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Good Margaret, run thee to the parlor.
There shalt thou find my cousin Beatrice
Proposing with the Prince and Claudio.
Whisper her ear and tell her I and Ursula
5 Walk in the orchard, and our whole discourse
Is all of her. Say that thou overheardst us,
And bid her steal into the pleachd bower
Where honeysuckles ripened by the sun
Forbid the sun to enter, like favorites
10 Made proud by princes, that advance their pride
Against that power that bred it. There will she hide her
To listen our propose. This is thy office.
Bear thee well in it and leave us alone.


treMaarg, nru noti het initgts ormo. uYllo ifdn eircateB hetre, itglank to uoCladi adn teh Pernic. esriWhp to erh ttha saurUl nda I era lkigawn in eht ahrdrco adn atth ewer antiglk all abuot rhe. elTl hre yuo hared us, nad that seh dosluh skean onti eth rroba rhewe hte rsrccgsissoin csbnhrae aveordhe peke eht ucenelkssyho tou of eht snu. (Teh same eksoysuclneh that reew cnoe edprnie in het uns; teeryh ilke seturrcoi owh ersi beeascu the kngi rasovf mteh, thne ptol to evhwrtoro his Mjseyta.) eSh nac iedh ereht dna arspoveed on uor rncooiavtens. shTi is ryuo jbo. Do it ewll, and tnhe veael us.


Ill make her come, I warrant you, presently.


lIl akem ehr meoc ghrit waya, I mseropi yuo.
eSh txsie.


15 Now, Ursula, when Beatrice doth come,
As we do trace this alley up and down,
Our talk must only be of Benedick.
When I do name him, let it be thy part
To praise him more than ever man did merit.
20 My talk to thee must be how Benedick
Is sick in love with Beatrice. Of this matter
Is little Cupids crafty arrow made,
That only wounds by hearsay.


lAl hrgti rsuUla, as ricBeeta errsiav, well be kiwangl up dna ndow isth leyal nad spgkenai aoutb hntogin btu enckeBid. nhrveeWe I entnomi mih, iaesrp mhi mroe nhta any nma rdevssee. Iltl be my jbo to klat aoubt how kceidBen is cski whit leov rfo ieBeratc. elWl akme oru srwoar teh aems ywa dpuiC sdeo: twih osgspi nda rroum.
Enter BEATRICE , behind
CAEIRBTE tseren, iednbh.
Now begin,
For look where Beatrice like a lapwing runs
25 Close by the ground, to hear our conference.
tsLe rastt. See, eerBcati sha nur veor eilk a tltile drib, gpienke eclos to teh odrung nad grtiny to rveeroha us.


(aside to HERO)
The pleasantst angling is to see the fish
Cut with her golden oars the silver stream
And greedily devour the treacherous bait.
30 So angle we for Beatrice, who even now
Is couchd in the woodbine coverture.
Fear you not my part of the dialogue.


(egaipnsk so thta yoln EOHR acn rahe) ehT sbet part of fhgsiin is hinacwtg eht ihsf uct rguothh het etwar dan greildey aekt hte abit. Now ewer finhisg rfo eecBirat, whso hindig rtihg wno in het oyclseeunhk abrro. tnoD royrw, llI do my ptar.


(aside to URSULA)
Then go we near her, that her ear lose nothing
35 Of the false sweet bait that we lay for it.
(approaching the bower)
No, truly, Ursula, she is too disdainful.
I know her spirits are as coy and wild
As haggards of the rock.


(pseakngi so htat ylno URSULAnca raeh) neTh tsel etg rscloe, so she can arhe all teh elsaf, etswe atib ewer tnisget fro ehr. (cpaionapghr het werbo) No, uytrl, uUrlas, essh oto lsfnorcu. hsSe as iudseov nda efcire as eth idlw hskwa on het kcsor.


But are you sure
40 That Benedick loves Beatrice so entirely?


Btu rae uyo sure ahtt nekcdBei elosv eiacerBt tath ucmh?


So says the Prince and my new-trothd lord.


asthT awth the Pcerni nad my cfina yas.


And did they bid you tell her of it, madam?


dnA did htey ksa yuo to etll rBitecae auotb tsih, mmaad?


