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With what question does the Meno begin?

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Where is Meno from?

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Socrates reminds Meno that no virtue is truly beneficial without:

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Socrates uses which examples to demonstrate the idea of a definition?

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"What else is being miserable," asks Socrates...

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What mistake does Socrates eventually reveal in Meno's definition of virtue as the desire for beautiful things and the power to attain them?

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Why does Meno call Socrates a torpedo fish?

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What paradox does Meno raise?

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According to Socrates, the soul is:

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According to Socrates, learning is a kind of:

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Socrates questions Meno's slave about:

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Socrates says that "all that the soul endures, if directed by _____, ends in happiness."

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Socrates reacts to Anytus' disapproval of the Sophists with:

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Protagoras is used as an example of:

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Anytus suggests that Meno talk to whom to learn about virtue?

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Gorgias refuses to say:

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How does true opinion relate to knowledge?

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According to Socrates' conclusion at the end of the Meno, beneficent statesmen are like: