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What is Socrates doing when Hippocrates tells him that Protagoras is in Athens?

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Who tries to bar Socrates from entering Callias's house?

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What does Socrates's friend accuse Socrates of doing at the start of the dialogue?

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Who supports Protagoras's right to answer at as much length as he desires?

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Socrates compares the relation of the parts of virtue to each other as being similar to two things. Which are they?

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Protagoras says that any two things bear some resemblance to each other, and gives an extreme example. What is this example?

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Protagoras attacks Socrates's argument that courage is wisdom by presenting a ridiculous parallel argument. What two things does he argue are identical?

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What is not considered by Protagoras and Socrates as an aspect of virtue?

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What is Socrates's argument against the interpretation of poetry as a method of philosophy?

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What does Simonides's poem criticize Pittacus for stating?

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Who is chosen as the chairman of the discussion after Socrates and Protagoras's dialogue breaks down?

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Socrates argues that it is impossible to be overcome by pleasure. What is his reason?

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Why do people behave badly according to Socrates?

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Which city-state does Socrates ironically assert is famous for its Sophists?

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At the end of the dialogue, what reason does Socrates give for having stayed to argue?

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According to Socrates, what should be tested in a discussion besides the truth?

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What reason does Socrates give for requiring shorter responses from Protagoras?

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Which occupation does Protagoras not say is a kind of sophistry?

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In Protagoras's creation story, where does Prometheus get the fire and crafts he gives to humanity?

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According to Protagoras, what is the purpose of rational punishment?

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Why does Hippocrates learn about Protagoras's arrival in Athens two days after Socrates learns about it?

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Why did Zeus distribute the civic arts to humanity, according to Socrates?

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Who does Socrates claim he is a disciple of?

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Why does Socrates claim he can learn more from Protagoras than from Pericles?

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How does Socrates feel after Protagoras criticizes the poem by Simonides?