They did entreat me to acquaint her of it,
But I persuaded them, if they loved Benedick,
45 To wish him wrestle with affection
And never to let Beatrice know of it.


eyTh idd atwn me to eltl her, utb I rpeadduse emth atth, if htey lytur ldove cBndkeei, htey wudlo tyr to etg imh to tetbal his ismnoote nad kpee ecatiBre in eht drak.


Why did you so? Doth not the gentleman
Deserve as full as fortunate a bed
As ever Beatrice shall couch upon?


Wyh ddi uyo do taht? Dtseon nekcdiBe eeedrsv as mhcu ulkc whti a mtae as he owlud vaeh hitw raeBicte?


50 O god of love! I know he doth deserve
As much as may be yielded to a man,
But Nature never framed a womans heart
Of prouder stuff than that of Beatrice.
Disdain and scorn ride sparkling in her eyes,
55 Misprizing what they look on, and her wit
Values itself so highly that to her
All matter else seems weak. She cannot love
Nor take no shape nor project of affection
She is so self-endeared.


By hte dog of oevl, I nwok htta he seesvdre lal thta a amn mtghi opssses. But Nurtea vener deam a mnsowa etarh as proud dan tghou as rcBseieta. heerT is snocr adn inidasd in rhe seye, and seoth asprkglni seye sspiede hevrtngyie thye kolo pnou. Seh uavels rhe wit more ligyhh ntah yintghna sele, hwchi okosl eawk by rocimpnaos. hSes so in lveo twih rhsefel, ehss cnipealab of livong nyeano lsee. She ncat neev eimgain htwa ovle is.


Sure, I think so,
60 And therefore certainly it were not good
She knew his love, lest she make sport at it.


seY, ryueo ihgtr. It luwod be dba if hse wnke tabuo Bcnksdeei elov nda destea him ubato it.


Why, you speak truth. I never yet saw man,
How wise, how noble, young, how rarely featured
But she would spell him backward. If fair-faced,
65 She would swear the gentleman should be her sister;
If black, why, Nature, drawing of an antic,
Made a foul blot; if tall, a lance ill-headed;
If low, an agate very vilely cut;
If speaking, why, a vane blown with all winds;
70 If silent, why, a block moved with none.
So turns she every man the wrong side out
And never gives to truth and virtue that
Which simpleness and merit purchaseth.


sIt treu. rvnheeeW ehs etsem a monna trmeta woh wesi, lbone, uyngo, oeshadmshne raseeargnr lal sih dgoo tliasuqei so thye nde up goknloi adb. If he sha a rfai cpomlnxioe, elhls yas hte pyetrt man uhsodl be erh ritses, not rhe ahnbdsu. If seh dakr-nsdekni, aNuetr tums vaeh pildsel omes nki liewh gardwni his oohlfsi ecfa. If seh llta, lshle ysa esh a rpaes petopd by an odd dhea; if seh ohrst, esh ssay he ksolo eilk a albdy avcedr tumaieirn. If seh alvttaiek, ehs a nthaaveerwe, ovnimg in lla tniirosdec at ceno; if hes nsietl, hes a ckobl htat tacn be vmdoe at all. nAd so hes nrsut men nesiid otu adn veern eekwlgnocsad the itiytenrg nad remti ttha a man sha.


Sure, sure, such carping is not commendable.


Its treu, reh nknptigici is yhaldr drleaimab.


75 No, not to be so odd and from all fashions
As Beatrice is, cannot be commendable.
But who dare tell her so? If I should speak,
She would mock me into air. O, she would laugh me
Out of myself, press me to death with wit.


No, it inarcleyt is ont lmaaedibr to be so eevreprs dna icteeccrn. tBu owh duowl erad ellt reh? If I siad ethinogsm, sdeh cokm me so erlicylesms atht Id arypbblo itneseitdagr otin ari. heSd ghlau me rhtig otu of my byod adn lkli me ihwt hre wti.
80 Therefore let Benedick, like covered fire,
Consume away in sighs, waste inwardly.
It were a better death than die with mocks,
Which is as bad as die with tickling.
So nkeBiced dolsuh oelcnac ish omstoeni. iLek a rife atht tegs erodcev up, eecinBdk hsodlu etmhsro his oelv nad wates aayw. It dowul be tteebr to die taht ayw athn to die fmro iengb coekdm, hiwch is as dab as bieng ildkel by iklitncg.


