On the New Idol

The state has become the new idol that the masses worship. It encourages uniformity and mediocrity, pandering to the masses. Freedom can only be found outside the confines of the state.

On the Flies of the Marketplace

Those who pander to the masses earn fame and popularity, but true change and influence is silently dictated by the overman and the creator. Such creativity demands isolation from the meddlesome crowds.

On Chastity

Chastity is good for some and bad for others. While it is counter-productive to pursue sex all day long, the efforts of over-lusty spirits to repress this sex drive might only corrupt their spirit further.

On the Friend

True friends drive each other ever forward toward the goal of the overman. Because there is a great deal of struggle involved, a friend might often behave as an enemy. Zarathustra suggests that women are not capable of friendship, only love.

On the Thousand and One Goals

Different groups of people value different things, and have different conceptions of good and evil. What a people consider good signifies what they consider difficult and what they have striven to overcome. Previously, groups determined what was good and evil; now individuals should renounce this good and evil and strive instead to become overmen.

On Love of the Neighbor

If you don't love yourself, you show love to your neighbor and persuade him to love you in order to manufacture for yourself a good opinion of yourself. Zarathustra disdains such "love of the neighbor," and commends instead love for the distant goal of the overman. Any other love is just a distraction.

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