No Fear Act 5 Prologue
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30Were now the general of our gracious empress,
As in good time he may, from Ireland coming,
Bringing rebellion broached on his sword,
How many would the peaceful city quit
To welcome him! Much more, and much more cause,
35Did they this Harry. Now in London place him
(As yet the lamentation of the French
Invites the king of England’s stay at home;
The emperor’s coming in behalf of France
To order peace between them) and omit
40All the occurrences, whatever chanced,
Till Harry’s back return again to France.
There must we bring him, and myself have played
The interim, by remembering you ’tis past.
Then brook abridgment, and your eyes advance
45After your thoughts, straight back again to France.
and they had even more reason. Let’s put him now in London, since France’s period of mourning requires the king of England to stay home. Imagine a visit of the Holy Roman Emperor, working on France’s behalf. He wants to bring about a peace between the two countries. Skip over all the particularities between then and Harry’s return to France. There we must place him, and I myself have covered the interim period by reminding you that it has taken place. So, keeping this omission in mind, immediately return to France, your eyes following the path of your thoughts.
The CHORUS exits.