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The Two Gentlemen of Verona

William Shakespeare

  Act 4 Scene 4

page Act 4 Scene 4 Page 7

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She picks up the picture.
She picks up the picture.
O thou senseless form,
160Thou shalt be worshiped, kissed, loved, and adored!
And, were there sense in his idolatry,
My substance should be statue in thy stead.
I’ll use thee kindly for thy mistress’ sake,
That used me so; or else, by Jove I vow,
165I should have scratched out your unseeing eyes
To make my master out of love with thee!
Oh you unfeeling image, you’ll be worshipped, kissed, loved, and adored! Were there any sense in his worship, it would be the real me he worships instead. I’ll treat this picture kindly for the sake of its mistress, who treated me so well. Otherwise, by Jove, I would have scratched out your unseeing eyes to make my master fall out of love with you!

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