No Fear Act 2 Scene 2
No Fear Act 2 Scene 2 Page 7

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Modern Text

Exeunt CAMBRIDGE, SCROOP, and GREY, guarded
CAMBRIDGE, SCROOP, and GREY exit under guard.
Now, lords, for France, the enterprise whereof
Shall be to you as us, like glorious.
185We doubt not of a fair and lucky war,
Since God so graciously hath brought to light
This dangerous treason lurking in our way
To hinder our beginnings. We doubt not now
But every rub is smoothèd on our way.
190Then forth, dear countrymen. Let us deliver
Our puissance into the hand of God,
Putting it straight in expedition.
Cheerly to sea. The signs of war advance.
No king of England if not king of France.
And now, my lords, off to France. This invasion will be as glorious to you as it is to me. I have no doubt that it will be a swift and successful war, since God so graciously exposed this dangerous plot. I’m now sure that every bump in the road has been removed. Let’s go forth, dear countrymen. Our strength is God. Let’s get going. We’re off to sea, banners flying. I’ll be no king of England if I’m not also king of France.
They all exit.