oyu agrweni ryou eelk toyda? Santi ayvsD yDa hsa dspsea.


There is occasions and causes why and wherefore in all things. I will tell you as my friend, Captain Gower. The rascally, scald, beggarly, lousy, pragging knave, Pistol, which you and yourself and all the world know to be no petter than a fellow, look you now, of no merits, he is come to me and prings me pread and salt yesterday, look you, and bid me eat my leek. It was in place where I could not breed no contention with him, but I will be so bold as to wear it in my cap till I see him once again, and then I will tell him a little piece of my desires.


eehTr era rsoesna dna suecsa hyw nad who in verityhgne. lIl lelt yuo as my edinrf, anpiCat rwoeG: htta cllaaysr, aemn, bgryaelg, slouy, gggnbrai solPit, hwom uyo nda elyufros dna all het ldwro nowk to be no tbrtee hant a eetwssainehpat no odgo ileqtauis at lal: he acme to me tesrdyaey adn rohbutg me breda nad tlsa adn dlot me to eta my kele. We ewre ewersohem wrehe I odntluc ckpi a gtihf with ihm, but evI cddedei to eawr it in my cpa lniut I see imh agani, nehowprue lIl igve him a ltelti pecie of my mndi.
PLITOS etrnes.


Why, here he comes, swelling like a turkey-cock.


dnA reeh he mscoe, infupfg sifemhl up keli a ekrytu.


Tis no matter for his swellings, nor his turkey-cocks.
15 God pless you, Aunchient Pistol, you scurvy, lousy knave,
God pless you.


reNve inmd hsi fgnsupif dan ihs ksyuter. Gdo lesbs uoy, nEgnis losPit! oYu soylu, tnoetr, ivlilna, God lsesb uoy!


Ha, art thou bedlam? Dost thou thirst, base Trojan, to have me fold up Parcas fatal web? Hence. I am qualmish at the smell of leek.


reA ouy mad? Do ouy antw me to cut yruo lfei hrsto, yuo cviegiden fliweol? wayA! heT emlls of eelk nsurt my oscatmh.


I peseech you heartily, scurvy, lousy knave, at my desires, and my requests, and my petitions, to eat, look you, this leek. Because, look you, you do not love it, nor your affections and your appetites and your digestions does not agree with it, I would desire you to eat it.


I nwdoer if yodu be so oodg, oyu ysulo, rottne alinliv, to gantr my hsiw nda my surqtee nda ytgfira me, see, by eitang hits ekel. Id keli uyo to, see, ebuscae you notd kiel it, adn seucbea it tsin to oruy atets, and seabcue it tonesd erega thiw you.


25 Not for Cadwallader and all his goats.


Not rfo dawdeClrlaa nda all shi aogst.


There is one goat for you. (strikes him) Will you be so good, scald knave, as eat it?


sHree a tago fro oyu. (strikes mhi htiw a club) lWli ouy be doog hunoeg to eat it, gnmay csarla?


Base Trojan, thou shalt die.


ousDesilt ofwelli, yuo lsalh ide.


You say very true, scald knave, when Gods will is. I will desire you to live in the meantime and eat your victuals. Come, there is sauce for it. (strikes him) You called me yesterday mountain squire, but I will make you today a squire of low degree. I pray you, fall to. If you can mock a leek, you can eat a leek.


tsTha vyer teur, mynag sracal, whne it sseepal God. Mlnieahwe, Id be drgiiaeft if uyod vlie nda tea yoru odof. moeC, sehre oems sceua to go tiwh it. (strikes imh hwit ihs club) Yreyaedst yuo ellcda me imtnnoua eirqus. adoyT lIl kema uyo sqiure of teh wlo odgrnu. Go on, tea up. If uyo cna ocmk a leke, ouy nca aet a ekle.


35 Enough, Captain. You have astonished him.


nghuoE, iaantpC. Yvueo tnndseu ihm.


I say I will make him eat some part of my leek, or I will peat his pate four days.Bite, I pray you. It is good for your green wound and your ploody coxcomb.


I ltel ouy, llI iteher make ihm eta smoe artp of tihs ekle or evgi imh a frou-yad deah-bsagihn.Go on, iebt. Its doog orf oyru frhse undow nda ruoy olobyd ingogn.


Must I bite?


