1. What is the Duke arranging in “My Last Duchess”?

2. What is the rhyme scheme of “My Last Duchess”?

3. How is Porphyria killed?

4. When is “Porphyria’s Lover” set?

5. What makes “Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister” a soliloquy?

6. Who is the speaker’s primary adversary in “Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister”?

7. In which country did Browning spend a great deal of time (other than England)?

8. What season does the poet describe in “Home-Thoughts from Abroad”?

9. In “The Bishop Orders His Tomb...” where does the Bishop say the lapis for the tomb is hidden?

10. Why is the Bishop so concerned with his tomb?

11. To which well-known family does Fra Lippo Lippi’s patron belong?

12. What kind of art does Fra Lippo Lippi produce?

13. What kind of meter is “A Toccata of Galuppi’s” written in?

14. Which city is described in “A Toccata of Galuppi’s”?

15. Which Shakespeare play inspired “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came”?

16. What is Roland’s final action?

17. What does the poet find in his walk across the moor in “Memorabilia”?

18. Which late poet has the stranger in “Memorabilia” met?

19. What crime has Andrea del Sarto committed?

20. Which of the following painters is NOT someone to whom Andrea compares himself?

21. What is the Campagna?

22. The tone of the poem “Two in the Campagna” can best be described as:

23. Which preeminent nineteenth-century scientist does Caliban question in his soliloquy?

24. How many stressed syllables does a pentameter line contain?