What is absurd freedom? How does it differ from the kind of freedom we experience in ordinary life?

Discuss how the figures of the seducer, the actor, the conqueror, and the writer exemplify Camus's principles of revolt, freedom, and passion.

Why does Camus see creation as the ultimate absurd act?

Camus suggests that the absurd life is a kind of mime, where the absurd man is constantly aware that he is simply playing out a role. How is it that living out a mime can be living life to its fullest?

Discuss the way the themes of this essay are played out in The Stranger.

Why does Camus consider Sisyphus a tragic hero? How does the myth of Sisyphus relate to what you know about Greek tragedy?

Camus frequently uses the word "logic" and talks often about the ordinary and the everyday. How do these themes relate to the central concept of the absurd?

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