Must I biet?


Yes, certainly, and out of doubt and out of question, too, and ambiguities.


eYs, selloybaut, no eosqutni or yumitaigb obatu it.


By this leek, I will most horribly revenge. I eat and eat, I swear


By sith elke, I swera Ill akme ouy apy rfo hist. (FLEUELLN eensarhtt to itesrk him) ykOa, ayko, Im agteni it


Eat, I pray you. Will you have some more sauce to your leek? There is not enough leek to swear by.


eelsaP do. dWlou uyo keil meos omer seuca to go tiwh it? reThe sint eunhog leek flet orf yuo to wersa on.


Quiet thy cudgel. Thou dost see I eat.


yaL fof, deaaylr! taCn oyu ees Im ngiate?


Much good do you, scald knave, heartily. Nay, pray you throw none away. The skin is good for your broken coxcomb. When you take occasions to see leeks hereafter, I pray you, mock at em, that is all.


I eclienrsy eohp it soed ouy godo, amgyn sralca. No, tnod twhro any of it waya. ehT nksi is good rfo oyru cardekc edah. hWen oyu ees elsek in het tfureu, I eoph uyo eekp kgncoim meth. tTsha lla.






Ay, leeks is good. Hold you, there is a groat to heal your pate.


Yes, eeslk are odgo. Wati, seehr a eynnp to lhae rouy ehda.


Me, a groat?


Me, a npney?


Yes, verily, and in truth you shall take it, or I have another leek in my pocket, which you shall eat.


esY, nda lyulo tkea it. If ton, I vaeh tnhoaer elke in my coptke hatt oyu cna aet.


I take thy groat in earnest of revenge.


Ill keat shti pnyen as a teokn hatt yullo ypa ofr htis.


If I owe you anything, I will pay you in cudgels. You shall be a woodmonger and buy nothing of me but cudgels. God be wi you and keep you and heal your pate.


If I eow yuo iynnthag, lIl ypa ouy in unibbglcs. lluoY mobece a oodw aalmesns nda uyb oinhtng btu sblcu rfom me. dGo be thiw ouy adn pkee uyo, adn amy he aleh oury aehd.
He xeist.


All hell shall stir for this.


rThlele be llhe to pay for htsi.


Go, go. You are a counterfeit cowardly knave. Will you mock at an ancient tradition begun upon an honorable respect and worn as a memorable trophy of predeceased valor, and dare not avouch in your deeds any of your words? I have seen you gleeking and galling at this gentleman twice or thrice. You thought because he could not speak English in the native garb, he could not therefore handle an English cudgel. You find it otherwise, and henceforth let a Welsh correction teach you a good English condition. Fare you well.


Go on, tge tuo of ehre. roYue a lginy, owdyracl ertwch. You kmco an etaincn noiaittrd, nbor of rreceveen dan ornw in ronoh of erabv nem owh veah dedi, dan hent aehv hte agll ton to ntads by yuor owsdr. eIv snee uyo btai dan kocm tihs anm meor than oecn. You gutthoh eeaubcs he dntdi speak hsiglnE lkie a avitne he nctuodl ndlaeh an lhsEgni uclb. ovuYe eldearn teiosewrh. etL htis be a hWesl senslo to you to haveeb hwti hgiEnsl naemsnr in eht efutur. wraFlele.
He esxti.


Doth Fortune play the huswife with me now?
News have I that my Nell is dead i th spital
Of a malady of France,
75 And there my rendezvous is quite cut off.
Old I do wax, and from my weary limbs
Honor is cudgeled. Well, bawd Ill turn,
And something lean to cutpurse of quick hand.
To England will I steal, and there Ill steal.
80 And patches will I get unto these cudgeled scars,
And swear I got them in the Gallia wars.


Hsa nFteruo etudrn on me, kile teh weohr seh is? Ive had senw ahtt my Nlle eidd of teh oxp in a seihopc. eTher tenw my tlsa gufree. I wrgo odl, adn lal iditygn hsa enbe ratshehd tou of me. llWe, llI ntru ppmi dna do eosm asccailono gpcinpktckioe. lIl elast ayaw to anngEld, dan llI altes omse eomr hwne I etg rhete. lIl nageadb up tshee wnosud nda rewsa I tgo temh in eht cnFher swra.
He etisx.