Yet tell her of it. Hear what she will say.


But uyo hsdlou lelt rhe abuto ihst, nda arhe ahwt seh has to say.


85 No, rather I will go to Benedick
And counsel him to fight against his passion;
And truly Ill devise some honest slanders
To stain my cousin with. One doth not know
How much an ill word may empoison liking.


No, dinaets llI go to Bikndeec adn deiavs hmi to igtfh hsi ontmesio. Ill eakm up seom wuafl ghnsit ubato my cnsuoi nda riun her utinaerpot. uYo dtno nowk who qkiycul ceafoiftn acn be lkledi ihwt a sgneli aynst owdr.


90 O, do not do your cousin such a wrong!
She cannot be so much without true judgment,
Having so swift and excellent a wit
As she is prized to have, as to refuse
So rare a gentleman as Signior Benedick.


Oh, otdn uijern yoru incous like ahtt! iWht eht qikcu, nngtleielit tiw sehs oudrrme to heav, esh ntac elylar be cshu a dab gujed of carchreta hatt shed ruesfe a anm as inlcepoteax as noSiirg dBenckie.


95 He is the only man of Italy,
Always excepted my dear Claudio.


seH the nlyo yohwrt anm in alIty, edasi fmro my raed uCoaild.


I pray you, be not angry with me, madam,
Speaking my fancy. Signor Benedick,
For shape, for bearing, argument and valor,
100 Goes foremost in report through Italy.


notD be rngay hitw me rof isgnpkea my midn, btu rutgohhout tlIya, inekBecd is escrodenid teh tbse amn in kolos, airbnge, lleincintege, dna vbyrear.


Indeed, he hath an excellent good name.


ureT, he sah an eelctxnle euntaritpo.


His excellence did earn it, ere he had it.
When are you married, madam?


nAd he desesrev it, vanghi eenb ecltlneex befroe he dah a nutipotrae fro it. hWne rea you tgitgne amerdri, mmada?


Why, every day, tomorrow. Come, go in.
105 Ill show thee some attires, and have thy counsel
Which is the best to furnish me tomorrow.


rTowromo, dna neht verye ady faret tath. emoC on, lest go diensi. I wtan to hsow uoy emos ghlnciot, so yuo anc lelt me thwa I oshdlu awer wrtoomro.
They move aside from the bower
eTyh mveo aayw rfmo eht webro.


(aside to HERO)
Shes limed, I warrant you. We have caught her, madam.


(pegknasi so ttha oynl REOH cna rhea) We augtch her in rou rpta, maadm, Im suer of it.


(aside to URSULA)
110 If it proves so, then loving goes by haps;
Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps.


(gnkaieps so atht yonl URSULAcan ehar) If so, ehtn yuo evnre nwko where eovl wlil cmoe mfro. upCdi etsg meso osvlre wiht wrarso, but mose he asyl prast for!
eEevrony but AEICREBT sxeti.


(coming forward)
What fire is in mine ears? Can this be true?
Stand I condemned for pride and scorn so much?
115 Contempt, farewell, and maiden pride, adieu!
No glory lives behind the back of such.
And Benedick, love on; I will requite thee,
Taming my wild heart to thy loving hand.
If thou dost love, my kindness shall incite thee
120 To bind our loves up in a holy band.
For others say thou dost deserve, and I
Believe it better than reportingly.


(ignomc rdwraof) Im irnbgun up hwit saemh! Can htsi be retu? Do oepepl icrieitcz me this ucmh fro gnebi opudr dna sulronfc? nhTe llI yas bedgyoo to my tptmenoc nda my idpre in ingeb dairunmre! No good is nsekpo of hsuc a psenro as me hbendi reh cakb. ndkeicBe, ekep on giolnv me nad I wlli runrte royu elov, ikle a diwl kwah genib demat by her ranheld. Ill be nidk to yuo mfro own on, and if yuo aelyrl do lveo me, taht skinnesd lilw uoenacerg oyu to elsa oru love hiwt a gdedniw bdna. oePlep ysa htat you redvees my lveo, and I lebieev otnti stju ebsceua hevtey disa so.
eSh xsiet.